Here is some Underwater Peace and art forSunday Morning Grenada Style

POEMS Storyteller

A Selfie of Thoughts Artwork by Bonnie Moore Delong

A Selfie of Thoughts Artwork by Bonnie Moore Delong

Alone can sometimes be a beautiful thing
Left with your memories
Those that flash before
Like stories from a classic novel
Ideas forgotten, revitalized in solitude
Thoughts that drift as if in a slow motion tornado
Hidden by the debris of logic
Blurred by the lust for understanding
Alone with the cloud of expectations
Satisfied in the confusion

Pics with verse Storyteller

Black and White Artwork by Bonnie Moore Delong

Black and White Artwork by Bokkie Moore Delong

Sometimes I see the world in black and white,
Black tree branches reaches up to the white heavens
Perfect harmony of contrasts
A lesson to us humans
A flavor of perception
Light to see to see our world
Darkness to protect us from ourselves
It is just as soothing to walk into the light
As it is to walk into the dark
It is salvation from ignorance

POEMS Storyteller

The Boy With The Blue Eyes Artwork by Bonnie Moore Delong

The Boy With The Blue Eyes Artwork by Bonnie More Delong

He laughs so hard he begins to cry

Blueberry nectar across the sky

Giving colour to the Blue Butterfly Bush

Creating innocence in the tropical ocean

And the serenity of the gently swirling lagoon

A world you see from outer space

Crystal blue floating in charcoal mist

They are the sparkle of the mountains of Jamaica

The bloom of bonnet fields in Texas

The peace of the Blue Haze of Medford Oregon

And when they close

The light disappears

And the world goes back to being ordinary