Cool Runnings

44th Installment of La Diablesse

The next day round four in the afternoon Jane went to the beach, pacing the sand while waiting for Ras Itran to arrive. He was wearing he military uniform he even had he Russian made pistol in a holster on he waist, the usual big smile on he face but Jane could tell there was not the same exuberance to it. He beckoned for she to follow him and Jane obliged jogging to keep up. They got into a Russian made Lada car and drove to the northern part of the island, Jane did not stop talking the whole way coming up with theory after theory of what may have happened to me, the Rasta listened but said nothing. They drove for bout an hour before the Rastaman stopped the jeep at the bottom of a mountain.

“We have to walk the rest of the way,” he said and Jane climbed out and looked up at the mountain damn thing looked like Kilimanjaro. Ras Itran started walking and she followed stumbling a little. The sky was becoming dark as the night approached; Jane told Ras Itran bout the dream and recanted the story bout the woman in white, she was talking just so she would not pay any attention to the darkness slowly engulfing them. She told him that it was a little strange that she fought the woman in white in the exact spot where I told she the La Diablesse had appeared to me, Ras Itran told she that she would sooner or later have to get over the whole thing he said it was possible that I would never come back and ask for the fight she had in the yard, it could have been anyone trying to play games with she. Jane stopped talking and just followed him, darkness had totally surrounded the mountain and Ras Itran flicked on a flashlight he had stuck in he waistband.

They must have walked for an hour the climb becoming steeper with every step. Animals rustled round in the bushes, the leaves on the trees whistled as the wind swept through them, an owl flew overhead hooting its wings flapping loudly. Jane sped up trying to stay as close to the Rastaman as she could, I mean, she was used to mountains but not to tropical animals.

After a while she saw lights ahead, a dog was howling and the sound of someone playing an African drum echoed through the mountain. Soon they came up on a village, dim lights shined out of doors and windows of the houses. The drummer was playing along to the beat of a Jacob Killer Miller song, villagers sat on benches in their yards they bodies’ mere shadows against the lights from the houses. They watched silently as Ras Itran and Jane walked by I bet they were wondering why this little white girl was in they village. The dog that was howling earlier started barking and its owner yelled at it and the animal growled a little and ran to the back of the house. The drummer had stopped playing and was standing at the door of his house watching them go by.

They got to the end of the village and Ras Itran turned up a steep incline heading in the direction of a lone light at the top of the hill. They walked for bout fifteen minutes before they came to a stop in front of a small wooden house, Ras Itran called out but no one answered. The door was ajar so he climbed into the house and disappeared, Jane stood on a cinder block that was a makeshift step to the door of the house, a white cat jumped onto the window next to the door and sat there looking at Jane its yellow eyes piercing through the darkness at she. Jane called out Itran’s name and he came to the door holding a lantern but he was not looking at she,

“Hey man,” he said and a voice behind she spoke, Jane jumped almost falling. The man walked past she and hugged Itran.

“Is dat you Bertrand?” he asked,

“Yeah man,” the Rasta said and the men embraced for a couple of seconds. Ras Itran said something to the man and he turned round and looked at Jane, the man was bout medium height and in the light of the lantern she could see a big smile on he face showing some of the biggest teeth she had ever seen.

“So you de Yanky gul wanting help, huh?” he asked, Jane shook she head and the man walked over to she and took she hand and squeezed it then he let go and motioned for she to follow him into the house.

The inside of the house was modest, one room littered with statues, candles and crudely made artwork. In one corner was a cot with a white sheet on it candles surrounded a statue of Jesus sitting in the middle of what seemed to be a shrine. There were different sizes of bowls scattered all round the shrine, a fishnet hung on one wall, small dolls hanging from it, an aloe plant sat in a corner, this was a strange house to say the least.

The man motioned for Jane to sit down and she flopped down on the floor facing him he sat down in front of she waiting for she to speak. She told him the whole story, the words gushing out of she mouth he listened nodding his head. The cat jumped off the windowsill and walked over to Jane and began rubbing its body against she, Jane stopped talking weary of what the cat was doing but the man paid no attention to the pet so Jane kept talking.

She finished talking and he stood up and walked over to the shrine, Jane turned and looked at Ras Itran the Rasta stood at the door looking at them, Jane turned round when the man began to talk,

“Yeah, he was taken by the La Diablesse alright,” He turned and walked back to she and handed she a bag the size of a package of cool aid.

“Tek dis keep it wid you at all times, it go protect you from any evil.” Jane took the bag, then he handed she a red candle,

“Every nite light dis candle close to de window. It go guide you friend back home.” Jane took the candle and put it in she purse along with the small bag he had given she. The man got up and walked over to Itran and they spoke in a hushed tone for a second then Ras Itran came up to Jane and told she they should leave. Jane was kind of confused I mean she expected more, this was nothing she had seen in the movies or read in books, where was all the chanting dancing and animal sacrifice?

They drove back to the city in silence the Rasta was in he own world. When they got to the house Ras Itran told Jane to call him if she ever needed anything but before she could respond a volley of gunshots rang out Ras Itran waved then drove off. Jane went into the house walked up to the bedroom took one of the candleholders and set the red candle in it. She put it next to the window and lit it not sure she believed it would help bring me home but she was desperate and anything that would give she hope was all she had at that point.

By Bombastic Nation

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster, the original Steve urkel, yes I did that. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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