Cool Runnings

11th Installment La Diablesse

That night I did not sleep a wink, I mean, all damn night I had images of what would happen at Alison’s grandmother, in reality I never really been to an actual voodoo ceremony, I used to lay in bed at me grandmothers listening to the drums being played. I though bout Jane and got up and went down stairs to the phone, it was great to hear she voice man, it was such a relaxing melody. I wanted to tell she what was happening to me but I could not bring meself to do it so, I told she I was going to visit family the next day and that I would talk to her when I got back, she sounded a little disappointed but said she had some studying to do anyway. We talked for an hour or so and by the time I got off the phone I was a lot more at ease.

I went back upstairs to me bed and lay down and began thinking bout me visits to me grandmother’s plantation. Lying in bed listening to the drums of the Voodooist as they sang and danced through the night I always wanted to go out there to see what the hell they were doing, but I was afraid to, I mean, what if I had went up there and one of them crazy voodoo people put a spell on me. I wondered if this weekend would be anything like what I used to hear bout them meetings and them, are they going to be chopping chickens heads off, will they cast spells? Would I have to eat or drink anything disgusting, like pig guts or goat entrails, me stomach turned as I thought about what may happen. I fell asleep, me thoughts drifting from Jane to me grandmother, from Allison to the La Diablesse.

The next morning I took a quick shower then walked out into the yard, the mango tree swayed in the wind causing the ripe fruit to fall off they branches. I looked over at the bushes where the woman in white usually appeared, hesitantly I walked over and to me great surprise I reached out and parted the bushes, every vein in me body throbbed as I took a step into the darkness. The leaves immediately closed in round me and I found meself suffocated in the small branches, I stretched me hand out and tried to clear a path through the thick foliage branches whipped back hitting me in the face, me eyes closed as I felt round with me hands, me bloody skin tearing as thorns from the brush ripped into the flesh on me arms, still I pushed forward until I felt the sun on me arms, boy, I tell you it felt real good.

I bent down putting me hands on me knees like a marathon runner after a race, blood was trickling down me arms so I reached into me pocket and got out the handkerchief that me mother had given me. Gently, I pressed it against the scratches on me arms cursing like a prostitute after a bad client. I looked round me and saw that I was standing in the back of Mr. Alexander’s house, the vegetable garden was filled with all kinds of greenery imaginable, the house was bigger then most in the village and it stood in the middle of three acres of bushy land. I stood there gazing at the vegetable patch for no reason at all, all of a sudden I felt something brush against me leg and I spun round kicking as I did, a goat stood looking at me with what looked like a surprised expression on its face, stinking beast, did not know how close it came to losing its life. I looked over at the house, I expected the old man to come out and shoot the damn animal at anytime, I looked round searching for a place from where the woman in white would have came from, but I found none. Just beyond the house the ocean crashed against the rocks sometimes creating a hollow sound as it went through the holes in the rocks, I started to walk towards it but stopped, hell, I figured there was nothing to see there. As I turned and began to walk back through the bushes Mr. Alexander came out of he back door, he stopped and looked at me I waved at him and he was about to speak but I hurried through the bushes and back to me yard, hell, I did not want to speak to that beastly old man anyway. I went back into the house and spent the morning grading papers sometimes getting up to go to the window, I called Jane just so I could hear she voice, she sounded like she had been asleep so I did not talk for too long.

By Bombastic Nation

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster, the original Steve urkel, yes I did that. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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