Obeah this Sunday

Tune in this Sunday for an installment of Obeah. Ahhhh yes, the Jumbies are waiting for you. See what the Akans are up to now. Have they gotten the Spear of Salt? Are they still fighting off the evil spirits of the Ligaroo King. Pa Pa Jumbie knows, but he will not reveal anything. I guess you will have to tune in on Sunday to find out. In the mean time, Pa Pa Jumbie say, sweet dreams.


New installment of OBEAH tomorrow

Make sure you come back tomorrow for a new installment of OBEAH. Listen and understand, the Akans are being watched, they arfe being stalked. At anytime it can happen, the Ligaroo King and his Jumbies can strike. Ohhh the demons, the evil spirits. Yes, I Pa Pa Jumbie will be back to see what action transpires, if you know what is good for you, you will too. Do not let me have to do a do. See you tomorrow, because Pa Pa Jumbie say so.


Tomorrow New installment of OBEAH

Well, well, its the eve before the new installment of OBEAH. What will those Akans encounter now. I have went to the Dark Island and spoken to the Ligaroo King, though he is not revealing anything, he says, tune in because something mystical may transpire. Pa Pa Jumbie says tune in or you just might see me in your dreams tomorrow night. Oh and remember, if you are impatient and need to see how this tale ends you can get the complete novel at:


See you tomorrow.


This Sunday, Tune in for another Installment of OBEAH

Waigt one second, wait one second. What is Kwao, making a play for Akosua. Pa Pa Jumbie is intrigued. Could this cause a riff between the tribe, will there be a duel between Kwao and Adofo. Hmmmmmmm., I guess you will have to keep tuning in to see now wouldn’t you. Pa Pa Jumbie is not giving away any spoilers. Or you can get the complete book at:

Ohhhh, the surprises that is in store for you!!!!!! Be aware, cause Pa Pa Jumbie says so!!!!


From “My Father’s Shadow” work in progress.

“Why you keep talking to youself bouy?” she asked her face contorted with anger.
“No reason,”
“Let us go, you go get the worse licks you ever had,” she said and grabbed his hand.
Andre sat on his bed, his butt was sore but he did not cry he was too angry.
“You O K?” the shadow asked
“Go away and never come back,”
“Hey I is you friend you know,”
“Friends don get friends in trouble,”
“Hey Wait a second, is me who help you wid de bully, is me who help you stand up to the priest, is me who is you only friend, is me who understand you,” the shadow said. Andre heard his mother talking outside his door. He crept to the door and pressed his ears against it, his mother as sobbing and one of her friends tried to console her.
“It go be O K Monica,” a voice said,
“Yes gul, god is good and he go find a way to save you bouy,” another woman said. He recognized the voice to be Miss Dora the Obeah woman,
“I pray every day every blessed day,” his mother said,
“It is time you have the priest bless him,” Another voice said.
“Dat’s dat nosey yanky woman from next door,” the shadow said,
“Shhhhh! Andre responded,
“Gurl, wah you need is a good Obeahman to tek de curse outa he you know, me uncle is a real good Obeahman,” Miss Dora said,
“I am telling you Monica, the church is the best way to deal with this,” the Yanky woman said. Andre moved away from the door.
“ohhh dey  go tek you to de Obeahman for sure dis time,” the shadow said. Andre paced in front of the bed.
“You fraid ah de Obeahman?” The shadow asked. Andre did not respond. He sat on the bed, and then got up again, this time he paced faster.
“I know, run away bouy, run befoe dey tek you to de Obeahman. He go mek you drink bitter tea, and de blood from a goat,” Andre stopped and looked at the shadow.
“He go turn you into a Zumbie and mek you he slave,” the shadow insisted, Andre sat on the bed again.
“He go mek Chango tek you soul, eat the guts of a donkey,”
“Dey don do dat,” Andre said,
“How you know, you ever go to a meeting eh?
“Wah I go do? Andre said as he sat on the bed again.
“I know, you could run away, run before the Obeahman get you,” the shado insisted
“Wey I go go?’
“Who care eh? Jus go bouy before you is de living dead,” Andre went to his dresser and started packing some cloths,
“You don have time for dat bouy, just go,” Andre dropped the pants he was holding, looked around then climbed out the window.
Parts Obeah Storyteller

29th installment of OBEAH

It was two in the morning, the skies twinkled with stars and owls hooted in the jungle. Akosua was asleep on a straw mat under a tree with big leaves when she felt the presence of someone next to her. She opened her eyes, but there was no one there. She went back to sleep. Suddenly there was a face next to her. Most of the face was human, but the mouth and the nose were that of a wolf. The creature opened its mouth, its fangs bared. Saliva dripped and landed on the dirt next to Akosua’s face. She felt its breath against her neck; the stench permeated the air around her, an animalistic odor that stifled her. She sat up and looked around. The jungle was silent, the fire smoldered in its small pit. She looked over at the others, the warrior sand Lassette were asleep on their mats. Kwao sat against a tree rubbing his eyes as if he had just woken up. He looked over at her,

“Having a nightmare?” he asked. Akosua yawned then spoke,

“Not sure,” she said, “It seemed so real,”

“It was not real, I would protect you if it was,” Kwao said, his eyes sparkled red in the yellow light form the dying fire. He smiled but in the dim light, it looked more like a menacing glare.

“You should get some sleep we have to make it back to the village tomorrow.” Akosua said. Kwao looked at her, his head was tilted downwards, the blacks of his eyes turned up.

“Why wouldn’t you let me love you? I can give you all that you want in life. Adofo is just a dumb warrior; I have the emotions to make you feel loved.” He said Akosua sat up, a firefly floated in the air between them.

“Kwao you have to stop this we are friends, at least I would like to think that we are. But there can never be anything more than that between us.” She said. Kwao got up and walked over to her and sat down.

“I have always loved you, seeing you with him hurt my heart,” he said as he caressed her face. She pulled back a little, but that did not detour Kwao’s advances. He leaned in; his eyes closed and tried to kiss her. Akosua jerked away and scrambled to her feet. Kwao sat; his hand still outstretched looking up at her.

“Go to sleep Kwao, I will forget this ever happened.” She said her face hot with embarrassment. Kwao stood up and hesitated like he was about to say something. A flock of bats flew from one tree to the next screeching. Kwao did not say anything, he just turned and walked back over to the tree and sat down.

Akosua walked over to where the warriors and Lassette lay and sat down against a tree. The sky was dark; there were no stars, no moon, just darkness. The leaves in the trees whistled as a slight breeze blew through the jungle. Akosua thought of Adofo. She wondered what he and the other villagers were doing. Did the Ligaroos attack while she was gone? A star shot across the sky leaving a streak of white in its wake. Akosua fell asleep looking up at the sky.

Adofo and Henry were walking on a cliff that overlooked the ocean. They had decided to take a different route to the Bokor’s village to avoid any sneak attacks by the evil spirits. The sea water was dark but frothy white where the waves crashed into the rocks. The sun shined down causing the ocean to glitter blinding Henry whenever he looked out to sea. Flying fish jumped out of the water, flocks of seagulls soared just over the surface. Adofo stopped and looked out at the ocean. He saw five dark spots in the distance gliding towards the island. He put his hand over his eyes to shield the sun and squinted to get a better look.

“What is it?” Henry asked. Adofo looked for a second.

“Don’t know looks like small boats to me,” he said. Henry placed his hand over his eyes and looked out onto the ocean.

“Boats, do you think the Ligaroos are coming to attack?” He asked.

“I doubt it, they only attack at night, but the Ligaroo king has enough power to change that. He can use anyone to attack us.” He said. They stood and watched as the boats came closer to Akan Island.

“Lets go, we have to warn Akosua and the others.” He said as he turned away from the ocean and headed towards the jungle.

“We will go the way Akosua would use to get back to the village.” He said as he walked away from the cliff.


Tune in Tomorrow Morning for OBEAH

Ahhh yes, another installment of OBEAH, tomorrow, you may want to tune in for more African/Caribbean mythology. Pa Pa Jumbie says, you don’t want to miss it.

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Tune in Sunday for another installment of OBEAH

What a jungle, plants that can trap you and eat you, rose bushes bigger than men. What does the Ligaroo King and his powers have in store Henry and the Arkans. Tune in on Sunday to find out. Pa Pa Jumbie there is a surprise in every page.

Parts Obeah Storyteller

27th Installment of Obeah


Henry and Adofo were trekking through the thick underbrush of the jungle. A flock of dragonflies glided over the stream they were wading through. Monkeys swung from tree branch to tree branch barking ferociously. They swung their bodies, and then float through the air grabbing hold of the branch on another tree. Henry was blinded by the sunlight that seeped through the moving branches, so he looked down. Humming birds hovered over wild flowers some stuck their beaks into the blossoms. The jungle was alive with vibrant colours. Some of the green leaves sparkled as dew dripped off of them, turning the red mud into a maroon hue. There was a rustling in the bushes and Adofo stopped, a wild hog jumped out of the bushes. The animal stopped and looked at the boys. Henry raised his spear but the animal turned and disappeared into the bushes.

They walked for hours in the stifling heat, even in the shade of the trees. Small bugs swarmed around making it hard to take a breath. They got to the top of a hill that overlooked a field of green grass and wild flowers. It was a kaleidoscope of colours that shimmered in the sun. They stood, spears in hand, machetes dangling from homemade belts. They walked down into the pasture and into a sparkling stream. As they walked, butterflies floated off the leaves of the flowers and fluttered around them. A heard of wolves ran past them, but they paid no attention to the two warriors. Adofo stopped puzzled that the animals did not attack them.

“This is like the Garden of Eden out here,” Henry said as he stopped behind Adofo.

“Keep your eyes open” Adofo said as more animals ran past them and disappeared into the jungle. Adofo still did not move as if hesitant to go forward. Fish swam up the stream tickling their feet. Henry jumped splashing water on Adofo leg. He turned around and looked at Henry,

“Lets go, but be on guard,” he said and slowly walked in the direction the animals went.

It was a perfect tropical day. Blue skies, white clouds that looked like the puff his mother used to put powder on her face. Adofo pressed on cautiously. He thought of taking a different route, but this was the fastest way to the Bokor’s village. They stepped out of the creek and got to the edge of the jungle. Adofo stopped still hesitant to go any further. Henry stood alongside him peering into the jungle. Sweat rolled down his forehead, and got into his eyes. He wiped the sweat from his eyes with the back of his hand and blinked as the salty liquid burned them. More animals went past them, Adofo turned to Henry.

Lets go,” he said tightening the grip on his spear. They walked into the dense leaves pushing branches out of the way.

They entered an area where the trees were as tall as twenty feet. Their branches did not start until about ten feet up the trunks. Henry stood and looked up at the trees, and then he walked over to one and hugged it. Its trunk was so big he could not wrap his arms all the way around it. Adofo walked up behind him.

“Lets go,” he said looking around, then walked away. Henry followed him spinning around still amazed at the size of the trees. They walked among the big trees for about fifteen minutes when Adofo stopped and sniffed the air.

“Smells like the flower garden my mother grew back on the plantation. She said we may be in captivity, but nothing should stop us from making the New World smell like home.” He said, Henry sniffed and smiled.

“Yes it reminds me of my mother’s rose garden.” He responded. They stood and looked around for a second; Adofo shrugged his shoulder and started walking. Henry walked backwards looking at a large cougar that appeared behind them. The animal looked at them, its yellow eyes piercing, its tongue hung out of its mouth. Adofo stopped suddenly and Henry bumped into him. Henry turned to see why Adofo had stopped, in front of them stood a clump of rose bushes.

“What is this?” Henry asked as he looked up at the rose bushes. They stood about seven feet tall and their stems were about five feet in diameter. The scent of the rose blossoms permeated the air choking them a little. They were not the only flower that bloomed in the giant flower garden. Hibiscus bushes as tall as the roses stood up, their orange and red blossoms shimmered in the limited sunlight. All kinds of animals mulled around as if hypnotized by the beauty and aroma. Henry reached up and touched one of the rose petals. Drips of water rolled of the pink petal and onto the palm of his hand. He turned to Adofo,

“This is crazy, maybe the evil spirits are playing tricks on us,” he said and looked around confused. Henry left the rose bush and walked ahead turning around as he did,

“Still this is beautiful,” he said, as he closed his eyes and sniffed.

“This seems peaceful let us relax a minute and have lunch,” Adofo said as he looked around cautiously. Cougars, mongooses, predator and prey moved around aimlessly. Henry heard a rustle next to him and he opened his eyes. The cougar he saw earlier stood looking at him.

“On second thought let’s keep moving,” Adofo said and Henry followed him.

They got to an area where the giant flowers changed species. One had bright red petals that glistened as if it had just rained. It was not tall, but its leaves and its core spread out on the ground in a circle about five feet in diameter. The cougar had followed them and had stepped on the plant. Suddenly the granular hairs on the petals wrapped around the animal. It growled and struggled, but the hairs tightened even more. Its head disappeared into the plant’s leaves then reappeared; its eyes were bulging as the killer plant squeezed its torso. The other animals began to stampede as the cougar roared and fought. Henry stood frozen with fear as the animals began to bump into him.

“Come on run!” Adofo shouted and moved towards Henry. A herd of wild hogs ran by ramming into Adofo. He stumbled backwards and yelled. Henry turned towards where Adofo had fallen. The stampede of animals ran into the jungle, and after the rush, Henry saw that Adofo had gotten to his feet but was leaned up against a tree struggling.

“Let go, Adofo screamed. He was entrapped in a plant, his eyes bulging as he struggled. It was bright red and sparkled a little in the light. A small hood like spoon dangled at the tip of its leaves. Adofo was stuck in a funnel like zone of the gigantic leaf.

“Damn possessed bush!” Adofo screamed. The hairs on the leaf were pointed downwards making it hard for him to get his footing. The lower half of the funnel was large enough to swallow Adofo into the plant. Henry leaped into action and used his machete to cut at the plant’s roots.

“Hang On!” Henry shouted. Adofo gasped for breath as he slipped further down into the funnel. Henry desperately swung the machete.


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