From Obeah

The Ligaroo King circled around her. Every muscle in his body twitched, his teeth snarled, his breathing came in small bursts. She looked at him, her body tense, and her face hot with anger. All the fear was gone, as she turned around following his every move. This was the moment, the moment when her people will be free. She raised her right hand over her shoulders and got the Spear of Salt. It blinked florescent, as she faced down the Ligaroo King. His red eyes sparked in the yellow glow from the torches, his mouth opened wide, as he threw his head back and howled.

“This is the end of the path for you little witch, can you see the crossroads, and can you see Baron Samedi waiting for you? You and all your friends will not leave this island free. I will make you my slaves yet.” He said, and then charged, swinging his sword. Akosua raised the spear above her head, and the sound of metal hitting metal echoed above the sound of the battle. They struggled, face to face, Akosua barely able to breath because of the stench coming from the beast’s mouth.
“Where is your Obatala now? I don’t see him here to save you. You will make the perfect sacrifice for Baron Samedi,” he said as he pushed. Akosua growled as she strained to push him away.

“It is you who will not get off this island. It is written, that good will always prevail over evil. We will win and we will be free.” She said and pushed as hard as she could. The Ligaroo King staggered back and looked at her, as if surprised at how strong she was. Slowly a smile covered his face. Then without saying a word he charged at her. Akosua sidestepped and swung the spear, the sharp edge of it nipped the Ligaroo King on his side. The beast looked down at his side and cupped the wound with his hand, then looked back at Akosua.

He raised his head and howled with anger, then charged, swinging his sword. The girl tried to use her spear to ward him off, but the blow was so powerful she stumbled and fell. She lay looking up at the Ligaroo King. He had a triumph smile on his face. He brought his sword down, and she rolled to her right. The sharp edges of the sword hit the ground next to her head sending a puff of dirt into the air. The beast raised his sword again, and then brought it down again. Akosua rolled to her left, got to her knees and scrambled to her feet. Before she was fully prepared, the beast came at her. She stumbled to her right and jabbed him with the spear. The Ligaroo gasped with surprise, like someone had knocked the wind out of him. He swung his arm, knocking the spear away from his body. Steamed hissed out of his arm where the spear touched him. His sword fell to the ground, and he looked at Akosua, and for the first time there was weakness in his eyes. He retreated to his throne gasping for breath. Akosua followed him, the spear held over her head.

The Ligaroo King leaned on his throne, his hand outstretched, as if motioning her to wait.

“Sometimes the people you love are the very ones who betray you,” as he held his side and gasped for breath. Akosua stood, looked at him an expression of puzzlement on her face. The Ligaroo chuckled, coughed, blood spouted out of his mouth creating a mist of red in front of him. He took another deep breath; Akosua took a step towards him,

By Bombastic Nation

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster, the original Steve urkel, yes I did that. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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