Stories Storyteller

October 1983

My mind is fogged with the thought of death
Fantasies of the afterlife
The only place where we finally become one
Like we should be
Birds will fly without flapping their wings
We will be free
For a dead man has no labels on him
Just his eternal soul
And his eyes will be wide open while he dream
Of the very place he is
Sweet foggy consciousness, hug me like my mother
While I lay on your bosoms
So I can rest peacefully in this everlasting sleep
Death is my lover
And I will be satisfied to cuddle with her
Because only she can save me now

POEMS Storyteller

A Safe Place

This dream of mine, it lingers in my soul like your laughter
It burns in my heart like the love of Romeo and Juliet
And when the night is quiet, and mankind stops trying to change the 
course of reality
It performs for me as I slip into my living afterlife
And I talk in my sleep, a conversation with you
For my soul travels a thousand miles just to hear your voice
And my nightmares makes way for your smile
A million seconds, a million heartbeats
Its all the same, they come and go but lasts for a lifetime
So my dream goes on, your smile engraved in my heart
Your laughter echoing in my mind
My spirit does not wait because you are right here
Resting in a place where you are safe
Safe from this selfish world
Where I can be your protective halo.