Bengali Girls Don’t: Based on a True Story (A Gripping Story)

Bengali Girls Don't: Based on a True Story  (A Gripping Story)

Tells a triumphant story of a young woman achieving her own personal freedom after enduring years of oppression. You will travel with Luky to Bangladesh and England (and back again) while experiencing her painful journeys and betrayal by those closest to her. Her experiences will provoke an emotional response that causes the reader to rally behind Luky. — Nicole Renguso, Hillsborough County Chair at The Children’s Movement of Florida

A modern day Cinderella story about the author Luky and her incredible journey from her birth during Bangladesh’s liberation war to the present. Her desperation to be a ‘normal teenager’ turned into a nightmare when she was betrayed by her parents and forced into an arranged marriage with an older man at age 15. My heart ached when I read what horrendous conditions she endured. Her descriptive writing had me visualizing everything she suffered through. I was amazed at Luky’s strength and determination she used to survive each day in the hope of one day being home again. This is one story that will forever be etched in my mind and heart. –From the Publisher

Loved this book, must read.

By Bombastic Nation

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