Cool Runnings

52nd Installment of La Diablesse

The passage widened a little giving me more room to move as I ran past dark doorways leading to other caves, La Diablesses jumped out barely missing me they bodies crashing into the walls. The passageway was becoming darker and I realized that there was less torches on the walls and grabbed one of them and kept running my heart pounding like a drum in a drum circle. One of the La Diablesse jumped out of the dark entrances slamming into me, I bounced off the wall and landed hard onto the sand the torch flew into the air landing a couple of feet in front of me. She attempted to kick me with she hoofed leg but I managed to evade she by rolling towards the torch. I picked it up and swung hitting she in the side of the head, man, I tell you what, that woman screamed real loud and fell to the ground motionless. I looked at she for a second and then turned and continued running until the passageway came to a dead end. I swung the torch in front of me and realized there were two entrances and I picked one and ran into it. The walls round me were wider and a strong wind swept through the cave almost extinguishing the torch. I did not hear the La Diablesses anymore so I stumbled over to the wall and leaned against it.

The wind whistled through the cave and I had to shield the torch with the palm of me hand to stop it from going out. I looked round trying to figure out where the hell the wind came from but the light of the torch was almost out. I was so engrossed in trying to find the source of the wind I had not seen Christine enter the cave, bloody beast, why would she not die? I stiffened up anticipating she attack. Just as she came at me the torch went out and I felt she fist crash into me face, I swung wildly in the dark with the torch but hit nothing, then I stopped and peered into the darkness, that’s when I heard Christine laugh a low guttural groan. Me hand was shaking so much I lost me hold on the torch and it fell onto the sand next to me, man I tell you, all I heard was Christine breathing real hard.

Suddenly the cave lit up as another La Diablesse came in with a torch; she walked over and stuck it into a holder to the left of me. Christine stood in front of me with a big grin on she face as slowly more La Diablesse came into the cave and I was surrounded by all these devilish women all eyeing me like I was a main course at a big dinner. There was an eerie silence as they stood round looking at me, suddenly Christine charged at me screaming, I moved to me left and she went head first into the wall. She screamed with anger and slowly looked over she shoulder at me the black of she eyes disappearing as she anger boiled. She stood up straight turned and faced me and slowly began walking in me direction laughing like she was going out of she mind or something. I backed up along the wall until I felt the heat from the torch next to me neck. They had formed a tight half circle round me like a pack of wolves waiting for the right time to attack. Christine came at me again and before I could evade she she crushed me against the wall me face inches away from the flame of the torch, she face was close to mine she nose touching me cheek, I mean, the damn woman was grunting spit flying out she mouth. Then slowly she wrapped she fingers round me neck and started squeezing at the same time pushing me face closer to the flame of the torch. I struggled to push she off but she was too damn strong. The rest of the La Diablesse began screaming they voices echoing through the cave, I reached out with me hand and grabbed the torch from the wall the stupid woman did not pay attention as she tightened she grip round me neck. I turned the fire from the torch towards she and stuck it into she side, man I tell you what, she screamed so loud me ears rang. The rest of the La Diablesse became silent as the thin material of she dress lit up and engulfed she and for a second she did not let go of me the heat from the fire singed me skin, then she let go and fell backwards screaming and rolling round in the sand. Some of the other La Diablesses went to she aid but they too caught on fire. I turned and ran into the nearest exist leaving the La Diablesses trying to save each other.

By Mr Giant

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster and Youtuber. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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