Cool Runnings

47th Installment of La Diablesse

I came to a dark hole in the wall stopped at its entrance contemplating on wither or not I should venture in, small muscle spasms ran up and down me arms and legs as I tensed up, the wind turned from hot to cold causing me to stop in me tracks. I heard voices coming from within the hole and I tried me best not to make any noise. One of the voices was loud and emphatic and the other was trying to reason with the angry voice, I recognized them as that of Christine and the leader. They were arguing over when and what they should do to me, bloody woman was dying to get hold of me, I mean; she was insisting that I should be turned over to she immediately, but the other La Diablesse was adamant bout performing another ceremony that night. The voices began to drift closer to me and I realized they were coming me way, so I turned and ran back to the cave they voices trailing away from me.

“Young man, your time with us has come to an end, you made a big mistake by attacking Christine, I am afraid I can’t make her wait any longer. I will give you a choice, I can hand you over to Christine or you can drink this potion and peacefully slip into the other side whatever that is for you.” I looked at she and then at the bottle she was reaching out to me damn, woman must have been crazy if she thought I would drink that bloody thing I reached out and slapped the bottle out of she hand and it hit the ground spilling the liquid onto the sand, She eyes flash of anger.

`“Just like a pig headed man. Do you think you can escape your fate? This has been ordained to happen to you. You fool, so many before have tried but few have succeeded. And they have died a horrible death.” I smiled at she and she nodded she head as if understanding why I had refused, she walked round the alter she hands crossed behind she back like a priest about to give he parishioner last rights.

“You men, you think you can control fate, you think you can change the way time and space will play out, you have no clue of the depths that the human race can go, you don’t understand the true nature of spirituality. Did you think you could play god and control everyone and everything created. Do you think you would not answer to the way you treat human beings” She stopped talking and looked at me.

“Lady, times have changed. Look at what is going on on the island right now. Women are part of the revolution equal in fighting the same bourgeois you so want to destroy. This is three hundred years later, wake up be at peace with yourself.” She looked at me and I could tell she was beginning to become angry because she frigging eyes were bugged out then she came at me so fast I went from looking into the darkness to staring at she cold blue eyes.

“So proud of your revolution are you?” She screamed grabbing hold of me face. “Here is some news, two days ago someone planted a bomb at one of your precious political rallies two young women died their bodies mutilated by explosives. The only thing you living are good at is finding better ways to kill each other.” I stared at she, anger boiling up in me.

“So my friend you have nothing to go back to so give up, go peacefully” Behind she Christine and five La Diablesses stepped into the cave. Christine danced an evil jig now that the invincible force had vanished and she was able to come completely into the cave. The other women were standing behind she they eyes sparkling with anticipation. The leader stepped away and the other La Diablesse converged on me I jumped off the alter and faced them, the leader began to talk again and I stopped she,

“No, no more of your distorted spirituality. If you think I am going to lie down and die think again. Just like you three hundred years ago I found someone and I will die trying to get back to her just like Samuel did for you. You are not different from that slave master that forced you to be his sexual slave all this Christianity, voodoo and in the end you kill, you are no different then your master.” The second the words came out I knew the reaction I would get, with unbelievable speed she came at me picked me up by the throat and threw me into the air I floated over the alter landing on the other side. I scrambled to me feet but she was standing over me just as I got to me knees, she pushed me to the ground and sat on top of me and pulled up she dress stopped and lifted she head to the sky and screamed, man I tell you what, she sounded twice as dreadful as Christine ever did. She grinded down on me while wrapping she fingers round me throat squeezing. I began to gasped for breath,

“You don’t know how it feels to be raped while you are having the life squeezed out of you. Now you will know, now you will understand.” I felt meself begin to drift into unconsciousness, not now man, stay awake, stay awake. Suddenly she got off of me and stood above me trembling, the other La Diablesse stopped shouting and an uneasy silence filled the cave. The leader stumbled backwards an uncertain expression on she face then without saying a word she turned and walked out of the cave. Christine and the other La Diablesse stood a little stunned at first but they soon realized that they had just been given they prize and they came at me screaming.

By Mr Giant

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster and Youtuber. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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