Parts Dirty Immigrant Storyteller

Death and Birth

While walking through some bushes, I heard a rustle behind me. I pulled out the pistol tucked into my waistband and looked around. It was quiet except for the sporadic gunfire in the distance. I realized that the rustling came from some thick bushes ahead. I walked in that direction, my fingers tightly wrapped around the pistol. Before I got to the bushes, a deadly scent filled the air. I wanted to stop walking because I knew deep down what I would find. Still I continued, my heart pounding hard, causing my vision to be blurry. My mother always said I was too bloody inquisitive. I parted the bushes, my eyes closed at first. Even though I saw what I expected, I felt like someone had punched me in the gut. There was a body lying on the ground, its green uniform, brown with dried blood. I stared at it as an army of nature’s scavengers helped themselves to the rotting flesh that was left. I stood there horrified, my heart racing, my body tingling. It was as if I was waiting for something to happen. I closed my eyes, I guess I was trying to see myself in that man’s place.

Bob Marley lyrics exploded in my head, “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our minds”. I swallowed hard, trying to stop myself from throwing up. Then another quote ran through my mind. It was the Karl Marx statement “Everyone is a victim of the system.” I wanted to be that body, feel free, no political system to tell me what to do, no religion to watch my every move. At that moment, feeling nothing would have been like paradise. Another Bob Marley lyric came to mind “If you know what life is worth then you will look for yours on earth”. I was not about to die to attain the freedom I seek. I had to stand up and fight for the life that I wanted. That moment was like becoming born again, a born again human being.

I was jolted back to reality when a helicopter swooped in and hovered over the bushes. I pointed the pistol at it, my hand shaking, beads of sweat rolling down my forehead, settling in my eyes. I wiped the salty liquid off and kept looking up. I was afraid they might have seen me; I was prepared to defend myself. The mosquito-like machine glided towards the hills on the other side and opened fire. Leaves and dust flew into the air, soldiers shouted, and birds flew from the chaos. I took the opportunity to run in the opposite direction. AK-47 rifles barked angrily as pockets of the local army fought back. I ran until I reached the dusty highway and I stopped to catch my breath, my chest burning. I realized I was still holding the pistol and tucked it into my waistband. The shooting stopped, and the helicopter whizzed by, its rotors creating a whirlwind of dust. I went home and sat in a chair on the verandah, my heart still racing. I got up, took out the pistol and looked at it. I placed it, along with an AK-47 and a couple of other guns, in a can that used to hold Lard, filled it with grease, dug a hole, and buried it next to a Paw Paw tree. That was the last time I held a gun, forever elevating the false sense of safety I once felt.  

Stories Storyteller

Baby Knows

Baby Knows

Ahhh the joys of fatherhood, playing with baby all day, then giving baby a bath and being too wiped out to put a diaper on him, so you and baby fall asleep on the couch. Baby laying on your stomach, drolling a river, the slimy natural contortion rolling down your side tickling you as you doze, baby snoring like a grown man. Then when you have dozed for what you thought was hours, but was only a few minutes, you feel a warm stream of liquid cascading down the side of your stomach. You think you are in a dream, laying in a warm creek on a hot summer day. But then you hear the babble of baby talk, and you slowly open you eyes and a toothless, snorty nosed, bright eyed baby is looking at you with a big smile on his face. So you attempted to sit up, as baby smiles even more, then you realized that you were too tired to put a diaper on him before you dozed off, and baby pee is still rolling off your body, so you look at the mess and look at baby and you see it in his eyes, he knew exactly what he did, sitting on mommy’s expensive couch, in a wet mess smiling triumphantly. But damn it, he look so cute with that no teeth smile you just can’t get mad at him.

POEMS Storyteller

Forget You Maybe

I don’t want to forget you

But I need to forget you

In the dark as I lay

I can hear your laughter

Echoing in my head

Vibrating through my body

A rhythm of comfort

Or is it torture

When I walk

I can feel your body heat next to me

Making my skin tingle

Making me forget to breathe

Forget that I exist

Wish i exist just for you

But I will try

To reserve myself

To remember to forget you

To forget that I remember you

Cool Runnings Storyteller

25th Installment of La Diablesse

After supper we went into the yard and sat on the bench in me garden, Little Ken and his friend walked into the yard, they were each holding a string with the afternoon’s catch hanging on it.

“This is not a roadway,” I said and Ken walked over holding up the fish almost splashing us with seawater.

“A lota fish ehh?” he said, dangling the fish in Jane’s face, she laughed and agreed, Little Ken’s friend stood behind him smiling, I pushed the fish away from she face and Ken sucked he teeth.

“Well, is time to cook,” and he turned and walked out of the yard he little friend following. Jane looked over at me,

“Why were you so uneasy when we were walking on that road earlier?” I hesitated, the last thing I wanted was for she to think I was some kind of crazy man or something. She waited and I had no choice but to tell she the whole damn story. I made it clear that I really did not believe in the folktale but when I could not explain what was happening to me I went to Alison’s grandmother. She did not say anything but listened with intense interest until I was done.

“You don’t think I am crazy do you,” she looked up at me and smiled.

“No, it is kind of funny though,” she said, laughing a little. Then she stopped.

“I am not laughing at you, it’s just that where I am from we have our own superstitions and some people truly believe in them. Even I can tell you some stories bout things that have happened to me.” I wanted she to tell me more but she stopped talking as the sound of steeldrums playing filled the air, they always seemed louder in the early evening, we sat and listened to them until it got a bit chilly. We got up and walked into the house and up to me bedroom, I opened the window and the cool breeze from the ocean swept through the room. Jane sat on me bed and watched as I walked round the room lighting the candles I had in every corner, then I walked over to she pulled she up and kissed she. The wind rushed through the trees outside bringing with it the sound of church bells, then we lay down on the bed and cuddled up against each other, she breath tickled me chest as she slowly fell asleep, I dozed off feeling she heartbeat against me body.

I woke up hours later, Jane was still lying on me she hand on me chest and she leg lying across me waist. I had to go to the bathroom real bad so I gently moved her, she resisted a little reluctant to give up she comfortable position, I finally was able to slip away and tiptoed into the bathroom. When I returned I stood over she watching she sleep, she chest was moving up and down gently, she hair spread out on the pillow like a Japanese fan. I walked over to me desk picked up a pen and notepad pulled the chair over to the bed and for the first time in months I started to write. The words came easy, like I had them in me but never could find the right time or situation to write them.

The early morning light was seeping through the window and I was still writing when Jane stirred then opened she eyes and saw me writing.

“Morning,” she said melodic West Virginian accent and all, I smiled and she got up and walked over to me. I reached up and took she hand and she sat down on me and laid she head on me chest.

“Did you sleep well,” I asked and she mumbled in a sleepy voice that sent a small wave of warmth through me.

“Yes,” she said snuggling up to me, then she raised she head again and looked into me eyes,

“I love you,” she said and then rested she cheek on my chest I leaned over and whispered in she ear,

“I love you too,” and I felt the sides of she mouth curl up into a smile. The sun shown through the window creating a square of gold on the wooden floor in front of the bed and soon she was asleep again she breathing deep and slow.

We spent the rest of the weekend never leaving me house I mean there was no real reason to. We talked and laughed till the sun rose above the green hills that overlooked the ocean, I would caress she skin while I kissed she and I swear she lips tasted like I was drinking a cup of hot, sticky caramel. I did everything possible to make those two days last, but on Sunday night we had to part ways, she had to study for an exam and I had bloody papers to grade.



From the book I am working on “Father’ Shadow”

They walked for blocks until they came to an abandoned store front. Andre looked around; he had no idea where he was. They went around to the back and stopped at what used to be a door. G-Money pulled a piece of board out and disappeared inside,

“Come on bro,” he said then laughed.  The sound of yelling filled the air as they walked into the building. They walked into a room lit with fire coming out of large oil drums. A crowd of people stood in a circle. G-Money pushed his way to the middle of the crowd where two boys were beating the hell out of each other.

“Yeah, that’s what am talking bout, I can smell the money in here,” G-Money walked up to a man who held a wad of money in his hand,

“I got one for you,” he said pushing Andre towards the man,

“Damn bro, this one don’t look like much of anything,

“You want to make some money or what?

“Ah hell its none of my business anyway,” Andre stumbled up to the man, the man leaned in,

“You ready to win?” he asked, then looked at G-Money and winked, “Who you putting your money on?”

“You for real, look at him,”

“Damn, O K two hundred on the other guy,” the man laughs, A group of people carried another boy from the circle and Andre was pushed in. A bigger boy stood in front of him then stepped to him and punched him in the face. Andre spun around blood flying out of his mouth. The boy ran at him, jumped into the air and kicked him in the stomach. Andre fell to the ground looking up and the ceiling. His head was spinning, a combination of the beer and the punch he took to the face. The boy stood over him and stomped him in the chest. Andre rolled to his right and stood up. The boy came at him again, this time Andre swung his hand hitting the boy on the side of the head. The boy stumbled back surprised, and then he growled and charged at Andre knocking him to the ground.  Andre sucked in hard and for a second everything went black. The boy got up and started to walk away, but Andre began to get to his feet. The boy stopped and walked up to him, Andre swung his hand, stumbled and fell to one knee. The boy kicked him in the head and he crumbled to the ground.

Andre woke up back at the apartment building, every inch of his body hurt.

“You think we should take him to a docter?” A female voice said,

“Naaa he be aight,” G Money said, then Andre heard a bottle hit the floor and roll across the room, then he heard the sound of sex, he slipped back into unconsciousness.

He woke up feeling someone’s breathe against his face,

“You have to go homie, you have some evil shit following you,” G-Money said,

“What you mean evil shit?” Andre asked,

Bitch, you know what I mean, you leave and leave now, we don’t need this shit,”  Andre drifted back to sleep, he saw G-Money’s eyes, it was as red as The Shadow’s.