Cool Runnings Storyteller

23th Installment of La Diablesse

I stopped and looked round and out of the corner of me eye I saw a white misty figure in the bushes just off the road, I froze, I mean, I could not move at all. The stinking figure froze with me and there it was that bloody feeling of helplessness, that same deafening silence, I could not decide what to do so I just stood there watching the figure. Then slowly it floated towards me no leaves moved, it seemed to walk right through them. I wanted to run so bad but me bloody feet felt like they had grown roots in the frigging dirt. Just as the figure came onto the road a car drove up and the figure disappeared, I mean, its like the damn car went right through it, I jumped out of the way the driver yelling at me as he went by. I stood there watching its rear lights fade away from me like eyes of a menacing animal. I turned back to the place where the white figure had stood nothing moved not even the leaves, I mean where the hell was all that damn wind, then like someone lit a fire under me feet I sprung into action and ran the rest of the way home. I got into the house and turned on all the lights and closed all the windows, sat on me bed breathing hard ever so often listening to hear if anyone or anything was trying to break into the house.

I spent a sleepless night thinking bout the day’s events and the encounter with the woman in white, stinking Obeah woman, she good for nothing ceremonies did not work at all. Then I thought bout Legba John, I mean, was the old man right? Did I not believe and the La Diablesse was back to seduce me. Outside the wind howled through the trees sounding like a lost child crying for its mother, I tried not to think bout the lady in white, I mean, I had to deal with the students in the morning, I had to focus on helping them get through the trauma of the attack. The next few days could be the most stressful days I had ever encountered as a teacher.

The next day I learned more about what had happened, the father of the opposition leader was shot and killed in the attack at the waterfront; bloody hooligans charged into the building and shot the man. There was this real tense silence throughout the school, angry students stood in the hallways talking but becoming silent when a teacher walked by, I tried me best to relate to them but they did not trust me. I didn’t blame they knew who me parents were especially me damn father, bloody monster always threatened people. I spent the next day or two doing me best to help the students who came to me.

Just before school let out for the weekend I saw Alison, she had a bandage on she head she looked at me with the usual suspicious expression. I asked she how she was doing and she seemed surprised that I spoke to she. She told me that she was healing and that she grandmother was taking care of those who had attacked she, yeah right, hope she had better luck with them than she had with me. I told she bout the white shadow I saw and she looked at me with disappointment in she eyes.

“You shouda believed,” she said and walked away. I walked to the teacher’s lodge just as Mr. Hopson was walking out; the pretentious old goat looked at me crossed eyed and strolled past.

That Friday went by uneventful the political situation seemed to have cooled down except for romours of clashes between young men and the police in the northern side of the island. I was real glad the week was coming to an end because on Saturday I was going to meet Jane and we were going to spend the whole weekend together.

When I got home Ken’s brother was home from jail and there was a small party going on in they yard. Every once in a while a police car would drive by slowing down as they passed the house, some of the young men in the yard shouted obscenities at them and the policemen shouted back waving their nightsticks, that day was the last day I saw Ken’s brother for a while.

Night fell and I lay in bed not able to sleep so I went and sat at the window watching the fishing boats go out, they engines roared through the dark as if talking to each other in some strange nautical language. Small red lights flashed on the bow of the boats cautioning other ships, the bushes swayed gentle in the breeze sometimes whistling when the gusts were strong. When all the boats were gone and the only sounds left were the ocean and the sound of steeldrums playing in the distance I closed me eyes and took a deep breath, it was so bloody peaceful. I saw the lights in Ken’s home as it reflected of the glass window, ever so often a shadow walk by beyond the white blinds. There was loud classical music coming from the house beyond the bushes and I heard old man Alexander humming when the wind blew in me direction, damn old man, probable happy because he killed some poor animal that day.

A couple of hours passed and all was completely quiet, no classical music no steeldrums not even crickets or frogs. I was bout to close the window and go to bed when I saw the bushes move. I wanted to hurry up and go inside but like a fool I kept looking, then slowly, piece by piece as if a puzzle was being put together, the white dress emerged from the darkness. I could have sworn I heard a female voice calling me name, I mean, it sounded like I was standing alone in a valley of rocks and the sound of the voice was bouncing off of them. I tried to move and thought I did but after a couple of seconds I realized that I was still standing at the window. She floated across the yard coming to a stop below me

window, I wanted to yell at she to leave me alone but the words got tied up in me throat. I was dizzy as hot and cold flashes rushed through me and I became aroused so aroused me stomach tightened real bad. The La Diablesse raised she right hand, shit, I tried to fight back but instead I leaned out the window reaching down to she.

“Come” she said she dress swaying gently in the wind. This was the first time she had spoken directly to me sending a warm sensation through me, I mean, I felt like I was sitting in a bell tower while the priest rang the bell. The ocean and the land blurred into one and my head felt as if a strong pair of hands was pressing it from both sides, I lifted me right leg in an attempt to climb out of the window and just like before that white dove swooped out of the sky and the woman in white disappeared and I found meself hanging out of the window. I quickly pulled me leg back into the house and fell onto the wooden floor me heart pounded so fast I almost fainted. From me position on the floor I saw the dove turn out to sea turning white to grey before disappearing into the night. I sprung to me feet and closed the window me hands shaking like crazy, I was still aroused me stomach tight one moment then relaxed, the sounds of the night returned but I think it was because I was listening to hear if the woman in white would call me again. I stumbled to me bed fell in and immediately passed out.

By Bombastic Nation

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster, the original Steve urkel, yes I did that. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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