Pics with verse Storyteller

The Divalicious Feline


“Hey hey, what is all this loud meowing out here?”

“What in the hell is that human doing, why are they holding him by his ankles upside down and there is a tube in his mouth?”

“Ohh you new comers, don’t you know anything?”

“What do you know, you are just a dog.”

“Ok Miss feline queen, listen, you are living in a house full of college students now, this is what they do every damn night, get used to it.”

“Oh hell no, I need my cuteness sleep, I am not having none of this.”

“Oh please stop being a drama queen.”

“Look at this mess, how can I live in this filth?’

“Look at this mess, how can I live in this mess. Chill out, you lick yourself to get clean,”

“Hey you do the same damn thing.”

“Yeah but am a dog remember.”

“Shut up, these humans are quite uncivilized, I am way to divalicious for this.”

“Oh dear lord, you are one of those cats.”

“Oh gross, he is hacking up a fur ball, oh yuck its a liquid fur ball, oh dear lord it stinks.”

“Ohhhhh there goes one, down for the count, man them humans sure know how to abuse their body.”

“:Stop that loud barking, you barbarian mongrel. Oh dear, why is that one taking his cloths off, Oh oh excuse me, I did not need to see that. I am  dainty cat, this debauchery is reprehensibly.”

“See, see? There is nothing to see there.”

“Oh stop your howling dog, this is no home for a feline. Oh its getting louder, what are they doing now? Oh dear, did that human just hit the other human. Oh take me back to the pound, this is just horrid.”

“Woooooooooo party!”

“Oh shut up dog, you make us four leggers look like animals. Wait, wait what is he doing. Oh no, oh no, someone get that human a litter box.”

“Yeeeeaaaahhhh drop it sister, wooooooo,”

You are such a barbarian, have some dignity dog, you are just like them humans.”

“Twerk it twerk it, oh yeah, oh yeah!!

“Ok thats it I am going back to the pound.”

“Hey cat where you going”?

“Never you mind, I am going back to where its at least clean and very few humans.”

“Hey hey watch them claws. Oh you really going leave huh. Ha, you will be back, oh yeah, they always come back.”

By Mr Giant

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster and Youtuber. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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