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36th Installment of La Diablesse

The next morning she woke up and rolled over half expecting to see me lying next to she then she sat up with a start remembering that I was gone. She got up and walked over to the window, Ken and he mother were walking through the yard on their way to Sunday church. The church bells were chiming real loud and the yard was filled with me neighbors on they way to church, Ken looked up at she and waved she could tell that he was in no way happy bout having to go.

She left the window and spun round the middle of the room confused for so, then she grabbed she bag and went to the beach a little bit angry that I had left without telling she where I was going. She got to the beach and walked the length of it hoping that she would find someone who knew where I was, soldiers were running along the sand singing as they went their A.K rifles held in front of them, some of them smiled at she as they went by. The island had become more militant I mean they even got new armored cars like they were preparing for war or something. Some of the other medical students warned Jane bout being friends with the locals I mean, after all the American government was fast becoming an enemy of the people of the small island, damn Yankees would not mind they own business always want to tell we Third World people how to think.

After bout an hour she decided to go to the police station on the other side of the beach. She arrived at a small wooden building painted in green, yellow and red its weather beaten door was swung open so she walked inside. A policeman was sitting at a desk that was directly in front of a big window, he was not wearing a uniform and his shirt was unbuttoned down to his waist, he looked up as she walked in,

“May I help you?” he said standing up, hurrying to button up his shirt. He pointed to a chair that sat at the front of the desk facing him Jane sat down and tried to talk but began crying instead. A young soldier came out of another room and stopped looking at she. The policeman looked at him a confused expression on his face then walked round the desk and sat on it looking down at she, I mean, the last thing he needed was an American girl crying in the station.

“Get a glass of water,” he said to the soldier, the young man did not move at first a little stunned at seeing the pretty American girl crying but he moved real fast when the policeman shot him a stern glance and he turned and hurried into the other room.

“Now calm dung and tell me wha’s de matter?” Jane took a deep breath and stumbled through she story not stopping to take a breath, she insisted that I would not be gone a whole two days without letting she know where I was going, the policeman listened to she he eyes never leaving she face. The soldier came back in with the glass of water and handed it to Jane, she thanked him took a sip then continued talking. When she was finished the young soldier spoke,

“She talking bout Mr. Dickens he used to be me teacher.” The policeman looked over at him.

“You mean 94 Dickens son?” the young soldier nodded he head and the policemen picked up the telephone sitting on the desk behind him and dialed the rotary dial clicking real loud. He spoke for bout five minutes then hung up.

“O.K, nobody seen im but dey going to have a look round, O.K” he mahogany brown complexion glistened as sweat rolled down he face, Jane looked up at him, she hazel eyes tearing up again.

“Do you think they arrested him?” The policeman looked over to the soldier they knew too well that some of the revolutionaries were going through the island arresting some of the children of people who were part of the former government

“No mam, if he was we would know bout it, Ah mean everybody round here know im right,” he said and looked over to the soldier the young man nodded he head.

“Rite now de best ting for you to do is to go home and wait, Ah promise you we go investigate and as soon as Ah find out anyting Ah go call you, Ah promise. Me and he fada was policemen together so Ah go do me best O.K.” Jane got up and walked towards the door, the young soldier followed she,

“Don worry mis, we go find him.” He said touching she arm, she walked down the steps and onto the sand the young soldier stood at the doorway watching she walk away.

She went back to the beach walking aimlessly frustration setting in then she stopped and looked out to the ocean and suddenly remembered where I stored me raft. She walked over to the thick bushes and parted the shrubbery and found that the raft was gone. She stepped back feeling as if someone had punched she in the stomach, she looked at the ocean then turned and walked down the beach. Just before she got to she dorm she saw a group of Rastamen sitting on the sand laughing and talking, then she remembered what Ras Itran had said to she the day of the revolution so she walked up to the men hoping he was there. One of the Rastamen looked up at she he hair was so long it dragged on the sand when he turned.

“Do any of you know where Ras Itran is?” she asked. The man laughed a little he thick lips quivering as he did.

“Ah like how you say he name wid dat yanky accent,” then he turned to the others and asked if they knew where Itran was, a younger Rastamen looked over and spoke smoke bellowing out his mouth. A flurry of gunshots filled the air and the rastaman looked down the beach, a group of young soldiers were laughing as one pointed he gun in the air and shot, the Rasta shook he head but continued talking,

“He dung at de barracks in de city,” he said and the older man turned back to Jane and gave she directions on how to get to the barracks, she went out to the road and found a taxi and asked the driver to take she to the city.

The taxi pulled up in front a building that looked like an old British warehouse or something, it was constructed with stones stacked on each other like blocks, the tin roof was rusting and sometimes it leaked when heavy rains fell, soldiers were walking round some of them stopped and looked at she suspiciously as she got out of the taxi. She walked through the grounds looking round at all the military equipment when a young woman in military uniform walked up to she.

“You looking for sumbody?” she asked eyeing Jane suspiciously and Jane told her she was looking for Itran, the young lady pointed to a small building at the other end of the compound and Jane walked up to the building and went inside the young woman watching she all the way.

There were bout seven soldiers in there and they all stopped talking and looked at she as she walked in. Ras Itran walked out of another room a big smile appearing on his face, he walked over and took she arm guiding she to a chair in the corner. She fought to hold back the tears as she told Ras Itran she story, he agreed with that it was not like me to disappear like that, he chuckled as he said how anal I was bout time and letting people know where I was it was the way me mother raised me. Itran told she he knew bout me missing because the policeman had called earlier and told him bout it, he said they were already investigating and he was sure they would come up with something by the end of the day. Jane told him bout the raft not being in its spot and he told she that he had warned me bout that damn death trap then he got up and went to the phone. Jane sat and looked at the activities going on in the building, young soldiers came in and out; some looked confused as if they did not know what the hell they should be doing. Jane turned and looked out the window a jeep raced by outside and a soldier cursed at the driver as he sped out of the compound. There were not just young men in uniform, but there was an equal number of women walking round holding rifles, I mean it looked so disorganized but she knew that the new government had total control of the island, guns have a way of keeping people under control. The last few months were strange, she parents wanted she to come home but she insisted on staying on the island, I would think that me being here had a part to play in she decision to stay.

By Bombastic Nation

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster, the original Steve urkel, yes I did that. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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