Bunch ah Crab.

Bunjaaayyyooooo Neighbour, boi wey yuh get all ah dem crags eh? Me brudda, dats ah real nice bunch ah crap for sure. So cook up at yuh yard tonight? Yeah mon, I could smell it now, a little calaloo, some coconut milk ohhh yes. What? No cook up at yuh yard, why yuh so licurish mon, yuh not going to share wid yuh broddas. Man yuh know gluttony is a sin right? Come on mom, don be so bloodclart greddy? Listen man, God say to share and I see yuh go to chuch every Sunday praying like yuh a saint or someting and now you being selfish. Ok, Ok, tell yuh what, I go bring the rum and the beer, we go eat and drink to we heart’s content, tink bout it, a fire in de middle of the yard, a little Soca music, the fellas drinking and laughing, mon, yuh cawn beat dat. Fun for so. Boi, yuh hard headed, why yuh don let me come eat? What, me belly too big, I go eat it all. Mon come on, you trying to say I is a pig, is dat it, brudda I thought we was friends, why yuh go say dat bout me eh? I see how it is, thought we were irie and ting. Ok I go go and leave yuh alone, mister big man, more like Mr. wasteman if yuh tell me. Go eat yuh crabs, hope you choike on one, hope one pinch yuh Pepe off. Yuh at least go tell me where you get dem. What? Is yuh secret spot. Boi yuh could kiss me cacawhole yuh know. Greedy don get yuh in heaven.

By Mr Giant

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster and Youtuber. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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