The Rudebuoyz Radio Show Tonight

Ahhh yes, dem boi and dem at it again. Yes man, they bringing back old time radio, like when there was only one radio station on the island. True dat. You will hear rap music, from Tupac to Wiz Kalifa, Hip hop from Boys to Men to Chris brown, Soul music, oh yes dont forget nuff soca/calypso, from old timers like Mighty Sparrow to to Machal Montano, and lets talk about reggae, man, you can hear Bob Marley and his son to his Grand children. Oh yeah, Peter Tosh to modern vibes like Chonix and Romain Virgo. But we don’t stop there, you can even hear Nat King Cole, Andy Williams, David Ruffin. Ye3s man, its just like old time island radio, where you can hear all types of music, no matter the time period or the style. So tune in already on 88.1 fm and if you can’t do that tune in on the web at its going to be blazing tonight 8pm to midnight. Oh I almost forgot, dem boi and dem rant too. Yes, curreent affairs, politics and well sometimes we just talk trash. So tune in because dem boi and dem motto is, The Rudebuoyz, healing the world with music.

By Mr Giant

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster and Youtuber. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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