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They do that? For Real, For Real

Really, for real, for real. You mean humans really do that, nuhhhhh, come on bro, you just pulling my leg right? What you mean, of course I have seen a human before. One of the small humans from that summer camp in the valley was relieving himself right in front of my damn door. My daddy say they always acting like they own nature. But what you telling me, nahhh, they will never do that, never I tell you. What you mean you can prove it, for real, for real? What follow you? Where we going? Oh to that summer camp? Ok ok, don’t shed your fur, I see them. Wait a second, what are those little humans doing. Oh good lord that gross, oh no that just sick, real talk. What do they call that? Kissing? Oh thats just sick. What, you want to try that with me? What, are you crazy, do I look like a crazy human to you. I mean your breath smells like a skunk’s bum. Plus, I am not trying anything them humans do. Does the big humans know the little humans do this. What, the big humans do it too. Ohhh come on, for real, for real. Oh they are just sick, sick I tell you, for real for real. Oh man, I think am going to be sick. What you doing, don’t come close to me, I don’t have to try it to know I will hate it. Back up before I get my daddy to scratch your eyes out. I am going home, sick I tell you sick.

Parts Obeah

Too real From the novel Obeah

After eating, Henry settled in for the night. Kwao and one of the Bokors were to take first watch; Henry and the boy were to take the second. He fell asleep the moment he lay down on the mat. Immediately, the dreams started. He was back in the Valley of the Weeping willow trees. He stood where there were no trees, the glow from the moon shined down on him. Silver light bounced of the creek in the distance. The La Diablesses were circling him, their white dresses misty in the light.

.”You are a fool; you should have come with us. A far worse fate awaits you on Jumbie Island.” They chanted. One of them came close and leaned in. Loose skin dangled of her face and brushed against his nose.

“You are no warrior, just the son of a slave driver. These people will turn on you and this time they will sacrifice you.“ She said, stood up strait, a dagger in her hand. In one sweeping motion, she brought it down. He felt his skin rip and blood meandered down the sides of his stomach. Henry tried to get up but she pushed him down. The others chanted, danced faster and faster, until they were a blur of white, then suddenly one of them was in front of him again. Those eyes like burning coals looked at him and suddenly he felt warm inside. She spoke, but all he heard was a humming noise. The La Disables’ threw her head back and laughed then floated away from Henry. Then she was right in front of him again, her corpse like face close to his, and she caressed his face with her rotted fingers. She grabbed the back of his head and kissed him. Henry pushed her away and she screamed.

“You can’t reject me!” lifted her dress and kicked him with her hoofed leg. Then she leaned down and licked the blood from his face. Henry tried to resist, but she was kissing him again. He pushed her away and she spat at him and piece of her tongue landed on his chest. He turned away from her, but looked back when she took her hands away. She was gone and replaced by the former Bokor leader. Henry looked around, he was tied to a pole and a fire blazed around his feet. The man’s face was painted red and blue, the hood on his robe covered his eyes.

“Am right behind you,” the man said. He sounded like they were both submerged in the ocean. The Bokor floated away and there was darkness for a second. He reappeared in the distance and floated towards Henry, a spear held over his head. He threw the spear and as if in slow motion it came at Henry. The tip of the spear sparkled in front of his face, and he shook violently,

Get up it’s your watch,” Kwao said. Henry slowly sat up and looked around. The others were asleep, Akosua lay by herself and Adobo was nowhere in sight. Henry stood up and stretched.

“Henry, Henry,” he turned and saw the boy sitting on a rock just above the campsite. Henry grabbed his spear and joined the boy.