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Vung the blood sucker

 One mid day, when the grey clouds covered the orange sun, and sprinkles of tropical raindrops made silver droplets on the green leafs. I was sitting in the drawing room reading a book when I heard banging on the front door, “Andy, Andy, you dey mon?” I dropped the book and went to the door. It was my buddy Roach, he was about my age, thirteen, light skin, one of those people… we used to call Grenada White. He had an attempt of an afro hairstyle, one that his hair texture did not agree with. He was skinny, just like me but a lot shorter. ‘Dat bloody ligaroo did it, he suck me mudda, I go kill him?” I looked at him and shook my head, “Mon, you real crazy you know, no ligaroo suck you mudda,” I replied “You doh believe me? Mon I thought we were friends,” he said disappointed. Then with marked determination he said, “Lets go!” “Go where?” I asked, Roach was already at the door. I followed him, down the concrete steps outside the house, onto Lucas Street, past the police directing traffic and up the steps to his house. He stopped and whispered, “Look at she neck,” I looked at him, “Buoy, I doh wan look at you mudda neck,” I protested, he frowned, “Mon, jus look at she neck,” He opened the door and walked in, “Mammie I home,” He said and walked into the drawing room. His mother walked out and was a little surprised to see me, “Hey Andy, what all you doing today?” She asked, “Nutton mam,” I said not looking at her. Roach walked up to me and smacked my arm, signaling that I looked at her neck I nudged him with my elbow protesting. Trying to be slick, I looked at her neck and there it was, a mark that looked like someone had sucked on her neck, the middle was real purple and the edges was red. My heart stropped, dear lord, ligaroo suck her real hard.  I immediately headed for the door. “Where are you going?” She asked, I..I…I have to go cook lunch,” I said and walked out. Roach came running after me. “See, I tell you, de ligaroo suck she,” He said. “You duh know dat,” I said walking faster. “If it not a ligaroo den who eh” he asked, I did not respond, “I tell you is dat one name Vung, Jeffrey said dat de other night he saw Vung flying flying over he house and den he go in Mis Steele’s window so he could suck she,” he insisted, “You cawn believe anyting dat boy say,” I retorted, “Mon, you saw it, right on me mudda’s neck, I go get dat Vung. you go go wid me”  I looked at him, he was just as frightened as I was, We all heard stories about the ligaroo, how they would peal their skin off, jump out their window and turn into a ball of fire and climb in people’s window to suck their blood. Vung was a little old man that everybody in the town accused of being a ligaroo. He would walk around, eyes red as blood, smiling menacingly at us kids. He carried a crudely man walking stick with a black piece of cloth tied on the top of it.  I was afraid to confront him, but I did not want to be his next victim. What if he get greedy and suck out all my blood. So later that day, when the sun was setting, Roach and I went up to Market hill where Vung always stood, never saying a word, just giving people evil looks as they walk by. We stood on the other side of the street, Vung saw us, his red eyes not moving, just staring. I looked at Roach, hatred replaced the fear in his eyes like a rain cloud blocking out the moon. He started walking towards Vung. The ligaroo smiled got bigger, Roach approached him, “Leave me mudda alone you devil, you blood sucking Jumbie, leave me mudda alone I say,” Vung was giggle now, his voice like a growl, I took a step back, Roach was determined, he stopped just in front of Vung who was laughing maniacally now, slowly raised his arms and made a cross with it, “Die devil, die! He screamed. Vung took a step forward, Roach was fast, but I did not realize how fast until that day. He turned and took off, Vung looked at me, this time he was not smiling. “Ah put a curse on you liccle buoy.”  I turned and ran as fast as my skinny legs to go. Roach was real happy, he was sure that Vung would die because he heard that if you showed a ligaroo the sign of the cross they would explode. But the next day, Vung was back at his usual spot standing at the top of Market Hill, and ask for Roach’s mother had a new mark on her neck, and she did, the next day and the next and the next. I remember thinking, damn that would had a lot of blood to suck.

By Mr Giant

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster and Youtuber. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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