Cool Runnings Storyteller

32th Installment of La Diablesse

I tried to sit up, but the bloody metal restrains dug into me wrist and after a couple seconds of pulling I stopped and laid there me wrists throbbing. A sense of helplessness came over me as I looked up at the aqua sky, small puffy clouds floated by, birds flew by mocking me with they freedom, the hard surface of the rock was assaulting every bone and muscle in me bloody back but I tried to make meself numb to the pain by concentrating on the warmth of the sun on me.

Days went by and the women came and went some talking to me but others glared real vicious like. They would always bring food and drinks, which I refused, but was forced feed, man that was such a struggle, them women held me down grunting and screaming, thank god I did not see them much during the day so I spent most of me time thinking bout Jane. I would daydream bout she smiling at me or talking softly in me ear it was almost as if she was there with me. I would think bout what the La Disablesse had in store for me they seemed to be trying to build me strength up for something, man I tell you what, me mind raced with all kinds of horrible images bout rituals and sacrifice, but the thing that concerned me the most was wither they would exact they revenge on me for whatever horrible life they lived. Depression set in like a black fog and I lay there mentally paralyzed no thoughts no images nothing it was as if I was dead already.

One early morning, I was laying on the makeshift alter deep in thought when the young girl who had brought me food days ago came in and sat a tray of food next to me. She unlocked the shackles from me wrist and I sat up and forced meself to smile at she, she was so young and small I somehow felt less threatened by she. She tossed the shackles on the ground next to the alter and picked up the tray and handed it to me.

“Are you alright? She asked she face close to mine she hazel eyes lifeless. She smelt like jasmine,

“I am fine.” I said trying to portray me toughest persona.

“That’s too bad,” she said climbing up on the Alter. I tried to move away but she grabbed me face and sunk she frigging teeth into me nose, I screamed as I dropped the tray and tried to bring me arms up to push she away, but she bloody teeth was buried deep into the cartilage of me nose, a voice in me was yelling knock she off you fool she is just a child. I heard me skin rip as she moved she head from side to side voracious like a lioness tearing the meat off of its prey. I kept screaming me voice disappearing unable to facilitate the high octave of me screams, little bastard, wait until I get me strength back, she was the first one I would kill. The pain was not limited to me nose, there was more pain in me back as I trashed round on the alter trying to escape.

Then as suddenly as the attack began, it came to an abrupt end as she was yanked from me. I reached up and touched me nose making sure it was still there damn thing felt like raw frigging meat. There was a struggle going on in the sand next to me I wiped the tears from me eyes trying to get a look at what was going on, one of the women was holding on to the girl as she fought desperately to break lose, the woman tossed she round like a frigging rag doll pick she up then threw she to the ground. The girl landed on all fours and looked up at me growling like a rabid dog.

“Get out!” the woman shouted and the girl got up and disappeared through the entrance of the cave. The woman turned to me a hint of compassion she eyes.

“Let me take a look at that,” she said, I turned me head away from she but she grabbed hold of me chin and pulled me head round.

“Nasty, nasty,” she said looking closely at me nose she big gray coloured eyes assessing the damage.

“I will be right back,” she said and she turned and walked away leaving a musky sent lingering in the air. I lay there breathing through me mouth, tasting blood as it trickled down me nose and into me mouth. I tried not to move so as not to agitate me bruised back but not even me immobility helped stop the pain. The woman came back with an enamel bowl in she hands climbed onto the Alter and sat down on me grinding she pelvis,then she started wiping me face with a wet rag it was warm and felt good against me throbbing nose. Me nurse on the other hand was being less than gentle in she efforts to clean me wounds, she scrubbed and wiped talking the whole bloody time, I blocked out she words trying to think of ways to get to hell out of there.

When she was done doctoring, she sat on top of me still gyrating, bloody saints here we go. I tried me best not to make eye contact with she.

“Why, don’t you want to look at me?” she asked waiting for an answer. When she realized I was not going to say a damn thing she jerked me head round so I looked into she eyes.

“You should not have tried to escape that little stunt made everyone in here vexed with you, maybe you should not fight back, just accept your fate.” I looked into she eyes; they were so big it seemed as if she eyelids were too small to cover them, she large nose protruded from she long face overlapping she thin hard lips. She smiled at me showing two rows of teeth that looked like she was chewing on trees for the last lifetime.

“What is my long term fate?” I demanded, she started to talk it was as if I was not even in the damn cave with she.

“Many ah men have tried to escape from us over the years, but I have kept a watchful eye. I did not want to hit you over the head the other day, but it had to be done.” She voice faded away as she drifted off into she thoughts; the whole time grinding down on me closing she eyes at intervals, I tried not to get aroused but the more she moved the less control I had of me body. She stopped moving and sat on top me for a few moments she eyes closed then abruptly she got up, jumped off the Alter and walked to the entrance of the cave.

“I will come back for the tray later.” I looked down at the spilled food me nose still throbbing then lay down and looked up at the sky, I tell you what, I felt like a bloody animal waiting to be slaughtered or something. The sun was beginning to hide itself behind a dark cloud and for the life of me I could not keep me bloody eyes opened and when they were closed, images of what may be in store for me invaded me thoughts.

Me nose was still throbbing and small waves of pain flowed through me head every time I moved any part of me face. I thought of the little girl, man did I misjudge the little demon stupid me, found out the hard way how strong the bond between the women was.

Sleep crept up on me like a Ju Ju stealing the soul from me body and I submitted and welcomed the darkness. I dreamed about home the rose garden the sound of mangoes falling from the tree Dexter singing as he picked the fruit up. I also saw Alison in me dreams she was standing in the corner of she room with a disappointed look on she face.

By Bombastic Nation

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster, the original Steve urkel, yes I did that. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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