Cool Runnings Storyteller

25th Installment of La Diablesse

After supper we went into the yard and sat on the bench in me garden, Little Ken and his friend walked into the yard, they were each holding a string with the afternoon’s catch hanging on it.

“This is not a roadway,” I said and Ken walked over holding up the fish almost splashing us with seawater.

“A lota fish ehh?” he said, dangling the fish in Jane’s face, she laughed and agreed, Little Ken’s friend stood behind him smiling, I pushed the fish away from she face and Ken sucked he teeth.

“Well, is time to cook,” and he turned and walked out of the yard he little friend following. Jane looked over at me,

“Why were you so uneasy when we were walking on that road earlier?” I hesitated, the last thing I wanted was for she to think I was some kind of crazy man or something. She waited and I had no choice but to tell she the whole damn story. I made it clear that I really did not believe in the folktale but when I could not explain what was happening to me I went to Alison’s grandmother. She did not say anything but listened with intense interest until I was done.

“You don’t think I am crazy do you,” she looked up at me and smiled.

“No, it is kind of funny though,” she said, laughing a little. Then she stopped.

“I am not laughing at you, it’s just that where I am from we have our own superstitions and some people truly believe in them. Even I can tell you some stories bout things that have happened to me.” I wanted she to tell me more but she stopped talking as the sound of steeldrums playing filled the air, they always seemed louder in the early evening, we sat and listened to them until it got a bit chilly. We got up and walked into the house and up to me bedroom, I opened the window and the cool breeze from the ocean swept through the room. Jane sat on me bed and watched as I walked round the room lighting the candles I had in every corner, then I walked over to she pulled she up and kissed she. The wind rushed through the trees outside bringing with it the sound of church bells, then we lay down on the bed and cuddled up against each other, she breath tickled me chest as she slowly fell asleep, I dozed off feeling she heartbeat against me body.

I woke up hours later, Jane was still lying on me she hand on me chest and she leg lying across me waist. I had to go to the bathroom real bad so I gently moved her, she resisted a little reluctant to give up she comfortable position, I finally was able to slip away and tiptoed into the bathroom. When I returned I stood over she watching she sleep, she chest was moving up and down gently, she hair spread out on the pillow like a Japanese fan. I walked over to me desk picked up a pen and notepad pulled the chair over to the bed and for the first time in months I started to write. The words came easy, like I had them in me but never could find the right time or situation to write them.

The early morning light was seeping through the window and I was still writing when Jane stirred then opened she eyes and saw me writing.

“Morning,” she said melodic West Virginian accent and all, I smiled and she got up and walked over to me. I reached up and took she hand and she sat down on me and laid she head on me chest.

“Did you sleep well,” I asked and she mumbled in a sleepy voice that sent a small wave of warmth through me.

“Yes,” she said snuggling up to me, then she raised she head again and looked into me eyes,

“I love you,” she said and then rested she cheek on my chest I leaned over and whispered in she ear,

“I love you too,” and I felt the sides of she mouth curl up into a smile. The sun shown through the window creating a square of gold on the wooden floor in front of the bed and soon she was asleep again she breathing deep and slow.

We spent the rest of the weekend never leaving me house I mean there was no real reason to. We talked and laughed till the sun rose above the green hills that overlooked the ocean, I would caress she skin while I kissed she and I swear she lips tasted like I was drinking a cup of hot, sticky caramel. I did everything possible to make those two days last, but on Sunday night we had to part ways, she had to study for an exam and I had bloody papers to grade.