Cool Runnings

45th Installment of La Diablesse


I came to still lying on the Alter me mouth felt like I had eaten a field of cotton, I looked down at meself, I wearing a new suit of clothes the material clung to me wet skin. They had cleaned me up possibly getting me ready for another ceremony I was surprised, I mean, I was not sore from all the activities of the night before. I did not get up nor did I look round, I mean why bother? So I just lay there looking up at the afternoon sun wondering what was going on in the outside world, how was my mother and Jane coping with me disappearance? Were the revolutionaries still in control of the island? I though of me students, I missed going to that building in the morning, seeing they smiling faces telling stories of the night before. I sank into a dark depression the notion that I may never see them again taking root, then I thought bout Jane again and me heart ached, not with sadness but longing to see she. I got up and began walking round the cave, damn it, I wanted to see she smile again.

I was still walking when a La Diablesse came into the cave with a tray of food, this was a new one she hair was light brown she eyes were ocean green and she skin was coconut brown. She smiled at me when she walked in and was still smiling when she walked out man, I hated that plastic smile it was the same stinking smile that politicians give when trying to win votes.

I counted out the days by looking at how many times the sun passed over the opening at the top of the cave. The only La Diabelsse I saw was the one that came in and feed me or to put a basin of water on the alter so I can clean meself. The whole time I thought bout escaping but on me daily walks I still smelt the perfume as I walked by the entrance to the cave. I knew it was Christine and the last thing I wanted to do was have a confrontation with she unless I know exactly how I was going to escape. I started an exercise routine and slowly I felt me strength coming back. Thoughts of Jane and escape filled the days until one day I ventured out into the darkness of the exit I was almost completely out of the cave when Christine stood out in front of me.

“Ahhhh, where do you think you are going,” I opened me mouth to respond but before any words could come out she came at me, I tell you what, she had speed for so. She slammed me back against the wall.

“You are not going anywhere, not until I have had my turn with you.” She threw she head back and laughed. I wrapped me fingers round she neck and began squeezing the blasted woman just looked at me and a real big smile appeared on she face. The smile quickly changed to a smirk and she picked me up and threw me back into the cave. I scrambled to me feet and stood looking at she, but she did not follow me she just stood there as if blocked by some invincible wall.

“Soon enough, soon enough,” she growled and then disappeared into the darkness. I was mad and breathing hard, I swear steam was coming out me mouth. The next time she attacked me I would be ready to fight until I escaped or until she frigging killed me.

By Mr Giant

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster and Youtuber. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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