From “My Father’s Shadow” work in progress.

“Why you keep talking to youself bouy?” she asked her face contorted with anger.
“No reason,”
“Let us go, you go get the worse licks you ever had,” she said and grabbed his hand.
Andre sat on his bed, his butt was sore but he did not cry he was too angry.
“You O K?” the shadow asked
“Go away and never come back,”
“Hey I is you friend you know,”
“Friends don get friends in trouble,”
“Hey Wait a second, is me who help you wid de bully, is me who help you stand up to the priest, is me who is you only friend, is me who understand you,” the shadow said. Andre heard his mother talking outside his door. He crept to the door and pressed his ears against it, his mother as sobbing and one of her friends tried to console her.
“It go be O K Monica,” a voice said,
“Yes gul, god is good and he go find a way to save you bouy,” another woman said. He recognized the voice to be Miss Dora the Obeah woman,
“I pray every day every blessed day,” his mother said,
“It is time you have the priest bless him,” Another voice said.
“Dat’s dat nosey yanky woman from next door,” the shadow said,
“Shhhhh! Andre responded,
“Gurl, wah you need is a good Obeahman to tek de curse outa he you know, me uncle is a real good Obeahman,” Miss Dora said,
“I am telling you Monica, the church is the best way to deal with this,” the Yanky woman said. Andre moved away from the door.
“ohhh dey  go tek you to de Obeahman for sure dis time,” the shadow said. Andre paced in front of the bed.
“You fraid ah de Obeahman?” The shadow asked. Andre did not respond. He sat on the bed, and then got up again, this time he paced faster.
“I know, run away bouy, run befoe dey tek you to de Obeahman. He go mek you drink bitter tea, and de blood from a goat,” Andre stopped and looked at the shadow.
“He go turn you into a Zumbie and mek you he slave,” the shadow insisted, Andre sat on the bed again.
“He go mek Chango tek you soul, eat the guts of a donkey,”
“Dey don do dat,” Andre said,
“How you know, you ever go to a meeting eh?
“Wah I go do? Andre said as he sat on the bed again.
“I know, you could run away, run before the Obeahman get you,” the shado insisted
“Wey I go go?’
“Who care eh? Jus go bouy before you is de living dead,” Andre went to his dresser and started packing some cloths,
“You don have time for dat bouy, just go,” Andre dropped the pants he was holding, looked around then climbed out the window.

By Mr Giant

Me name is Anderson A Charles. I am a writer story teller and Podcaster and Youtuber. Also played basketball in college ( that's because I am seven feet tall.

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