POEMS Storyteller

Johnny Revolutionary

Johnny was a good man,   That was not Johnny marching in the military parade,   That was not Johnny, shouting “Long live!” in the political rally,   That was not Johnny sitting on an armored car screaming “Power to the people!”   That was not Johnny, 19 years old, four children already.  That was not Johnny shooting an AK rifle into the air.   That was not Johnny, creeping around the bushes playing soldier,   But that was Johnny, laying still, with a sculptured smile on his face,   The old lady said “Dats wha happen when you put down de bible and pick up a gun,   Johnny was a good man.

By Mr Giant

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster and Youtuber. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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