Parts Obeah Storyteller

23rd installment of Obeah

Akosua and Donkor sat in his hut discussing the plan to retrieve the Spear from Nkyene Mountain. Kwao and the woman that the Bokors had tried to sacrifice walked by outside the hut; her bare feet left small prints in the dirt.

“Where did she come from?” Akosua asked. Donkor hesitated for a second, as if ashamed of the things they had done,

“A ship wrecked on the other side of the island she was the lone survivor.” He said Akosua hesitated before talking.

“How long have you been doing human sacrifices?” she asked, Donkor did not look at her,

“She was the second one. We never sacrificed our own people, the leader wanted to, but that was one thing we never allowed.” He said. Akosua looked at him as he shifted nervously in his seat.

“That does not justify it, no one should be sacrificed, vengeance dose not bring freedom, history tells us that,” Akosua said, Donkor looked up at her,

“How did such a young girl like you get so wise?” He asked, Akosua stood up and walked to the doorway. Bokors walked around, some stopped to look at her. She could not tell if they looked at her with fear, admiration, or a combination of both. The drummers were still playing as if trying to play away their confusion. An owl swooped out of the dark sky and hovered above Akosua. Its yellow eyes stared at her intently before flying away causing some of the Bokors to cower with fear. She turned back to Donkor.

“We will take her with us. Am not sure all your followers are ready to join us.” She said, Donkor nodded, shifting his giant feet in the dirt. Akosua looked around; the room was dark except for the one torch by the door. Outside, one of the Bokors walked by helping the leader to his hut, his back was bent and he hobbled like an old fisherman with joint pains. Akosua looked over at Donkor the giant looked away.

“What will happen to him?” Donkor asked. Akosua watched the man and his companion disappear into the crowd.

“All that black magic has done something to his soul. He will never function as an ordinary man again. That is why it is not a good idea to conjure evil spirits.” She said then was silent for a minute as they listened to the bustle of the crowd outside. A dog barked and someone yelled at it. Akosua turned and walked over to Donkor and sat down.

“Tell me about my mother” she said, Donkor did not say anything for a second as if giving thought to what he was going to say.

“She was beautiful, you look just like her. She was always happy even when it seemed like we were doomed. She would always make us feel like we could conquer anything. I would have never lost my way if she was not kidnaped. When she was taken, we though there was no hope, she no longer here to tell us things would be alright. We believed the evil Pedro Loa was our only way of destroying the Ligaroo King. Even though I knew of the spear, I believed that she would be the only one who can use it. We were told of the chosen one, but I did not know it was you until you challenged the Leader.” He said looking directly into her eyes for the first time, then looked away as if he felt he was not worthy o

“You will take us to the spear and we will use it to destroy the Ligaroo King,” Akosua said and she reached out and touched the man’s shoulder. He looked at her and smiled, his eyes suddenly came alive.

Outside there was a flash of silver light that blinded them for a second. Thunder rumbled, it sounded like an irritated old man grumbling, but only a hundred times more powerful. Bokors ran for shelter mere shadows in the florescent blasts.

“I think Baron Samedi is angry at us,” Akosua said. Donkor nodded and looked outside. Trees fell in the jungle; animals scampered for shelter, some ran into the village frightening the Bokors. Rain pounded on the roof of the hut creating leaks in the straw frame. Donkor bustled around trying to plug the holes with banana leaves. The big leaves were no match for the big drops of rain. Akosua found a dry spot in the corner of the hut and settled down for the night. She fell asleep with an imaged of her mother in her head. She hoped that she could be as strong as her and lead their people to freedom.

By Mr Giant

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster and Youtuber. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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