26th Installment of Obeah

Congo Savanne had the woman by her hair as he dragged her through the lilies creating a trodden path through the blossoms. They reached the end of the field and entered the jungle. Akosua stopped and looked around, there was dead silence. Then ahead of them, partially hidden by thick leaves, Congo Savanne stood,

“Who do you think you are, if you had let that sacrifice be done I would have been fed now am angry and hungry. Walk away this is none of your business witch,” he said, the blond woman screamed but Akosua did not see her.

“You will never rescue your people. The Ligaroo King can conjure up any spirit he wants. He can make good Loas like your Yemaya do his biddings. He will destroy you and your pathetic little village.” Congo Savanne said. His voice so loud the tree shook a little.

“The Bokors were weak; they could not handle the awesome power that we possess. The Ligaroos will never turn their backs on us. They were smart to call on us to fight you. Together we will destroy you. The Bokors will pay for they betrayal. They should have never formed an alliance with you.” He said as he threw his head back and laughed. Off in the jungle, the blond woman scream. Akosua looked at Congo Savanne, his eyes shifted from left to right as he smiled like an evil, mischievous child. Akosua closed her eyes and there was silence for a second. The woman screamed again and without saying a word Akosua took off running. Kwao and the warriors ran after her. She used the machete to cut branches that was in her way. She ran in and out of the changing light as the grey skies turned white and the sun began to reappear. It was as if Yemaya was giving her light to see where she was going. Kwao tried to keep up with her and was surprised at how fast she ran. Akosua disappeared into a thick grove of trees. Kwao followed her, his spear ready.

It was dark as they went through a cave of leaves, then it was bright again as they came out on the other side. And abruptly they stood behind Akosua. The blond woman was tied to a tree in the middle of a clearing. The warriors stopped and looked around then took a step towards Akosua. Congo Savanne appeared from behind the tree, his eyes alight with excitement. Snakes slithered out from the jungle behind Congo Savanne and surrounded the tree. Akosua tentatively took a step towards the woman. A snake with a stocky body, grey coloured with dark dorsal blotches jumped up at her. She stopped; the giant snake stopped too, its forward motion in midair, its large head swayed from side to side hypnotically, its forked tongue darted in and out of its mouth. Akosua walked past it, the snake followed her movement as if surprised she was not intimidated. She was about a foot away from the woman when a brown snake, its body lined with darker diamond shapes bordered by a buffed colour took aim at her. The sound of its rattler echoed among the trees, its hissing drowned out that of the other snakes. Akosua stopped, sweat rolled down her face. A rainbow of colours reflected off of her skin as the sunlight bounced off of her. The snake looked at her as if confused, then lowered its head and slithered into the mass coil of reptiles. They were intertwined, sometimes attacking each other. Akosua walked slowly, careful not to step on them. Snakes crawled over her feet every time she sat one down.

Akosua made it to the woman; she saw that the woman’s skin was red from where the vines had tightened around her body. Congo Savanne leaned in,

“You made it in, now let me see you make it out with her,” he snickered as he pointed at the helpless woman. Then threw his head back and laughed. Birds retreated squawking with fear. Akosua used the machete to cut away the vines. The woman shook violently, her blue eyes wild with fear. Akosua swung the machete; the thick vines loosened and fell to the ground, snakes attacked the vines hissing. When Akosua was done she stepped back.

“Take my hand,” she said looking down at the slithering surface. The woman hesitated, but slowly reached out a shaking arm and took Akosua’s hand. She shook so violently Akosua had to grab hold of her so she did not fall. Akosua started to walk but the woman did no move, she just stood there a strained look on her face. Congo Savanne snickered.

“Careful, careful, I don’t want venom in my meal,” he said, Akosua ignored him.

“Just hold my hand they will not hurt you,” Akosua insisted. The woman looked at her tears rolled down her cheeks. A teardrop landed on the head of one of the snakes. The snake reared up taller than the women, its large triangular shaped head slowly leaned back, and its forked tongue surveyed the air. It lifted its head higher, smaller snakes rolled off its long torso, its pale pink body covered with scales, and brown blotches ran down the length of its body. The woman let out a muffled scream as the snake focused on her. Amelia gentle tugged on her arm and the woman took a tentative step. They maneuvered through the snakes stepping on some as they went. The snakes hissed and snapped at each other, their fangs coming within inches of Akosua and the blond woman.

Just before they got to where Kwao and the warriors stood Congo Savanne spoke, it was more of a chant and it was so low Akosua did not hear him at first. A large snake crawled over to them and stopped, then rose up in an s-shape position.

“Ahhh the Fer-De-Lance, ha ha ha ha, now there is a real beast. No mortal man has been able to charm this beast. Let us see how you can use you witchcraft to stop him from attacking you.” Congo Savanne said. Akosua stopped and looked at the snake. The two pits above its nostrils moved sniffing the air, it stayed motionless, waiting for Akosua and the woman to move. Its rich brown and grey colour was lined with velvet type scales; its body was marked with irregular dark cross bands, its yellow coloured throat swayed menacingly as it moved its triangular head from side to side. Suddenly the snake leaned back ready to strike. Akosua moved fast, resting her fingers on its head. The Fer-de-Lance swayed a little, then slowly fell to the ground and slithered off into the other snakes. Akosua stepped out of the snake den and stood next to Kwao and the warriors.

“Let’s get out of here,” she said. Congo Savanne screamed, his voice sending a gust of wind through the trees. Fruit fell sending a chorus of thuds through the jungle.

“You will pay for this, remember, you are just human. We Loas will let you get away with so much. We will destroy you!” Congo Savanne screamed. Akosua ignored him and kept walking. The Loa began to scream like a child throwing a tantrum. They got back to the place where the field of white lilies were. The lilies were all withered and were brown as far as the eyes could see. Akosua and her group did not stop to figure out what had happened. They ran across the dead blossoms and went into the jungle on the other side of the field.

By Mr Giant

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster and Youtuber. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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