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Greeen leaf or Beat down

 At boys school I went to we played a game called Green Leaf. Simple game really,  most of the time it was just two of us playing. The premise is that you have to always have a green leaf on your person or get their ass kicked. I always won, meting out beatdowns regularly. You see I used to always have a green leaf in my pants pocket. That was until one Saturday when Mommy Charles was washing my pants. “Anderson!” She screamed, I always knew that she was angry when she used my full name. Why are dere green leaves in your pockets, now your pants have green stains all over it,”  I went into my bedroom and hid. That Monday, before I could get to a tree to pick a leaf my friend, lets call him Ian, came up behind me and shouted “Ggggggeeeeeennnn LLLleeeaaaaffff!” I took off running, he gave chase, “Ah say green leaf!” I got to the school and tried to hide but he found  and unloaded a barrage of punched onto my arm, I tell you what, for weeks I was not able to raise my arm above my head. That game between me and him lasted for years until he moved to a different school.  A yeah later, on my first day of secondary school, I was looking smart in my new uniform, strutting like a sagabuoy. All of a sudden I head Grrrreeeeennnnnllleeeeaaaffff!” I turned around to see Ian springing towards me, I took off but he caught up with me and blasted me with cuffs. For the next two years we beat each other black and blue. Running through the school, the city, the woods, even if one of us was playing cricket or soccer, when we heard green leaf, time to run.  This continued for two years until Ian moved to Brooklyn, to tell you the truth, I was glad, I was tired of getting my ass beat up everyday. Five years later, I was a married man living in Brooklyn. It was a cold winter day with snow on the ground. I got off the subway and was walking to my job at the Fulton Mall when I head “Gggeeeeenn Leaf!” I thought, man that voice sound familiar. Then I heard someone running, instinctively I took off, slipping and sliding in the snow. Bumping people sometimes pushing them. “I say green leaf!” Ian shouted, laughing, gasping for breath. As I slide across the side walk I thought, what the hell, I am a grown man, this is not h=secondary school. Here I am in New York, running from a grown man as he shouted green leaf. People must think that a dealer was running from his client. I turned around just in time to see Ian slip and fall. He was laughing. He got up and came towards and I braced myself. He lifted both arms and stumbled into me and gave me a bear hug.

By Mr Giant

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster and Youtuber. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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