3rd Installment of Obeah

“How the hell did you do that?” Henry asked. The girl ignored his question. She stood with a calabash bowl overflowing with food and a cup made from coconut shell filled with milk, the girl stood looking at him, her black eyes questioning,

“What is your name?” She asked, but before Henry could respond Kwao spoke,

“Do not speak to the Kindoki,” He snarled, and the girl glared at him and looked back at Henry. Henry took a tentative bite, he was hungry, and before long his plate was empty. The girl removed the plate and walked away. Henry looked out the window and saw the two children looking in at him,

“Come wid us,” the boy said. Another boy looked into the door,

“Kwao, He said, his eyes wide with fear,

“What boy?” Kwao barked,

“There is a serpent in our hut,” the boy said. Kwao walked over to the boy,

“Get Adofo or someone else to get it,” Kwao said,

“We want you to get it,” Kwao sighed, looked back at Henry then followed the boy.

Henry walked out of the hut and followed the kids. Their dark skin glistened in the moonlight, their dreadlocks bounced around as they ran. He looked back; Kwao had followed the boy into a hut. Henry and the two kids walked into the jungle, up a small hill until they came to the top. The kids pointed and giggled. Henry looked down on a beach lit with several torches, Akosua and Adofo stood knee deep in the ocean talking and looking deeply into each other eyes. Seagulls flew around them, and colourful fishes sparkled in the ocean around their feet. They talked for a while, and then Akosua rested her head on Adofo’s shoulder. The kids giggled and looked at Henry, but before he could say anything to them Kwao walked up,

“Trying to escape Kindoki?” He barked walking to the top of the hill. He was about to say something else when he saw Akosua and Adofo, he stood silent; looking at them then turned to Henry and punched him in the face. Henry fell backwards.

“What did you do that for?” the little boy asked,

“Mind your own business before I feed you to the Congo Savanne,” the angry warrior barked. The two kids ran away and Kwao turned his attention to Akosua and Adofo. Henry got to his feet and stood behind Kwao, for a second he thought of pushing him over the edge, but before he could make his mind up Kwao turned to him,

“Get moving Kindoki, He shouted and poked Henry with his spear, Henry flashed him an evil glance but complied and walked down the hill.

“Move it Kindoki,” he barked pushing Henry. They walked on the sandy path back to the village and went to a bamboo hut on the outside of the village,

“Go in,” Kwao said pointing. Henry hesitated but went in.

Inside a torch sat to the left of the doorway. On the far side, there was a crude cot with a bamboo frame, and straw stuffed in a sack from the ship served as a mattress. Next to it was a bucket of water. Henry cleaned himself, and then dried with a piece of cloth that lay on the end of the cot. Kwao peeped in,

“You sleep now Kindoki and don’t try anything, I will be right out here all night watching you” he said pointing the spear menacingly at Henry before he turned away.

Henry lay there looking up at the roof. Moonlight seeped through the walls of the hut, silver light streaked across the dirt floor. In the distance, he heard howling and ear splitting growls. He got up, went to the doorway, and peeped out. There was a boy about twelve year’s old sitting against the hut asleep; his spear lay next to him. The growling came from the jungle just beyond the village. The guard woke up and looked at him; Henry turned, went back into the hut, and lay down on the cot. Tomorrow he would try to find a way to escape and get back to civilization.

By Mr Giant

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster and Youtuber. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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