Cool Runnings

51st Installment of La Diablesse

After I walked for a while I saw a flicker of yellow light ahead of me thank God.

I slowed down making sure as best I could that there was no one around, the light was coming from a torch stuck in the wall bout twenty yards down the passageway, I proceeded cautiously, like an infantry solider walking through a mind field, every sound seemed like someone was right next to me. I stopped and looked round when I thought I heard a sound behind me, but there was nothing, I chuckled to meself then I started walking again me mouth dry from fear. I as stopped to take a breath and I felt the fingers of someone wrap round my shoulder I spun round swinging me arm as I did, but the person was prepared for that and they grabbed me hand and threw me to the ground. I landed face first into the dirt getting a mouthful logged in the back of me throat. I coughed trying to dislodge the grains as tears ran down me face, me nose feeling like someone had struck a match in it. I sucked in hard trying to send air to me deprived lungs.

After I had composed meself somewhat I looked up at the person wondering why they had not attacked me, then the figure leaned forward and the face of the leader materialized in the dim light. I pushed myself away from she but she grabbed hold of me ankles.

“Listen to me” she pleaded. “I am not going to hurt you.” There was a hint of sincerity in she voice so I stopped kicking.

“This is not the way Erzulie Frieda planned it, we are not supposed to be a violent group, all we want is to perform our ceremonies and go on o the other side. It’s the curse of the gods they knew we would not be able to find men willing to help us if they know of our deformity. They wanted people to think we were sexual deviants both in your world and ours, I don’t want you to leave here believing that.” She stood up and came over and sat next to me part of she white dress resting on me legs. She smelled of jasmine and the scent helped improve the stagnant stench of the passageway.

“We have no choice, just like the slaves, we are like a third world country stuck between two super powers. You are an educated man, you know how the universe work.” she looked at me trying to see if I understood I knew too well what she meant. She shifted to face me and I coward away from she. She did not seem to notice that and kept on talking.

“Christine has a different way of looking at things, that warrior goddess she believes in is a rival of Erzulie Frieda, to her violence is the answer to everything, seems like she gets some satisfaction when torturing people. I tried to change her ways but she just seem to get more and more violent, but we need her here. This is the only place we have something in common the fight against the Gods. The majority of us just do our best to survive in this paradox, confused not knowing where we belong, searching and hoping that we do the right thing for our souls.” She stopped talking and looked down at the ground and waited,

“Hopefully the Goddess will find a way to get rid of the curse and the living and the dead will never have to cross paths again, but until then, this is the only way we can help these women. I am going to help you escape because I know that only a few will believe you and in the changing world no one will take them seriously. I have seen the change in you lately. Go back and help make changes, make these children be proud of who they are Samuel would want someone to do that.” She reached out and brushed some sand from me face and I suddenly felt like a child being given advice by he mother. I moved away from she and she sighed with disappointment but she got up and stood next to me and I reached out and touched she hand. .

“I understand what you are saying, but you know the living will never accept this, one day they will find you and they will come driven by misunderstanding of life and death, people fear most what they don’t understand, they fear even more what they may become. You are too much of a mirror for the living to want to deal with.” I turned away from she and looked down the passageway, she grabbed me arm and looked me in the eyes. In the distance we heard the voices of the other La Diablesse as they searched for me.

“You must leave now!” she said pushing me into an opening in the passageway I had not noticed before. I entered it just as the mob of La Diablesse appeared in the light of the passageway. Christine was at the head of them she screamed at the leader telling she to grab me, the leader grabbed me hand and I stopped for a second and looked at she.

“Jane is still looking for you, she never stopped,” Then she looked back at the approaching mob,

“Push me,” she said and I hesitated looking into she eyes.

“Push me,’ I raised me hands and pushed she as hard as I could. She fell into the path of the approaching La Diablesse so I turned and ran pumping me legs as hard as I could. Behind me I heard bodies hit the ground as they stumble over each other. Me thighs began to tighten and I felt meself beginning to slow down, them stinking witches were right behind me they torches roaring in the wind.

By Mr Giant

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster and Youtuber. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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