14th Installment of Obeah

A thick mist came out of Akosua’s mouth and came to rest on the ground in front of her forming a whirlpool of dust about six feet tall. The wind whistled through the jungle and owls hooted in the dark. The mist turned into a thick fog, then slowly, the figure of a beautiful woman formed, and the whirling dust floated to the ground, and the fog dissipated. The woman wore a long red and blue silk dress that covered her toes. There were flowers stuck on the right side of her waist long hair, her light coloured skin glistened in the light from the fires. Henry recognized her from the description of Yemaya in Akosua’s dream. He stood in awe as Yemaya floated just above the ground. Yemaya eyes were intense, and she smiled showing her perfect white teeth, she took a step to Akosua then reached out and touched her face,

“How are you doing child?” she asked, her voice sending comforting chills down henrys back. Akosua’s mouth moved but no words came out. She stood there as if in a trance, Yemaya smile grew bigger,

“You have been brave so far, but now the big test comes, you will have to be stronger than you have ever been. To free your people back you will have to go to the Jumbie Island, but you will need to travel to the top of Nkyene Mountain and retrieve the spear of salt, the only weapon that can destroy the Ligaroo King. There will be evil spirits that patrol the base of the mountain, the climb up to the cave where the spear is hidden in the rocks. You will need the help of the Bokors.” The villagers mumbled Akosua raised her hand. Yemaya continued talking. “One of them who go by the name of Donkor went on the journey with your mother to hide the Spear of Salt. He is the only one left who knows the way to the Peak of Nkyeme Mountain. You will need his help. But you will encounter one of the evilest sprits, his is name is Guede the grave digger. He is the other side of Baron Samedi, though he can be a good Loa, and many look forward for his arrival, he can be very evil when he wants to be. He revels in death, loves graveyards. He wears a tall black hat like a mortician and he smokes constantly. Be wary of him, he can take your soul. He laughs a lot but don’t let that fool you, he is an evil, evil spirit.” Yemaya said and walked away from Akosua glided into the crowd and stopped at every villager touched their faces, but never stopped talking,

“You will have decisions to make, people who you thought were your friends will betray you,” she stopped in front of Kwao and lingered for a second, the young warrior refused to look into her. She stopped in front of Adofo; he stared at her intently not blinking once. She smiled and lingered for a second, touched his face gently then turned to the rest of the villagers,

“But you must have faith, the Loas will be with you all the way,” she said and went over to Henry and stopped, reached out and touched his face. He felt his knees buckle as a surge of warmth rushed through his body, his muscles ached, and he felt like someone was holding a candle next to his eyes,

“Your sister is still alive; they were captured by the Ligaroos soon after you were washed overboard. The Ligaroo King with the help of rouge Bokors have turned them into Jumbie slaves, you will have to play your part in rescuing them,” she said then turned and floated back to Akosua,

“Your mother is a brave woman; she protected the spear from her childhood, even risked everything to bring it here to the New World. You must be as brave as she is. You are the chosen one, the one that will free our people from slavery and the black magic of the Ligaroos. Our people will survive this but you must have faith in yourself,” she said. Henry looked over at Kwao, he stood staring at Yemaya, his eyes were blood shot, and he rubbed his back and grimaced. Henry turned back to Yemaya, she had moved towards the jungle, but stopped, turned and smiled. Birds, wolves, big cats, and other animals surrounded her, and then suddenly, she began to weep as if the weight of the world’s sorrow rested on her shoulders. She turned and dissolved into the jungle her crying lingered long after the jungle was silent, long after all the animals had settled down and the trees did not whistle in the wind,

Akosua dropped to her knees, Adofo went to her, and Kwao stood looking at them, his eyes ablaze with envy. He pushed pass Henry and walked over to Akosua and Adofo and stood there still rubbing his shoulder. Adofo helped Akosua to her feet, Kwao tried to help but she waived him off, stood on her own and walked through the crowd. They formed a path of human bodies as she walked through them. Kwao followed glaring at the crowd. Adofo and Akosua walked by Henry and headed back to her hut. Kwao followed and they became shadows against the orange blaze of the huts.

Henry walked back to his hut and went inside. The moon was high in the sky, some of the animals were restless, and the sound of huts smoldering filled the air. Henry lay down on the straw bed and closed his eyes. There was a flash of colours before darkness as he fell into a deep sleep.

By Mr Giant

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster and Youtuber. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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