Cool Runnings Storyteller

33th Installment of La Diablesse

“Why din you believe?” She lips were moving but it was she grandmother’s voice that came out.

“If only you did, you woun be here right now.” I started to cry

“Help me!” I pleaded, but the dream started to become distorted, I mean white clouds floated above she head engulfing she. She lips were moving but the sound of wind rushing made it seem like she was speaking on a CB radio that was breaking up.

“Noooooo!” I screamed, but she was dissolving into the clouds, I kept screaming louder trying to make she come back, but she disappeared leaving complete darkness.

Excruciating pain in me wrist woke me up, the night sky loomed down on me from the hole at the top of the cave, a shooting star trail cross the sky and I made a wish, I was a drowning man trying to catch a straw. The cave was dark and I felt like I was buried in me own damn grave, soon I fell back to sleep too tired to think anymore.

I woke up this time I felt hands caressing me body, I tensed up in anticipation of being attacked, but the hand only touched me gentle rubbing me stomach then trailing down to me pubic area. I looked down to the lower half of me body trying to see what the hell they were doing it was the woman who had pulled the little girl off of me earlier that day. She lips were pressed against me stomach now, small bursts of air escaped from she mouth tickling me skin, a chill ran through me entire body and I concentrated hard trying not to get excited. I felt she fingernails dig into me skin as she movements become more deliberate, I mean it was real obvious what she intentions were and I was not going to let it happen without a fight so I lifted me waist trying to detour she. She stopped, looked up at me she hair had a yellow like glow as the light from the torches bounced off of it. She looked down the length of me body until she was staring into me eyes then slowly she ran she tongue up me belly until she got to me nipple. She bit on it and it hurt like hell but I was not going to let she know that. She left me nipple and brought she face close up to mine and I tried to push she off with me hands forgetting they were in the restraints. She smiled and closed she eyes, man I tell you what, that damn woman looked like she really enjoyed how helpless I was. She leaned down and pressed she lips against mine and I move me head from side to side trying to avoid she, she grunted with annoyance and grabbed me face holding it still. She long nose poked into me cheek as she tried to pry me lips open with she tongue, man that woman could generate more saliva than a dog in heat. Suddenly she stopped and stood up to she knees a hint of anger flashed into she eyes and she spat at me.

“Don’t you think I am pretty?” she demanded, I just laid there me face turned away from she. She straddled me and grabbed me face tried to force me to look at she, but I tell you what, I was not going to let some crazed phantom bully me at all, man I tell you, that made she real mad and she raised she right hand and slapped me across the face. A flash of colours exploded in the air round me as pain rumbled through me head.

“You tink I am repulsive, don’t you?” she screamed and I watched as she hand disappeared beyond the light from the torch then reappear smashing into me face. This time I saw a red flash as one of she fingers dug into me left eye and tears gushed out blinding me, the palm of she hand struck the side of me face again, man I tell you, a rush of anger erupted in me and I lunged forward knocking she off balance for a second. She lifted she hand this time balling she fists and before I could react she punched me on the side of me head, that did it,

“You are beautiful, you are beautiful!” I screamed me head spinning from the blows, she stopped and looked down at a tray that sat next to me feet, she looked back at me and motioned towards the tray and for a second I thought she was going to hit me again but instead she stepped off the alter reaching it to me. I motioned for she to remove the shackles she hesitated, but removed them anyway. I sat up, the room spun, like I was in the middle of the ocean stuck in a whirlpool sinking fast. I was hungry, plus eating seemed to be the only way I could get the damn woman to stop attacking me. She started pacing round the alter she eyes never leaving mines.

“That’s a nasty bite on your nose there, we will have to doctor some more dont we?” she said. I ignored she, I mean what made she think I would play she sadistic little game.

“You don’t care what I say do you, you would like to destroy me right now wouldn’t you? She laughed. “Yes, I could see it in your eyes.” I chewed slowly, trying to not to cause meself any more pain.

“You, the living, you have no clue as to what goes on after you have lived and passed on huh?” she asked looking at me.

“Huh, you idiots fools walking on borrowed time, I hate you!” she screamed. I stopped chewing and looked at she,

“Am I supposed to feel sorry for you?” I asked, me question took she off guard and she walked up to me and grabbed me by the throat, food flew out me mouth but the damn lady kept talking,

“Don’t you talk back to me I never said I wanted to have a conversation with you. We leader on the other had she want conversation, she with her spiritual ways and her fragranced Goddess all dainty and sweet, trying to seduce you pigs. Me, I worship Erzulie Danto, the warrior Goddess, that Erzilie Frieda is so sweet and so good anyone might take advantage of her, but Erzilie Danto, now she is a true leader. Why do you think I am here, huh? To stop fools like you from thinking you could take advantage of us.” She stopped talking and looked at me she eyes surveying me whole body she fingers tightening round me neck.

“Some people only understand violence, like you high minded bourgeois, yes man types,you sell out to the colonialists, devour their education and then try to regurgitate it to the young people. That’s why I took that young girl under my wings taught her the art of defending herself. So don’t think because she is young you could trick her into letting you go.” She took a step towards me she eyes flashing with excitement.

“Violence is sometimes the only answer, the rush of watching someone slowly accept death, no more struggling, no more fighting for the last breathe, just peace, tranquility.” She shook she eyes closed then she leaned towards me and looked down at the tray.

“It would be better if you let me feed you,” I tried to talk but she was still choking me, then she let go and started pacing again.

“I can feed myself. Thank you.” I gasped and shot she the evilest stare I could. She climbed onto the alter looking at me impatiently she began to caress me shoulders and I flinched and a flash of anger entered she eyes and she stopped, looked at me for a second then ran she fingernails down me chest, she breath escaped from she mouth in short deep bursts, I eat slower watching every bloody move the woman made.

By Bombastic Nation

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster, the original Steve urkel, yes I did that. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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