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6th Installment of Obeah

                                            CHAPTER 3

They arrived back at the village just when the moon rose above the trees. Everyone in the village came out to greet them. Chickens clucked, dogs barked, and children sang. They walked into the big dining hut. Food was brought out for Henry, he was hungry, he attacked the food growling and making a mess on the bamboo table. Akosua looked at him and smiled,

“Come see me when you are done, Kwao will show you where,” she said, and she got up and walked out the door into the night followed by Adofo. Kwao sat and looked at Henry,

“You eat like an animal,” he said twisting his mouth in disgust. Henry paid him no mind.

When he was finished eating and got all cleaned up, Kwao led him to a hut that sat just inside the jungle, and just away from the main village. It was surrounded by three smaller huts. Kwao pushed Henry into the doorway and stood outside. Henry looked into the dimly lit room, but saw no one. He walked to the middle of the room. It was a perfect square with a torch in every corner. The yellow glow casted shadows across the bamboo walls. There was a bamboo table to his left. On it sat small bowls with small flames that flickered in the slight breeze that swept through the hut. The table looked like the altar he saw in the Bokors village, some kind of homage to their gods. There were bamboo chairs throughout the room each had crudely made straw dolls sitting in them. There was a strong scent of palm oil throughout the room. Henry stood awkwardly waiting, unsure if he should sit or stand. Just when he decided to go ahead and sit down, Akosua appeared from a dark doorway. She stopped and smiled at him,

“Hi, come sit,” she said and motioned to two chairs next to the window. He walked over and sat down. He heard the wind rustle through the leaves outside, the flap of wings as birds flew around in the jungle. She looked at him still smiling and sat down next to him. The bright light from the torch directly behind her head made it look like there was an orange halo above her head,

“How are you doing?” she asked, Henry hesitated,

“I miss my family,” he said, Akosua rested her hand on his shoulder, her big hazel eyes sympathetic,

“I know, we all miss our family,” she said, Henry fought back the tears,

“Where are your parents and how did you end up on this island anyway. Where are the overseers, and foremen, and plantation owners?’ Henry asked, Akosua lifted a copper brown arm to

“Shhhh,” she said smiling, “I will have to tell you the whole story from the start,” she said, Henry sat and looked at her with anticipation. Akosua sat back, her eyes had a faraway look, and she took a deep breath then started talking,

“We were on our way to a sugar cane plantation on some colony. We spent days on that ship, chained and shackled in its belly. The scent of vomit, and feces, and blood and stale human odors filled the ship. Many got sick and died. My little brother did not make it; he died in my mother’s arms. It was hard to tell the time or the days, and after what seemed like weeks we encountered a massive storm. Many were swept into the ocean screaming. We heard an awful crash and the ship came to a stop and tilted to the side. The captain and some of his crew ordered us off the ship. We sat on that beach for days. The captain was hoping that a ship would go by and we would be rescued. Some of the slaves ran into the jungle and that sent the captain into a violent rage. From that day on he used a heavy hand to control the remaining slaves. But he could not because there was a feud between my mother who was an Obeah woman, and a Hougan, a Vodron priest on the ship with us. But he practiced in black magic calling on Baron Samedi the lord of the dead. He became a Bokor; they are rouge Hougans who try to walk on the fence practicing in both realms of good and evil. It is the Bokors who captured you in the jungle.” She said then stopped and took a deep breath.

“My mother and the Bokor leader John fought over everything until one day John tried to put an evil spell on her. When that did not work, he and his followers formed an alliance with the captain, but what they did not take into consideration was the fact that there were Ligaroos among us. At first some slaves said it was a myth, until a child was found dead, all the blood drained from her body.” Akosua stopped talking got up and walked into the room she had appeared from. Henry sat looking around the room. The dolls seemed to have a life of their own. Outside dogs howled, chickens clucked, and pigs squealed. An owl flew over the hut hooting loudly. Akosua came back out of the room and walked over to the window. Lightening flashed across the dark sky followed by ear splitting thunder,

“Chango is angry tonight,” she said, Henry looked at her,

her lips and touched it with her forefinger,

“Who is Chango?” he asked, Akosua walked over to him,

“He is a Loa, a God that controls storms,” she said Henry shook a little as a cold wind swept through the hut causing the bamboo walls to moan eerily. Akosua was standing in front of Henry, her white dress shimmered a little with every flash of lightening, then as if from nowhere she handed him a cup made of coconut shell,

“Lime juice,” she said, and then sat down,

“The feud between my mother and John grew worse until one day another child disappeared and rumours spread throughout the village that the Bokors had used her for black magic. The next day the child was found, all the blood was drained from her body. It was then that my mother and John joined forces to defend the village from the Ligaroos. The beasts attacked John and dragged him into the jungle and he was never heard from again. The rest of the Bokors retreated into the jungle. The captain then resorted to brute force to bring calm to his colony, but he had very little help. His crew was sick from the tropical diseases, their bodies unaccustomed to the climate and most of them died. He knew that it was only a matter of time before the Ligaroos got him. Then one night as I lay in bed, I heard this chilling scream and the village was ablaze. My mother ushered us kids into the jungle and told us she would be back,” Akosua shook a little as she remembered that night. A tear drop rolled down her cheek landing on her dress making a small dark circle on it. The animals in the jungle became silent and the air was still, just like the calm in the middle of a storm. Akosua took a deep breath, and not knowing what to do Henry spoke,

“Were the Bokors going to sacrificed me?” he asked, Akosua looked at him wiping the tear drop from her cheek,

“There are romours that they would sacrifice people to Congo Savanne, a fierce Loa that would grind his captives up like corn and consume them, but that is only romours. They are holy men first and will not harm anyone.” Akosua stopped talking and walked over to the window. The sky had cleared up, the stars and the moon hung over the jungle sending silver light bouncing off the leaves. Henry started to talk, but hesitated, he did not want to ask too many questions, but he wanted to know,

“Who is Marinette- bu….?” He struggled to pronounce. Akosua smiled.

“You mean Marinette-Bwa-Check?” She asked. Henry looked at the ground a little embarrassed.

“Yes,” he said, Akosua shifted her feet in the dirt

“She is an evil spirit. She is known to eat people.” Akosua responded. Henry felt a little more comfortable.

“What is this word that Kwao keeps calling me?” He asked Akosua smiled again,

“You mean Kindoki?” She asked Henry nodded. “It means evil spirit.” She said as lightening flashed behind her. She continued with what she was saying before Henry asked any more questions.


From The project I am editing Disorganized Crime

The Exterminator woke up and tried to move, but his arms would not corporate, he took a deep breath, but choked, as the pungent scent of mold filled his lungs. He tried looking around, but his vision was blurred, so he blinked hard and slowly he was able to see.

He was sitting in the middle of a room, his arms strapped to the handles of a wooden chair, his feet shackled to the floor with iron chains, and a florescent light hung on the ceiling directly above him. Beyond the light was complete darkness. He fought against the restraints, but it was no use, he screamed, but his voice only echoed around him, so he sat there confused, wondering where he was. The last thing he remembered was sitting on his targets couch talking on the phone, now here he was for the first time in his career, he did not have control over a situation. Even when he was on missions with the military, he always knew where he was and what he had to do. He thought of his boss, that idiot Ramon, he had working for him gave the wrong address, he wondered why the boss keep such a fool around. The silence was broken when he heard a door open. He waited peering into the darkness.


Cool Runnings Storyteller

34th Installment of La Diablesse

After bout five minutes she stopped, looked at the tray then screamed, reached over and slapped the tray away from me and before I could retaliate she was on top of me. I swung me right hand hitting she in the face but she only smiled grinding she hips down on me, the yellow light from the torches reflected in she eyes making them seem like they were on fire or something.

“Just like a man. Come on, fight, fight.” She screamed, as she became more excited. I felt meself becoming aroused and in desperation I reached down and grabbed hold of she leg the hairy stomp felt like bristles on a pig’s ass. I was revolted and all sense of arousal evaporated and I reached down, picked up the tray and slammed it against she head. She tilted sideways falling off the alter hitting the ground with a loud bump. No sooner had she fallen she bounced back up and was standing on the Alter, damn woman moved like a fox. I rolled off the Alter in an attempt to avoid the attack, but I hit the ground with a violent jolt sending shockwaves of pain through me body. I struggled to get to me feet but only managed to get to me hands and knees before she was standing over me and with the violence of an angry bull she kicked me in the ribs me stomach felt like a porcupine fish was shooting off its needles in there. I covered meself with me hands trying to deflect some of the blows but the bloody woman just kept kicking.

Then the numbness set in and I rolled over leaving me entire body open to she relentless assault, just kill me you she devil, put an end to me misery. I did not know how many times she had kicked me with that damn hoofed leg, but I prayed that god, man anybody would come to me rescue. I sank into a darkness that covered me whole frigging soul; yeah man death would have been better for me.


34th Installment of La Diablesse Wednesday

Ian is really in a predicament now, captive to a colony of phantom women, being attacked by them, women who are the undead looking for revenge on anyone. What will Ian have to endure, how will he cope with his situation. Keep tuned in.


34th Installment of La Diablesse Wednesday

Ian is really in a predicament now, captive to a colony of phantom women, being attacked by them, women who are the undead looking for revenge on anyone. What will Ian have to endure, how will he cope with his situation. Keep tuned in.

Cool Runnings Storyteller

30th Installment of La Diablesse

Me feet sank in sand as I walk and I bumped into the wall of the cave and began to aimlessly walk round it. The walls were jagged and me arms occasionally bumped into rocks sticking out of it. In some places there were holes with water flowing out and into a natural drain that circled the base of the cave. I looked over at the darkest side of the cave an eerie feeling came over me as I walked to that area, I mean me heart was racing, hell this could be a possible route of escape. The darkness engulfed me I mean not even the light from the torch was able to fully light up the area, I stopped, holding the torch above me head the air around was like an invincible wall closing in on me, stifling me. Me breath came in painful bursts, me dry throat burning and I felt all the energy draining out of me as I was overcome with fear. A voice came out of the darkness causing me to drop the torch its light blazing a little. I stumbled back as someone reached out and pushed me.

“Are you hungry mista?” I did not answer, I mean, what the hell? Hunger was the last damn thing on me mind right then. The shadow stepped into the light, I mean; the damn girl was no more than fifteen years old, what I am being held captive by a bloody child? She reached down and picked up the torch in one hand holding a tray in the other, I instinctively reached out to take it from she but she stepped round me casting a cold glance. She walked up to the Alter and laid the tray down she too had that slight limp when she walked, she had to be one of them.

“You will eat now,” she commanded as the patterned smile replaced the vicious little glare, I mean, what did I do to she for she to hate me so much. I hesitantly walked over to she keeping a close eye on she and glanced down at the food, there was enough to feed three damn people. The aromor from the different foods spilled into the damp stagnated air, me eyes focused on the Oildown, all that vegetable cooked in coconut milk, the steam from it lingered under me nose and me stomach rumbled a little, despite meself I was real frigging hungry. I closed me eyes inhaling the smell of the Tannia, Dasheenn and green bananas enhanced by the spices and to top it off Lambi meat, it was as if they had done they homework bout what type of food I liked.

I picked up the drink, ice cubes clinked against the glass, I tentatively took a sip of the cold liquid causing a chill to run through me it was mauby, one of the drinks on the island known as an aphrodisiac. I sat on the alter looking at the food it reminded me of Saturdays when I was a child and me mother would cooked up a feast for the children in the village she used to hum she favorite calypso as she danced round the kitchen filling pots, emptying bowls, the woman was the best cook on the island. A dull pain ran through me as I thought bout me mother and I looked round desperately trying to find a place where I could escape. Finally me eyes rested on the place from where the girl had come I was sure that place was the only way out and I wanted to run for it but stopped meself, I mean, I had to do some real planning before I could escape.

I looked up at the opening of the cave the early morning sun was causing shadows to form on the walls of the cave. For a moment I contemplated the idea that I could climb me way out, but the ceiling was too high and a climb like that would be suicidal. I looked over at the dark side of the cave again I wondered if they had a guard standing there.

“Are you going to eat?” asked the girl, damn I had forgotten she was there and was startled when she spoke she was sitting on a chair that she must have gotten when I was not looking. She white dress covered she small frame as she sat like a little society girl she fingers entangled resting on she lap and she legs crossed. I had never seen anyone’s back so straight except when I went with me mother to government functions and those society girls glided round in they evening gowns. She was motionless, the painted on smile stagnant as she waited for me to answer. I took a big swig of the Mauby its bitter taste lingering in me mouth after I swallowed, I looked down at she, she was still sitting in the same bloody position.

“Why am I here?” I asked. She seemed pleased that I had spoken to she.

”You will find out soon enough,” she said then got up and walked away taking the chair with she. I was alone again, alone in that bloody hole to think of what me fate was going to be. I looked up at the top of the cave the sun was fast coming up and the cave was beginning to reveal more of itself. I finished eating and lay on me back, the light blue sky was inducing a revolution on the remnants of night.