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46th Installment of La Diablesse

One night as I lay looking up at the seagulls flying round the cave’s opening a group of La Diablesse walked in, it was a new group most of European descent. They commenced the ceremony barely looking in me direction. I laid there awkwardly waiting for them to come to me, I mean, they did not even put the restraints on me they just proceeded to have they way with me body. I had long stopped fighting knowing that resisting would turn them into the angry beast that Christine transformed into.

They came in waves after that day giving me two or three days between ceremonies to recuperate. When they had left and the cave was empty, I would venture into the dark entrance, most of the time Christine was there and I retreated back to the cave, strange thing though, she seemed unable to come into the cave, man, when I realized that I started acting like a schoolboy taunting a bully. She would stand at the exit growling and cursing and sometimes I would laugh causing she to scream with anger. A Couple of times when I stepped out the cave she was not there so I ventured further into the natural hallways looking for some means of escape. I memorized the time they came to feed me, the time of the ceremonies, when they lit the torches even the times I was washed. One day I got me chance and walked down the hallway, torches lined the walls as far as the eyes could see. The passage way was bout ten feet high and six feet wide and went until the torches disappeared in the distance.

I had walked bout fifteen yards from the cave’s exit when I heard the sound of footsteps running towards me, I could tell the defrenciation between the human foot and the goat foot as they hit the sandy surface. I turned and ran back in the direction of the cave, the pursuer was growling and snarling and was catching up with me real fast. I turned into the cave just as Christine came into view, I mean the bloody woman threw sheself at me she fingers getting caught in the thin material of me shirt. She landed on the ground and bounced of it like a sack of bananas, I got into the cave and turned round just as she was back on she feet pacing from one end of the exit to the next growling. She eyes were fire red and I could not help meself so I smiled at she and that made she even angrier. She started to approach me but stopped just inside the cave and backed up screaming I did a little dance round the alter mocking she. Then I climbed on to the alter and sat there, I heard Christine outside the cave cursing and grunting sometimes screaming. I lay down and looked up at the opening, it was late afternoon and the sky was alive with birds as they flew by on they way to find they evening supper. I fell asleep to the sound of they wings flapping.

I realized that me time was running out when the ceremonies became less frequent and the groups of La Diablesse became smaller and at the last ceremony there was a different La Diablesse leading the others. I was becoming anxious I needed to escape before they turned me over to Christine. One day as I was walking round the cave I was pulled into the darkness by she, she put she lips close to me ear and told me in graphic details what she was going to do to me, I fought she off pushing she to the ground, she looked up at me surprised at me strength then she stood and charged grunting like a rabid dog. We collided and fell, rolling round in the sand. I cupped a handful of sand in me right hand and grounded it into she eyes, she screamed and rolled away from me, I got up and went back to the alter and I heard she running down the passageway screaming she voice echoing through the cave.

“Tomorrow you will be mine, my sacrifice”

I lay down on the alter surprised at how strong I had become all that bloody exercising had paid off. I got up and cautiously stepped out the cave, looked round and followed the sound of Christine’s voice. The torches were lit and I could see fog hovering over the yellow glows, I continued down the passageway further than I had been before, looking round to make sure that no one was following me. A strange warm wind swept through the passage almost extinguishing the torches, I shivered a little me body unable to decide what temperature to be.

By Mr Giant

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster and Youtuber. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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