Parts Obeah

1st Installment of Obeah




Anderson A Charles

Copyright 2012 Anderson A Charles


Henry woke to whispering in his ear. He opened his eyes, and at first he was in complete darkness, then with the aide of silver light in the distance, he saw a shadow of what seemed to be a small child.

“Come wid me,” the child said and began to move towards the silver light. Henry stood up and looked around, then followed the silhouette of the boy, but stopped when he saw a shadow dart across the light in front of the child. Henry stood for a second listening to his own heartbeat.

“Come on hurry up I go take you to safety,” the child said, his voice a raspy whisper. The silver light grew brighter, the sand under Henry’s feet got warmer, until he stood at the opening of a cave, and looked out into the night, and the moon hovered over what seemed to be a jungle. The child stood in a clearing looking back at Henry.

“This way,” he said pointing into the jungle. Henry did not move. The only garment the child wore was pants cut off at knees. His eyes were milk white and he stood facing Henry, but his feet were backwards. Henry took a step back.

“What are you?” Henry asked, but suddenly the child was right in front of him

“Come wid me now,” .he insisted. Henry took another step back. The child jumped, floated in the air, landed on Henry’s chest and grabbed him by the throat,

“Get off me you little devil,” Henry yelled. The boy jumped off of Henry and looked around,

“Damned Akans,” he hissed as he sniffed around, then turned and disappeared into the night. Henry started to run towards the jungle, but he was knocked backwards. Henry crumbled to the ground, and the shadow of a man materialized from the dark, followed by six other shadows.

“Get the Douen!” The shadow barked and three of the other young men ran after the phantom child. A young man, about Henry’s age stood directly in front of him holding a torch. His skin glittered, long dreadlocks hung from his head almost touching the ground,

“Move or die Kadoka,” he barked as he stepped closer, his green eyes ablaze with suspicion. Despite his light cultured skin, he looked like a shadow against the light from the torch and the moon.

“Who are you, did the Legatos send you?” The young man asked, as he looked intently into Henry eyes.

“What? Speak English,” Henry said. The young man poked him in the chest with a long spear that had a crudely sharpened tip. Another shadow came up behind him,

“Easy Kwao, why do you call everyone Kadoka? Not everyone is an evil spirit, get off of him,” The new shadow said then leaned down and the light hit his face. He too was about Henry’s age, but looked older because of his full beard. His long dreadlocks were copper red, his body muscular, and little pellets of sweat glistened on his skin. The one called Kwao persisted,

“He looks like an evil spirit to me, talk Kadoka!” he insisted poking Henry with the spear,

“Get your filthy hands off of me Cargo,” Henry screamed. Kwan punched Henry and he fell on his back. Kwan lifted his spear, but the bearded young man grabbed his arm.

“Looks like he afraid to me,” The bearded one said and leaned down to get a better look at Henry.

“Crazy Kadoka,” Kwao insisted, and slapped Henry. Out of shear desperation, Henry calmed down and started talking,

“My name is Henry. Our ship was hit by a storm and I was washed overboard, that’s how I got here.” He stuttered, Kwao leaned in until his nose touched Henry’s cheek,

“Likely story, hell, you even smell like a Jumble. I say we feed him to the monsters,” Kwan said.

“You can’t talk to me like that, I will have my father whip you, now take me to your master!” Henry screamed, Kwan became enraged and slapped Henry repeatedly. The bearded one grabbed him and pulled him off of Henry,

“Let’s take him to Akosua; she will decide what to do.” The bearded one insisted.

“Yeah, let’s do that Adofo, take him to your master, to your puppeteer,” Kwao said, Adofo stopped and turned to him, his beard sparkled a little in the moonlight.

“You better watch what you say to me,” He barked. Kwao stepped up to him, and they stood face to face, motionless,

“I am not afraid of you,” Kwao spat back. Adofo stood, his muscular body twitching with anger, his fingers wrapped tightly around his spear, his dreadlocks hung still, and his brown coconut coloured skin shined in the yellow light from the torches. He took a deep breath,

“Let’s just get him to Akosua,” Adofo said, Kwao chuckled and looked at Henry,

“Just like I thought, move it Kindoki,” He ordered.

“My Name is Henry,”

“Shut up and walk,” Kwao barked. They walked into the jungle. The moonlight created shadows on the jungle floor. When his eyes adjusted to the dim light, he saw a path through the jungle ahead of them. Parrots flew overhead; it was as if they were following them, watching him. Small black and white monkeys swung from one tree branch to the next barking and grunting. Big bugs floated around him tickling his face and arms. It was like every creature was interested in finding out who he was. He heard the ocean breaking on the beach in the distance. A dog barked and appeared from the bushes sniffing at his feet.

“Who dat?” They chorused,

“Out the way,” Kwao said pushing one of the children. They walked past the silent group and walked into the jungle. Just ahead, Henry saw the dark tops of huts scattered between the trees and bushes. He heard the sound of drums; it was a slow haunting rhythm that echoed through the jungle. Then he heard singing, a sad melody that resonated in his heart, he stopped to take a breath

“Keep walking Kindoki,” Kwao said poking Henry in the side,

“You don’t need to do that. I am not going to do anything,” Henry said. Kwao wacked him on the right side of his back with the spear,

“Less talking more walking,” he insisted, pushing Henry along. They walked onto a dirt path and into a cleared circle that was surrounded by bamboo huts. Human shadows all with dreadlocks slowly walked out of the huts, and out of the jungle. They congregated in the centre of the village and stood looking. Younger children chased after the procession, their voices mingled with the animals and birds. Henry felt like he was in a religious procession on Easter Sunday.


By Mr Giant

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster and Youtuber. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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