Pics with verse Storyteller

Neighbourooooooooo Market Day photo by May West

Gul wake up nah, we have to go catch the mini bus. we have to get there before dem people buy up all the juicy mango and dem yuh know. Gul hurry up, de bus coming.

See wah I tell yuh, de bus pack, pack, pack for so. Damn, I hate when dey cram people on de bus like dis yuh know.

Bunjay, look at all ah dem people. Come on gul, leh me go to me favorite seller, he does have de best fruit and vegetable.

Hey man, how yuh doing, hey wah yuh rolling yuh eyes far, me is one ah you best customers yuh know. Wahyuh mean you doh have time for me cause yuh busy. Yuh wan me to tek me business someway else man? Yeah, jus like I thought. Boi, wah kinda little, little mango id dat you have today eh? Wah you say, boi yuh better watch yuh mouth yuh know. Lady, lady, yuh stepping on me foot. Wah, who yuh stupesing (sucking teeth) at, duh mek me box yuh in you bloody mouth. All yuh tink yuh bad in dis market today, well all yuh meet yuh match. Clear de way leh me look at them peas, dey look good for so. Wah yuh say, hurry and buy something, boi duh hurry me up nah. I tell yuh, people rude for so today. Young lady, duh touch dat paw paw, I saw it first. Wah you want to fight me, girl I is old enough to be yuh mudda yuh know. I couild put yuh over me lap and give yuh good licks. Yes, yuh better put it dung. Oh lard, I better get out of dis market before policeman have to come get me. I can’t tek all this pushing and yelling and ting. Me basket done full already. Gul leh we go nah. Wah yuh not done yet. Gul yuh doh need no dame ocro, yuh children and dem nah go eat it anyway, leh we go.

By Mr Giant

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster and Youtuber. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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