POEMS Storyteller

Alone in the Light

Alone in the light with my eyes half closed
An ice sculpture holding solid in the desert
Church bells beckon like a haunting
Melodies in the wind screaming
Thoughts are soldiers marching off to war
Love is on the frontlines forgotten in retrospect
Alone in the light but never seen
A breeze in the still night never felt
A dream with no beginning or ending
Alone in the light having a conversation with the benumbed

POEMS Storyteller

Kissing a Shadow

Black lipstick on cherry lips
Soft and sticky like cotton candy
Elusive smoke in the wind
Gray Widow in a love song
Soft and inviting flytrap
Death with a midnight blue halo
Standing at the end of a black and white rainbow
Black quicksand with fool’s silver
Breathless, thoughtless, temporary death

POEMS Storyteller

Images not specific

Where the rats smile at you like children before an ice cream feast
Where cock roaches hiss like the harmony of a church choir right before repentance
A soul on the devil’s plated, seasoned with hate and greed, a feast for the damned
A priest with your heart in his hand, promising purgatory
Fire ants crawling right under your skin like a wave of volcanic lava
Sitting in a foxhole watching the scavengers feast on what is left of humanity
Laying in the dark with shadows for company, spirits lost between death and living
Dreaming where you live or living in a dream you wish you can forget.

POEMS Storyteller

Hiding but Never seeking

Some days I find myself chasing the skies, looking for stars that are hidden in the vast blue. Some days I am lost in the clouds, trapped by cotton visuals. Some days I hide behind Saturn with a kaleidoscope of halos around my body. Some days I want to be lost on Pluto, unseen, unheard.

POEMS Storyteller

Dark Side

Last night I dreamt that I stood at the edge of a cliff and looked up at the light of the first house built on the dark side of the moon.

POEMS Storyteller

Cloud Surfing

Sitting on cloud nine looking down and cloud eight hoping I can go back there but knowing I do not belong.

Sitting on cloud nine looking up at cloud ten knowing that if I ascend I will lose myself.

Dancing on cloud nine hopping my footsteps will wake up the sleeping faithful;

Rolling around on cloud nine sending puffs of cotton across the sky with a message of living for the moment.

Sleeping on cloud nine dreaming of clouds one through sever, praying for clouds nine through fifteen wanting them to combine so all dreams become one.

POEMS Storyteller

The Evolution of Colour

Purple clouds across gray skies

Silver raindrops crashing off red volcanic soil

Green leaves crying crystal drops

Yellow beams turns into bridesmaid orange

powder blue botanical turns into funeral brown

Multicoloured polka dots

Devolve into mud tones

Plaid rainbow of earth tones

Gold turns into brown sparks

It all dissolves into midnight blue

POEMS Storyteller

What you are searching for, what you found

They say seek and you will find

So you go seeking

And you find something

But still you do not understand what you have found

You can ask yourself, what is it?

Based on what you thought you were looking for

But all the things you thought you were looking for

Really does not mean anything in that space and time’

And then you realize that what you were searching for

Was simple existence

Because simple existence is peaceful

When you wash away all the man made expectations

POEMS Storyteller


Ahhhh I don’t want to wake up
This anger feels good
Feels like a shooting start is bouncing around in me
Looking for a way out
It is circled with fire and ice
Feels like a Chinese carnival
Dragon hissing steam instead of fire
Voodoo meeting without dancers
Just drum beats pulsating
A rainbow with one colour
Bright orange vibrating
Love with too much passion
Flashes of darkness
Raindrops of tropical colours
But alas I must wake up
Let the colours dissipate
Uninvited reality takes its place

POEMS Storyteller

Sleeping butnot Alone

Sometimes your past plays out in your dreams
A demonic Daja Vu
A reminder that lives in your soul
And surfaces when you have the least control
Sometimes a mellow personality
Can be angry only in dreams
Jealous only in dreams
Hate only in dreams
For if this dream was reality
It would be devastating to others
That’s why I keep my dreams to myself
Its my therapeutic nother world
Where the past lives
So that the present can be protected.