Pics with verse Storyteller

The Walk by

I was walking dung de road, de sun was high in de sky, it was surrounded by white clouds and endless blue. Seagulls flew overhead, somebody was playing some real good music on top de hill. It was a fine day, a really fine day I tell yuh. I was mid way down the street when I stopped in front of old Mis Chase’s house and sniffed de air. Wait a second, wah is dat I smell; oh dear lord, she making she famous sweetie, oh me lawd, I have to get home, i have to break that piggy bank. Dem fudge is calling me, i could smell de nutmeg, the Cinnamon, the brown sugar, oh lawd, come on skinny legs, move, move. Oh I can taste it, me mouth watering. Dat old woman know how to make some fudge. I tripped, fell, but forget the pay, forget my bleeding knees, I was Jonsing for some ah dat heavenly fudge. After all that trouble, all tat running, the frantic search for a hammer, here I sat, at the window overlooking the ocean a place full of brown, dark brown and pink sweetie.  If this is not heaven, well hell must be real sweet.

Pics with verse Storyteller

Island Boy at the County Fair Art Work By Bonnie Moore Delong

Island Boy at the County Fair Art Work By Bonnie Moore Delong

Laughter fills the are
Cotton Candy melts I the hands of children
Ice cream with sprinkles on top
The scent of food cooking
Games of chance for every age
Petting zoo with goats, sheep other animals
4H shows with proud little faces
Rides that take you up and around
Round and round, till your head spins
This island boy, is deep in the country
Taking in the sights at the county fair

POEMS Storyteller

Somewhere in Eastern Kentucky Artwork By Bonnie Moore Delong

Somewhere in Eastern Kentucky Artwork By Bonnie Moore Delong

Somewhere in Eastern Kentucky
There are shadows against the gray blue sky
Silhouettes, like men, reaching for the stars
Clouds like vanilla cotton candy
Branches reach up to the eatable sky
Tree trunks, majestic, mother earth’s flag pole
Dark underbrush, hiding place for creature small
Somewhere in the holler, where green grass sparkles blue
And Cardinals fly low, red against the blue grass
Yellow Golden Rods cover the rolling hills
Bobcats prance across the creeks
And deer run freely on the hill next to the train tracks
And back in the valley, where the trees reach out to the sky
A peaceful rythem echos whrn the wind rushes through the leaves.

Pics with verse Storyteller



Hypnotized by the purple mist, with my purple heart pumping red, the leaves look creamy like purple ice cream, the yellow sun turns purple when it blasts through the tree, and I walk away, as if stepping on purple cotton candy.

Food Storyteller

My Saturday Craving

My Saturday Craving

Ohhh yes, coconut chips, simmered down in brown sugar, with nutmeg and cinnamon, ashhh the sweet taste of island spices. I can taste it now.

Pics with verse Storyteller

Just sitting

Just sitting

Just sitting here, watching the clouds go by, cotton candy floating on blue. Bobbing on the gentle lagoon, wasting time, or enjoying the moments. Dreaming with my eyes open, lost in paradise remembered.

POEMS Storyteller

Conflicts End (!983)

Shower me with delightful drops of uncertainty

Make my heart race with the anticipation of nothingness

No feeling, no questioning, guide me to that dull peace

Make me tingle with emotionless excitement

My heart beating its thumping so faint a doctor could not find it

Now I am there, lying on a black rain cloud

Riding on a shooting star whose light went out millions of years ago.

Looking down on an earth without its blue glow

Daydreaming about sunshine, bright colours and cotton candy

I must wake up, but I can’t, it’s too peaceful here

Too comforting to my soul

Music I like Storyteller

Sing it Bob

For all the men who don’t have a romantic bone in their bodies, here is a little help.

POEMS Storyteller

In a World Somewhere

I want make love to a woman on cotton candy sheets

Know that when I kiss her neck, her cheeks

Her natural taste is stronger than the candy

We would lie in bed in my little hut

That sat on top of a mountain on my little island

We would listen to the storm as the rain bounced off the tin roof

Sounding like drums at a voodoo meeting

Then we would get up and walk into the rain

The big pellets massaging our naked bodies as we walk down a muddy path

That leads to the ocean as fireflies lit up the night with a misty glow

We would sit on the sand and watch the moon cry

Down on the ocean as the sky moaned

Listen to the seagull’s fish for a late night snack

Their calls echoing off the mountain, through the trees and back to the ocean

Then we would walk back on the path to the cotton candy bed

We would lay there and listen to the wind and the thunder

Our bodies sticking together a combination of water and cotton candy

I would tell her stories my voice a mere whisper against nature’s symphony

She would fall asleep, her head resting on my chest, her breath tickling my skin.

Food Storyteller

Sour to Sweet

Sour to Sweet

Ahhhh the tambran, the sweet, sour taste, I used to walked home from school in the hot tropical sun and I always had to walk by this tambran tree, now this tree was not in the usual place, nooooo, it had to be right on the edge of a precipice, dangling over the cliff, the ocean forty feet below, rocks stuck out of the emerald swirl. I stood looking at the tree, its branches laden with the with the desired fruit. In walked us to its trunk, the waves crashed against the rocks below. My heart raced up as I grabbed a low branch an hoisted myself into the tree. The branch bent under my weight and for a second I hesitated. But the lust for that sweet taste of tambran balls lingered in my mouth. I swung from branch to branch, filling up my pockets, and when they were filled, I filled up by book bag. I felt the wind whip around me, the salty taste of the air around me. I shimmied down the tree trunk, stumbled, grabbed some bushes and pulled myself away from the cliffs edge. I ran all the way home, into the kitchen, broke the tambrans out of their shells, got some sugar, flour, pepper and salt and mixed it in with the tambran. When all was mixed together, I rolled them into small balls and set them on a plate. I popped one in my mouth, ohhh the sweetness, ohhh the sour, I felt my eyes roll back in my head from the pleasure of it all. It was well worth hanging over a precipice to get to this moment.