Pics with verse Storyteller

Easter Sunday

Ahhh yes, the sun shines on Easter Sunday. Peace and quiet in the little city, church bells chime, birds respond. The sound of hymns being sung by souls hoping for redemption. The momentary silence interrupted by someone coughing in the back pew.  The sometime melodic but ghostly voice of the priest as he half whispers something in Latin.  A slight breeze sweeps through the hot church, impatient children trying to peep out the stain glass window. Its Easter Sunday, the day when they get to fly that colourful kite they made yesterday.  They fidget as the priest, hoping the old priest would hurry up. Hoping the Easter winds would be strong today.

By Mr Giant

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster and Youtuber. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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