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In all My Glory

Ahhh yes, it was another Saturday on the beach. All the pretty girls and them were on the beach. They were all modeling with they bikinis and short shorts. Here I was, sixteen years old, my testosterone rising like the tropical sun did this morning. I had no shame, I mean I was in really good shape. Running twelve miles in the morning, twelve miles in the early evenings, the six miles of swimming, push ups, sit ups, I mean my daily routine was working wonders on my physic. The girls and them were talking, giggling, all excited for the week end, but damn it they were not paying attention to me, yes me, this African Godly body standing next to them. I had to do something to get their attention.

I walked down to the ocean, I jogged in place, I did some shadow boxing, nothing, them damn girls will not pay attention. I walked away from the ocean, walking as close to them as possible, making sure  cleared my throat, nothing, they were too damn busy chattering. I walked past them, stopped, stood behind them for a second. Hmmm, what should be my next move, what can I do to make them see this Adonis they were missing out on. That was when I made up my mind, oh yeah, I will make them pay attention. I took my stance, rocked back and forth like a high jumper about to make his approach, took off and ran past them, I reached the sea, right were the ocean broke onto the sand. I jumped, floating through the air like a Boeing 747, I felt my body cutting through the wind, saw the ocean going by beneath me, felt my heart racing, I mean it was a beautiful sight to see, well from my point of view. I sliced through the oceans surface, did the Man From Atlantis kick, going smooth through the salty Caribbean sea. I stopped, kicked my feet until I felt the sand beneath them stood up. I was only knee deep in the water. I was so proud of myself, I bet that that dive, that graceful bird like flight, that absolutely flawless cut through the surface was the best damn thing those girls ever say. After the water had drained from my ear, and I felts the water drip off my body. I heard the laughter. I wiped my face, shook my head, that was when I heard the laughter. I wiped the water off my face, looked towards the beach and saw my swim trunks rolling in the surf. I looked down and what did I see, my manhood, and because of shrinkage, my boyhood dangling for all to see. I mean how can they miss it, the sun glistened off the water draining off of it. I immediately dove into the water then began to scramble to get my trunks, but a boy about ten years old ran down the beach, picked it up and scurried off, waving it above his head. I had to stay there, listening to the laughter, people pointing, screaming, drunks falling down holding their stomach, proclaiming to urinate on themselves. Oh yes, I remember that day, I had to wait for two hours before that little scamp brought my trunks back. Needless to say, I did not go to the beach for months after that.  

By Bombastic Nation

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster, the original Steve urkel, yes I did that. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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