Pics with verse Storyteller

Sunshine on Earth

If only we can all wake up int the morning, step out into our backyard, walk bare feet on the cold grass, maneuver our way through the flowerbed and stand amount the bloom that sparkles in the early morning sun, feeling like a yet discovered planet, surrounded by your many suns.

POEMS Storyteller

Shadows in the bed

Its just another night
When the shadows crawl into bed with us
Their screams torture our souls
Why do they torture us We did not take life for the sport of it
We did not take life to be God like
Hell it was revolution, war
So why do we feel so fucking guilty
Why do we not feel lucky to be alive
After the dreams we wash our hands over and over
But nothing can clean these blood stained hands
I know how God is punishing us
There is no companionship in our lives no intimacy
Our religion says that a man with companionship is a broken man
So this is our punishment we live alone with our shadows
Retribution is a bitch right
All night we hug our pillows
Sweat pouring down our bodies
The angel of death walks on a raincloud above our bed
He showers us with memories
We would soon rather forget
Its been so long but we just can’t seem to forgive ourselves
Maybe there is nothing to forgive, but I dont believe that
So we wake in the morning, pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off,
Start all over again.