Make Possible the Impossibe

Windsurfing on the reflection of the sun on the ocean
Snowboarding on an icicle bridge
Surfing on a wave of lava
Deep sea diving through a coral reef cave
Tunneling through a mountain of snow
Playing hop scotch from lake to lake
Skipping rope with a rainbow
Playing a game of marbles with the planets
Sitting on a lightening bolt with your hand outstretched.
Falling in love and staying in love forever

Parts Dirty Immigrant Storyteller

Where The Weed At from I am a Dirty Immigrant

I was stressed out so I decided to seek out the only thing that calmed me down. Yes, I was going to find some good weed right here at this Christian school. One day, I was playing basketball at the small gym when I befriended this young man. He was quite large, about three hundred pounds and six feet three. He had sandy blond hair that hung down just above his eyes; a haircut shaped like someone had put a bowl on his head and cut the edges of his hair. His cheeks were permanently red, and his blue eyes were expressionless, like there was nothing but air and broken dreams behind them. Frankly he looked like an overweight Huckleberry Finn. He told me he knew where to get the good stuff. I almost laughed when he emphasized good stuff, his eyes lighting up like a Christmas tree.

One afternoon, we walked down the street looking for a place to smoke. The little town was quite beautiful. The houses lined the streets, the grass was brown from the winter cold and there were Christmas decorations on their porches. Their yards were covered with leaves of bright red, orange and brown. Quite frankly it was kind of peaceful.

We arrived at a small bridge where trains went by which was something I had never seen before. We got under the bridge; there were two other young men with us. The fat guy pulled something out of his pocket, and I remember thinking, I had never seen a white tooth pick before. To my dismay he flicked his lighter and lit up the smallest bloody joint I had ever seen. He passed it to me, and before I could take my usual long draw, the other kid had his hand out. When we were done, the big kid stumbled out from under the bridge. He was jumping around like Sugar Ray Leonard shadow boxing. To tell you the truth, he was surprising light on his feet. He was going to tell the world how high he was. I slowed down, letting him go ahead of me. Huck’s antics were going to get us caught. That day I decided to stop smoking. I could tell that this place was going to be a buzz killer.

Pics with verse Storyteller

Walk Into the Natural

Walk across the bridge, fade into the colours of fall. Feel the crisp, cool air tickle your lungs and the wind rushes through the trees creating a whirlpool of leaves across the forest floor and deer scamper across your path and in the air you can smell the firewood burning in the cabin on the hill. You smile to yourself as you anticipate sitting before the fire with a tall glass of cocoa tea. Ahhh yes, fall is upon us once more, its the time of year to cuddle up at night, listen to the wood crack and pop as you doze off to a peaceful slumber.