Cool Runnings Storyteller

30th Installment of La Diablesse

Me feet sank in sand as I walk and I bumped into the wall of the cave and began to aimlessly walk round it. The walls were jagged and me arms occasionally bumped into rocks sticking out of it. In some places there were holes with water flowing out and into a natural drain that circled the base of the cave. I looked over at the darkest side of the cave an eerie feeling came over me as I walked to that area, I mean me heart was racing, hell this could be a possible route of escape. The darkness engulfed me I mean not even the light from the torch was able to fully light up the area, I stopped, holding the torch above me head the air around was like an invincible wall closing in on me, stifling me. Me breath came in painful bursts, me dry throat burning and I felt all the energy draining out of me as I was overcome with fear. A voice came out of the darkness causing me to drop the torch its light blazing a little. I stumbled back as someone reached out and pushed me.

“Are you hungry mista?” I did not answer, I mean, what the hell? Hunger was the last damn thing on me mind right then. The shadow stepped into the light, I mean; the damn girl was no more than fifteen years old, what I am being held captive by a bloody child? She reached down and picked up the torch in one hand holding a tray in the other, I instinctively reached out to take it from she but she stepped round me casting a cold glance. She walked up to the Alter and laid the tray down she too had that slight limp when she walked, she had to be one of them.

“You will eat now,” she commanded as the patterned smile replaced the vicious little glare, I mean, what did I do to she for she to hate me so much. I hesitantly walked over to she keeping a close eye on she and glanced down at the food, there was enough to feed three damn people. The aromor from the different foods spilled into the damp stagnated air, me eyes focused on the Oildown, all that vegetable cooked in coconut milk, the steam from it lingered under me nose and me stomach rumbled a little, despite meself I was real frigging hungry. I closed me eyes inhaling the smell of the Tannia, Dasheenn and green bananas enhanced by the spices and to top it off Lambi meat, it was as if they had done they homework bout what type of food I liked.

I picked up the drink, ice cubes clinked against the glass, I tentatively took a sip of the cold liquid causing a chill to run through me it was mauby, one of the drinks on the island known as an aphrodisiac. I sat on the alter looking at the food it reminded me of Saturdays when I was a child and me mother would cooked up a feast for the children in the village she used to hum she favorite calypso as she danced round the kitchen filling pots, emptying bowls, the woman was the best cook on the island. A dull pain ran through me as I thought bout me mother and I looked round desperately trying to find a place where I could escape. Finally me eyes rested on the place from where the girl had come I was sure that place was the only way out and I wanted to run for it but stopped meself, I mean, I had to do some real planning before I could escape.

I looked up at the opening of the cave the early morning sun was causing shadows to form on the walls of the cave. For a moment I contemplated the idea that I could climb me way out, but the ceiling was too high and a climb like that would be suicidal. I looked over at the dark side of the cave again I wondered if they had a guard standing there.

“Are you going to eat?” asked the girl, damn I had forgotten she was there and was startled when she spoke she was sitting on a chair that she must have gotten when I was not looking. She white dress covered she small frame as she sat like a little society girl she fingers entangled resting on she lap and she legs crossed. I had never seen anyone’s back so straight except when I went with me mother to government functions and those society girls glided round in they evening gowns. She was motionless, the painted on smile stagnant as she waited for me to answer. I took a big swig of the Mauby its bitter taste lingering in me mouth after I swallowed, I looked down at she, she was still sitting in the same bloody position.

“Why am I here?” I asked. She seemed pleased that I had spoken to she.

”You will find out soon enough,” she said then got up and walked away taking the chair with she. I was alone again, alone in that bloody hole to think of what me fate was going to be. I looked up at the top of the cave the sun was fast coming up and the cave was beginning to reveal more of itself. I finished eating and lay on me back, the light blue sky was inducing a revolution on the remnants of night.

By Bombastic Nation

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster, the original Steve urkel, yes I did that. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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