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35th Installment of La Diablesse

It was round eleven in the morning of the Saturday I was taken, Jane walked into the house calling me name. I had not called she the night before like I was supposed to so she thought she would come over and surprise me. She went up to the bedroom and looked round then went back down into the kitchen. She stood there for a second puzzled, I mean, she knew that I would always grade papers round that time. She walked out into the back yard and went into the garage me bike was still sitting in there, she turned and went back into the house and back up to the bedroom, sat on the bed took out one of she books and began reading she was determined to wait until I got home.

Round three o’clock she started to get a little worried so she got up and walked over to the window, Ken’s brother was walking cross the yard heading to they house wearing he army uniform he boots shining in the sun, she called out to him and asked him if he had seen me, he shook he head no and continued walking.

She went back to the bed and sat down, but got right back up and went to the window then back to the bed again she was thinking real hard bout where I might be.

When five o’clock arrived and I still had not gotten home she left the house and went to the beach, she walked the length of it asking a couple people she thought I knew if they had seen me, then she thought bout the place where I had taken she and she started to walk faster, I mean, if I were anywhere it would be there.

When she arrived at the edge of the island where the grass was tall and the waves crashed against the rocks she stopped and looked round before going down to the beach. She stepped onto the black and white sand and saw Ken and some of his friends playing soccer on the beach. She walked up to them and asked Ken if he had seen me he told she he had not seen me since yesterday and she walked towards the ocean kicking the water in frustration. Little Ken walked over to she asking she if she was all right, she told him she could not find me and he tapped she on she back with he sandy hand and told she not to worry that I would come home soon, she smiled at him and he smiled back, showing teeth yellow from eating mangoes. She left the beach as Ken and he friends went back to they game of soccer yelling and laughing for so.

Night was beginning to fall when she got back to the house. She went inside tuned on the living room light and called me name. When she got no response she sat down in the Victorian style couch and laid she head back and looked up at the ceiling. She spent the night pacing through the house or sitting at the window looking out at the ocean thinking that maybe some emergency had occurred with me family and I had gone to visit them. She walked to me desk and rifled through the papers trying to find a telephone number or address for them, underneath a book was a stack of papers, she picked it up and began reading, it was the poems I had written.

When she was done reading she held the papers close to she chest mumbling, asking the wind where I was. She lay down on the bed looking towards the window the sky was dark, no moon or stars, a car went by on the road outside and she sat up listening to hear if it would stop but was disappointed when it kept going. She ran the events of the past few days in she head trying to remember if I had told she anything bout going anywhere, but she could not think of a single thing. Then she remembered what I had told she bout the La Diablesse, she sat up she heart racing, surely that could not be it. She thought bout it for a while then smiled and shook she head she knew that I really did not believe the damn folktale anyway.

She got up and walked to the window, there was a storm coming in from the ocean and she could hear the roar of the wind and the rain beating down on the surface. She stood and watched the storm for a while then went back to the bed and lay down listening to the rain bounce off the tin roof, she finally fell asleep thinking of where next she would look for me.

By Bombastic Nation

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster, the original Steve urkel, yes I did that. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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