Parts Obeah Storyteller

12th Installment of Obeash

They stopped over the village and hovered for a while, the kids all ran and stood under them as they slowly descended, landing in the middle of the screaming children,

“Can I be next?” a little girl asked. Akosua reached out and touched her shoulder as the butterflies swarmed the kids causing them to giggle uncontrollably,

“Maybe another time,” Akosua said and the little girl hung her head and went back into the crowd of screaming kids. Kwao stepped forward a flash of anger in his eyes,

“What this?” he shouted looking from Akosua to Henry, she turned to him,

“Why are you always so angry Kwao?” she asked he walked up to Henry and stuck his spear in the ground in front of him,

“Why do you treat this Kindoki as if he is one of us, look at him, he is too pale be one of us,”

“I am not an evil spirit,” Henry said. Kwao looked at him surprised that he knew what he was called.

“Kwao I understand why you are so angry. It must be hard being the son of a plantation owner and a slave. Never fitting in anywhere, but here we are all equal, we are all human. The Loas say that we should respect all people. You are part of us, you can trust us. Yemaya teaches that we have compassion for others and that compassion makes him like family,” Akosua said, Kwao stepped closer to Henry,

“You don’t understand how it feels, your own father treats you like a slave, and the slaves treat you like you are some kind of demon. No Akosua you don’t understand, and furthermore he is no family of mine,” Kwao screamed, Henry stood his ground and Akosua stepped between them

“He is our guest we show respect to our guest,” she said, Kwao looked at her and back to Henry,

“I have said it before but I will ask again, how do you know he is not a spy for the Ligaroo King, after all, the powerful Ligaroo King is one of his kind,” he insisted, Henry stood his ground as Kwao tried to push past Akosua to get to him,

“I don’t even know who or what this Ligaroo is,” Henry shouted

“That’s what you say, how are we to know that you did not come from the Jumbie Island, you may have even helped kidnap our parents, how are we to know….” Henry interrupted him,

“Hey I lost my sister too, am alone here too,” Henry shouted, Kwao shouted back at him,

“Who cares,” he screamed and slipped past Akosua and pushed Henry to the ground. Henry got up and pushed him back and they wrestled with each other falling to the ground, the kids formed a circle around them yelling. Akosua raised her arm and the shouting stopped and she reached down and pulled Kwao off of Henry. The angry warrior was kicking and screaming. Akosua pulled him close to her and looked into his eyes; Henry was surprised at how strong she was,

“How are we to know that you are not a spy for the Ligaroos?” she asked. Kwao looked at her in disbelief then he looked at the crowd, they were silent,

“We don’t fight against each other in this village,” she said. Kwao glared at her,

“Go ahead take his side,” he screamed, Akosua tried to calm him down,

“I don’t take sides; I just don’t want any fighting here. We will have to fight against the Ligaroo soon enough,” she said, Kwao pulled his arm away from her,

“You will see, you will see,” he said then turned, picked up his spear, and pushed his way through the crowd, he got to the jungle entrance stopped, and turned,

“You will learn,” he shouted then turned and disappeared into the thick bushes. Akosua turned to the crowd,

“Ok go back to your chores please,” she said and slowly the villagers dispersed. She looked at Henry, did not say anything, just turned and walked to her hut and disappeared into the dark doorway,

By Mr Giant

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster and Youtuber. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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