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43rd Installment of La Diablesse


Jane had moved into to me house hoping that one day I would just appear at the door she would go to classes and then spend most of she free time looking for me. The police and the soldiers came to know she real well and she was the only American they would let onto the barracks when she went to speak to Ras Itran, they had even let she go out on the Coast guard vessel to help search the ocean for me. Ras Itran did all he could to help she feel better but soon he was starting to lose hope that I would ever return I mean the man had other things he had to tend to. There was growing discontent for the revolution and some of the people and them were trying to turn back the revolution, in fact the army had shot and killed four men they claimed to be counter revolutionaries and the island was buzzing with rumors, man I tell you what, people was starting to get real vexed, some of them said that the soldiers were trigger happy and that they had killed four innocent men, but the official newspaper report said that the men were counter revolutionaries and they were stopped before they could destroy the revolution. Ras Itran was one of the soldiers who investigated the incident Jane could tell that what he saw was having an effect on him, I mean the poor man had to see they bullet ridden bodies, he even helped load they mutilated bodies onto the back of a truck.

Me mother came in from London and she and Jane spent hours looking everywhere she remembered I went as a child. Me mother told she that she suspected that the revolutionaries had done something to me but Jane assured she that that was not the case but me mother did what she did best agree but disagree silently. Jane told me mother bout the La Diablesse and me mother told she that even as a child I had a vivid imagination and insisted there was no truth to the folktales.

My mother left the island after a couple of months I mean the woman even had a service for me seemed practical, but then again practical was me mother’s middle name. She told Jane to look after the house while she was gone and that she would be back soon to take care of all the other business.

Jane was a typical hard headed West Virginia woman, she refuse to give up any hope, she went to the school on several occasions talking to Alison but Alison was less than cooperative.

“Don meddle in tings you don know bout Yanky gul” she said every time, but Jane was persistent until Alison promised to talk to she grandmother.

Slowly everyone began to settle back into everyday life, the revolution was rolling along except for rumours bout more counter revolutionaries popping up among the people, everyday there were gunshots and explosions, mainly it was over excited young men playing with guns, damn idiots acted like they did not have any damn sense

One night when the moon was out in all its glory and the night air was crisp with the Caribbean breeze, Jane fell asleep in she dorm room after studying and there I was in she dream wearing a white suit of clothes surrounded by darkness except for white flashes that swirled round me like angels, then I started to age me face pruning up real fast until I was a really old man,

“He did not believe!” The old man floated towards she he voice sometimes soft but suddenly turned into an ear-splitting scream, the white flashes that swirled round me were now black and slowly they ate away at the old man and he disappeared screaming as he evaporated.

Jane woke up but could not move she felt as if someone was sitting on she chest and she tried screaming but no sound came out, she struggled then suddenly she was sitting up, the shirt she was wearing was drenched with sweat. She got up and walked onto the corridor of the dorm the beach was real dark except for the light from a small bar a little ways down. She walked down the stairs and stepped onto the sand stopped and looked up and down the beach before walking away from the light, she walked until she came to the place where I kept the raft and on a whim she walked over to the bushes and looked in, the raft was sitting there and she stepped back a little stunned, then she turned and ran all the way to me house calling me name and laughing. When she got to me house she ran up the stairs to the bedroom calling me name as she went.

After bout five minutes of shouting she sat down on the bed she whole body shaking like crazy, then slowly she remembered the dream and got up and went to the window a shadow darted across the yard so she peered through the darkness and saw a flash of white in front of the bushes, I tell you what, she heart almost stopped beating as the form stood facing she daring she to come down. She turned and ran down the stairs into the yard and without thinking she ran over to the bushes but the person had disappeared. She stood, confused then she turned and ran back to the house and picked up the telephone, it was dead.

She ran back into the yard and stopped, looked at the bushes then slowly she walked up to it, hell; she was going to get to the bottom of this one way or the other. She parted the bushes and went in, the ocean crashed against the rocks like thunder on a stormy night, crickets and frogs chorused a haunting melody, dried tree branches popped and cracked as she stepped on them. She got to where the bushes were thickest when suddenly someone pushed she to the ground she head bounced off the dirt and the night turned florescent white, she rolled over onto she back just as a woman in a white dress jumped on top of she.

“Give up you Yanky whore. He is mine now”

“Who are you?” Jane asked she voice a mere whisper, the woman threw she head back and laughed

“Believe me you little bitch, you don’t want to know, now go back to your precious Appalachian mountains there is nothing you can do, right now ceremonies are being performed and when they are done he will be mine to play with.” The woman leaned down she long nose poking Jane’s cheek.

“Never!” Jane screamed. A dog started barking just beyond the bushes.

“Ahhhh, you are one hard headed little bitch, well I tried to talk some sense into you but nooooo, well have it your way.” The woman wrapped she fingers round Jane’s neck and began squeezing darkness descended on Jane flashes of red and yellow popped in the sky behind the woman like fireworks, the ocean, the frogs and the crickets became one buzzing sound Jane was giving up but right before she passed out images of she family popped in and out of she head and she grew angry and she felt round in the dirt trying to find something to defend sheself and finally she right had rested on a rock the size of a large grapefruit. She picked it up and swung, the rock hit the side of the woman’s head with a sickening thud, blood sprayed out of a large gash on she temple and she fell sideways. Jane scrambled to she feet the rock still in she hand the woman slowly get to she feet wiped some of the blood from she head and drew a cross on she face.

“You will pay for that you bitch” and she began to walk towards Jane but there was a deafening growl as the dog ran into the bushes and attacked the woman, she picked the animal up and swung it into the air, but the dog was determined and immediately got up and charged at she. She turned and ran into the bushes, not one leaf moving as she went. Jane stumbled out of the bushes all the way back to she dorm.

She Picked up she phone and called Ras Itran and frantically told him what had just happened to she and insisted that he took she to a witch doctor, he tried to convince she that going to an obeah man would not help but Jane was adamant willing to try anything. After bout ten minutes of pleading Ras Itran agreed to take she to a man he knew, he told she to meet him the next day on the beach and he would take she to the Obeahman’s village. Jane was real relieved that he agreed, I mean, she would do anything to find out what had happened to me.

By Bombastic Nation

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster, the original Steve urkel, yes I did that. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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