Afternoon Snack

Ohhh what is a tropical boy to eat for a snack on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Hmmmm, nothing store bought, no chocolate, no candy, I want something really sweet but natural. Ohhh te choices, Mangoes, plumbs, mammie apples, bananas, skinups, oh man, what shall I have. I stood at the back door looking out at the garden, that’s when it hit me, Sugar Apples, yes, that’s sweet real sweet. I ran out to the tree, oh yes, luckily there was some rip ones on the branches. I picked a couple, sit down under the shade of the tree and bit into one.  Ohh the creamy goodness, like nature had grown ice-cream straight out of the ground.  Yes, yes, this is the life.

POEMS Storyteller

The Parallel Foxhole

Cotton candy, absolute hate
Caramel chunks, melted dreams
Tropical fruit, unbridle lust
Hysterical laugher, uncontrollable pain
A beautiful song, a destructive wind
Pure love, tremendous confusion
Undaunted determination, bitter disappointment
Blind patriotism, unnecessary death
Religious orgasm, tainted soul
Secular revelry, haunted spirit
Apple pie, sexual deviance
Democracy, ha
Pay attention, nothing is ever what it seems
The illusion is right under the surface
The truth is in purgatory