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What Would be refreshing

Hmmm, what would hit the spot while I sit out here watching the clouds float by, watching the stars fade into the blue skies, listening to the donkey bray, children in the vegetable gardens helping their parents work, ahhh yes, some melons, now that go hit that spot.

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Somewhere on the Island

Lunch, lunch, lunch. Ohhhh yes, Calaloo, cucu lentels, tomatoes and is that chicken I see. Ohhhh yes, to really enjoy, well for me that is, you have to sit where you can hear the ocean rolling up on the sand, or, you can sit next to the window and hear the wind rustle through the mango tree, or sit in the verandah so you can smell the rose bushes. Yes man, its Sunday lunch, sit back, enjoy the peace and full you belly.