The Little Things

There is a spell being cast

Nothing dramatic, just the little things

Like the creases on her forehead when she look puzzled

Or the tiny little wrinkles at the edges of her mouth when she smiles

On a moonless night, when she lay on the grass and look up at the sky

Its like she sees beyond the gravitational pull

And he sees the reflection of the sky in her eyes

Blue black sparkles in the tropical twilight

Movements that resonates like his favorite verse

See her toes crinkle as they sink into the sand

Listen to her screech as the cold water tickles her feet

Feel like he can float in the air like her hair in the gentle Trade Winds

Free spirit, skipping through life like a stone across the ocean’s surface

Giggles that nudges peace of mind into complete tranquility

Those sleepy eyes right before bed

The soft snoring while she dreams

Sometimes its just the little things

Little things that can take years to discover

By Mr Giant

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster and Youtuber. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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