37th Installment of Obeah

                                CHAPTER 16

After her encounter with Marrinette-Bwa-Check, Akosua was more focused on going to Jumbie Island and rescuing her people. She spent a lot of time in the area set up for the warriors to practice their fighting skills. Henry heard her scream, as she threw her spear, or swung her machete, and the sound of the trunk as the weapons hit them. The Ligaroos had not attacked in days, but after the death Adwoa, the village was not the same. Despite the sunny days, the blue skies and the colourful butterflies, the village was a dreary place to be. Kwao had stopped harassing Henry; even he seemed to walk around in a daze. Henry’s hair had gotten long, and one of the girls had twisted it into dreadlocks. It did not look exactly like the other villagers, but he liked it, it made him feel less of an outsider. The villagers were hard at work constructing new huts for when the Bokors arrived. That kept them form thinking about the death of Adwoa. Sometimes the drummers played. It was a slow sad melody, but it seemed to help them grieve.

It was two weeks after Adwoa’s death when the Bokors arrived. They had packed up all they owned, and made the long journey. There were farm animals and pots, and pans, and chairs that mules carried. Akosua greeted Donkor,

“It will be great when we get all the families back together,” he said, Akosua smiled reached up and touched Donkor on the shoulder.

“And we will soon.” She said. Adofo walked up,

“Hi Donkor.” He said, Donkor looked down at him as if he recognized him.

“Noo, you are not little Adofo, you were just a toddler when we left. Look at you, a boy no more. All that muscle, and is that a beard I see spouting there?” Donkor said, touching Adofo’s chin. Adofo looked to the ground a little embarrassed. Akosua laughed.

“Your people will stay with some of us while more huts are completed.” She said.

“Thank you,” Donkor said

“Adofo will take you to your huts.” Akosoa said

Adofo took one of the sacks from Donkor.

“Follow me,” he said. Donkor motioned for his people to follow Adofo through the village, showing them where they would be living. Henry helped several of the Bokors. Some of the villagers came up and helped also. Two of the Bokors moved into his hut. Henry tried to talk to them; they looked at him suspiciously, but said nothing.

The next few days were busy ones. The whole village helped in the preparation for the journey to Nkyene Mountain. They all worked with a sense of purpose, the children and the Bokors together. On several occasions, Henry saw Akosua as she stood outside her hut and watched them work, a big smile on her face.

The sun was rising over the ocean when Akosua announced that there will be a service to evoke the good spirits for protection on their journey. In the late afternoon, when the sun had subsided, and dogs lay lazily under the mango trees, the villagers prepared for the service. He spent a lot of time standing or sitting there since the two Bokors moved in. At night they mumbled in the dark as they talked to each other. Sometimes he heard the word Kindoki, then laughter. He lay there and thought about the journey he was about to embark on. His heart raced up as he thought about what the Loas had in store for them? He thought about his life before he came to the island. He had his trials and tribulations, even for his age, but nothing like the villagers had to endure. But he never thought he would be here, on this island, with former slaves, about to go on a journey to free their people and his sister.

He sat down in the chair, and took a deep breath and looked around the village. The villagers moved around like a restless ocean of white. He saw Ampah; the young warrior carried a drum to the middle of the village where Donkor was helping put wood on a pile. Kwao carried calabash bowls to a table just to the right of the woodpile. Adofo dragged chairs, and placed them at tables. Adofo and Kwao came parallel to one another, each glared. Henry sat there until the darkness of night slowly took over the tropical blue sky. Fireflies hovered over the bushes just inside the jungle, leaving shadows of the bushes on the ground. A wild cat roared, sending birds retreating into the dark. The bonfire was lit, and children ran around it, their faces alight with excitement. Henry got up and went into the hut. The two Bokors sat in chairs on the other side of the room. Henry smiled at them and to his surprise, the young man smiled back at him. Henry sat down on the end of the bed; the Bokor looked at him,

The Villagers formed a circle, they moved, some going clockwise, while other went anti clockwise, but they somehow did not bump into each other. Akosua danced into the circle. She wore a white flowing dress and had a turban wrapped around her head. She had a rattle in her hand that Henry saw in her hut some time back. She called it Aron; it was what Mambos used for healing. She danced to the middle of the circle, and held up two white chickens. She swung them around, feathers floated into the air and slowly fell to the ground. She handed the chickens to Adofo and continued dancing. She hissed like a snake, and the villagers echoed the sound. Akosua’s dancing became more erratic, her arms flailed, her body twisted.. Then she bent over at the waist and jerked as if she was going to throw up. Then she stood up straight, her eyes rolled back in her head, her whole body shook, at first it was barely visible, but soon she shook violently. The villagers danced, their movement became wilder, and their bare feet hit the ground, sending dust clouds into the air. Henry moved closer. Suddenly Akosua stood motionless looking up into the sky. There were no stars, just endless black.

“Obatala give us wisdom and knowledge so we can bring common understanding with our friends the Bokors. Please accept them back as who they are Hougans.” She said her voice raspy, and she jerked when she spoke. Suddenly she began to spin around, her arm stretched out at her side. The drummers played faster, the villagers chanted, their voices drowning the noise of the jungle. Akosua stopped spinning and spoke. This time her voice was baritone almost like a man.

“Treasures await those who live the righteous life. Understanding is the key to peaceful existence.” She hissed as she spoke making it hard to understand her.

“What is happening to her?” Henry asked a woman next to him,

“Obatala is speaking through her,” the young woman responded,

“Go on your journey be patient and you will be granted freedom.” Akosua said, and then she danced, twisting her body, her eyes rolled around in her head. Some of the dancers fell to the ground, twisting and rolling, their white clothes turned dark from the dirt. Akosua stopped dancing, and her jerks and twists turned into a graceful glide, as she moved around the circle. She stopped and spoke, but this time it was the voice of a woman.

“I grant you health and good will on your journey. Have faith and your enemies will not destroy you. Go with love and we will always be with you.”

“Its Yemaya,” the woman said before Henry could ask. Akosua danced around the circle. She looked like she floated above the ground as she moved with the grace of a ballerina. Suddenly she stopped, opened her mouth, a bellow of mist came out that turned into a thick fog. Yemaya danced around her for what felt like a long time then the Loa turned and floated towards the jungle crying. Suddenly the skies lit up with stars, fireflies hovered over the trees, and the jungle came alive with glittering light. Akosua moved to the slow rhythm of the drums. Some of the dancers touched her as they danced, then they fell to the ground twitching. The drummers played faster, the villagers danced and chanted. For the first time, Henry felt the drumbeat. His body twitched, and his hands jerked. Akosua danced over to Henry and took his hands a rush of heat went through his body as she spun him around. The dancers around became a blue and Henry did not feel like himself.

As the night wore on, some of the villagers lay on the ground, some were motionless, while others twitched. Akosua walked around, her magic rattle held over her head as if blessing the villagers. The service went late into the night, long after the younger children were put to bed, and the dogs were too tired to bark. Henry lay on the ground, the dark sky hung over him, the drums a mere murmur. He thought about the time his mother had taken him to church. The robes, the old priest that stood motionless as he spoke, the mumbled response of the parishioners. He hated standing in the quiet lines for communion, the stoic congregation who sat in the pews, as if afraid to move or god would strike them down. The church was lit with candles, and he remembered the shadows of the priests and the acolytes’, sent fear through him as they sang in that strange language. His family was not very religious, and he thought the whole thing was useless anyway. He walked around trying to make sense of all that he had seen. Kwao sat in a daze next to the drummers. Donkor was still dancing, his eyes rolled back in his head. Adofo seemed like the only one not affected by the service. He stood next to Donkor, as if standing guard over the villagers.

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34th Installment of Obeah

                                                  CHAPTER 15

They walked all night and arrived at the village early in the morning. The sun had risen just above the trees. The air had that early morning smell of fresh earth and blooming flowers. Butterflies were beginning to fly around the flowerbeds in front of the huts. The sun bounced off the dew drenched green leaves.

Someone blew a conch shell and all the villagers came out to greet them. Some of the younger children sang and danced, as the tired travelers slowly made their way through the village. Akosua walked to the centre of the village and raised her arm. The crowd became silent.

“Our journey was a successful one. We will tell you more later. Prepare a feast; we will celebrate our union with the Bokors. Now go prepare, we will rest.” Akosua said the crowd erupted in cheers, then chants. Henry was tired; he stood barely able to keep his eyes opened. The crowd began to disperse and Henry stumbled back to his hut. Some of the villagers patted him on his back as he went.

It was midafternoon when he was woken up by the sound of conch shells being blown. He got up, walked to the door and looked out. His vision was blurred, so he rubbed his eyes and looked again. The village was alive with villagers bustling around. It was like Christmas Eve in the Old Country. He went back into the hut and began to get ready. There was a fresh suit of white clothes laid on one of the chairs. A calabash bowl of water sat at the foot of the bed. He dipped his hands into the bowl of water and splashed some on his face. He yelped as the cold water hit his skin. The drummers began to play and some of the villagers began singing. Henry hurried up and got dressed.

Henry walked out of the hut, the sunlight hit him and he squinted to see where he was going.

“Hey Henry,” a small boy said as he ran by, his white outfit blurry in the bright sunlight, Henry walked to the centre of the village, Kwao and two warriors were carrying a table from the dining hut. Kwao looked over at Henry,

“Hey Kindoki how about a little help here?” he said and smiled. Henry was taken aback by his cheerfulness; he had never seen the boy smile except at the expense of someone else.

“Come on,” Kwao insisted. Henry walked over and grabbed the end of the table. They sat the table down next to some other tables. Kwao walked past him bumping him as he did. As suddenly as he was nice he was back to his old self. Henry shook his head and looked around. Chickens ran around in yards, pigs squealed, goats bleated, and smaller children laughed.

Henry walked over to where some of the children were cooking. Pots of food in bubbled over fires sending steam bellowing into the air. Ampah stood over the caucus of a goat rubbing leaves into it. He smiled when Henry walked up.

Hey warrior how are you doing today?” he asked.

“Am well rested, ready to eat some of this food,” he replied. Ampah reached out and tapped him on the shoulder leaving leaves on his clean shirt.

“Why don’t you come over here and help the master cook create a meal fit for a Loa.” He said, a girl next to him laughed.

“Master cook, just do the job we gave you and do less talking,” she said and the young women erupted into laughter. Henry laughed and looked at Ampah.

“She is just jealous because I am a better cook than she is” he said. The girl splashed him with water from a bowl on the table. Ampah looked over at her,

“Don’t start a war you can’t win Pickiny,” he said, the girl splashed him again and Ampah laughed and continued with what he was doing. Henry grabbed some leaves and began rubbing it into its flesh. Adofo walked up.

“Doing a good job there Henry, put some muscle into it,” he said.

“Join us,” Henry said, Adofo twisted his mouth,

“Not me, you could not pay me to put my hands in that,” he said, then laughed and walked away.

“I slaughter the animals I don’t cook them,” he said in between laughter. A flock of robins flew out of the jungle and came to rest on a small tree next to the table. They chirped, as if having a conversation with each other.

Henry turned to look at the village. Akosua walked into the centre of the village. She wore a laced white dress that came to just above her knees; her dreadlocks were tied behind her head with a white band. A white hibiscus flower was stuck on the right side of her hair; Henry was amazed that she went form fierce warrior one day, to delicate beauty the next. Small children ran up to her and she stopped and hugged them one at a time, she was the closest thing they had to a mother figure. She walked over to the tables and helped some of the girls spread white table clothes over them. Adofo walked up to her, they embraced for a second. Kwao stopped what he was doing and glanced over at them, he always seemed to be near whenever they had an intimate moment.


6th Installment of Obeah This Sunday

Well, well, rescued from a damning fate by the very people he was running from. Oh henry, what is in store for you now, are you going to be punished for the escape attempt?  Or do they have their own plans for you, ohhhh yes, tune in Sunday for more from OBEAH. Cause Papa Jumbie says so!!!!!

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5th Installment of Obeah

They arrived at the pole where Henry was tired and one of the warriors used a knife to cut him loose. He was crying and stumbled, but Adofo caught him, Akosua touched his face,

“Don’t be afraid, we will take you to safety,” she said, Henry felt suddenly calm. He did not know why, but the moment she touched him, all his fear seemed to dissipate,

“Thank you,” he said as the serpents began to disappear into the jungle. The Bokor leader stepped out of his hut,

“You will pay for this,” he screamed, pointing a finger at them.

“Why, are you going to beg Marinette-Bwa-Check to destroy us? You used to be Hougans, good priests, but you had to be weak, evoking Baron Samedi and Marinette- Bwa-Check.” she said, the Bokor looked at her, his eyes shifting from side to side,

“We will use any means necessary to protect ourselves from the Ligaroo King and his army,” he said

“It does not have to be this way, we have one enemy, he is the one who have taken our family, and he is the one who enslaves our people. We should join in our fight against him, it’s the only way we can have freedom,”

“Why would we want to join with you, you little witch, we have Baron Samedi to protect us he is stronger than any Loa you evoke,” He said, Akosua was silent for a second,

“Your ways will be your downfall unless you come back to our village and be what you are supposed to be, healers of souls” She said

“We will take our chances with Baron Samedi, now get off our land before I set Marinette-Bwa-Check on you,” he screamed and two of the serpents flew at him. He retreated into his hut as Akosua and her companions walked into the jungle.


Its here every sunday……Obeah

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43rd Installment of La Diablesse


Jane had moved into to me house hoping that one day I would just appear at the door she would go to classes and then spend most of she free time looking for me. The police and the soldiers came to know she real well and she was the only American they would let onto the barracks when she went to speak to Ras Itran, they had even let she go out on the Coast guard vessel to help search the ocean for me. Ras Itran did all he could to help she feel better but soon he was starting to lose hope that I would ever return I mean the man had other things he had to tend to. There was growing discontent for the revolution and some of the people and them were trying to turn back the revolution, in fact the army had shot and killed four men they claimed to be counter revolutionaries and the island was buzzing with rumors, man I tell you what, people was starting to get real vexed, some of them said that the soldiers were trigger happy and that they had killed four innocent men, but the official newspaper report said that the men were counter revolutionaries and they were stopped before they could destroy the revolution. Ras Itran was one of the soldiers who investigated the incident Jane could tell that what he saw was having an effect on him, I mean the poor man had to see they bullet ridden bodies, he even helped load they mutilated bodies onto the back of a truck.

Me mother came in from London and she and Jane spent hours looking everywhere she remembered I went as a child. Me mother told she that she suspected that the revolutionaries had done something to me but Jane assured she that that was not the case but me mother did what she did best agree but disagree silently. Jane told me mother bout the La Diablesse and me mother told she that even as a child I had a vivid imagination and insisted there was no truth to the folktales.

My mother left the island after a couple of months I mean the woman even had a service for me seemed practical, but then again practical was me mother’s middle name. She told Jane to look after the house while she was gone and that she would be back soon to take care of all the other business.

Jane was a typical hard headed West Virginia woman, she refuse to give up any hope, she went to the school on several occasions talking to Alison but Alison was less than cooperative.

“Don meddle in tings you don know bout Yanky gul” she said every time, but Jane was persistent until Alison promised to talk to she grandmother.

Slowly everyone began to settle back into everyday life, the revolution was rolling along except for rumours bout more counter revolutionaries popping up among the people, everyday there were gunshots and explosions, mainly it was over excited young men playing with guns, damn idiots acted like they did not have any damn sense

One night when the moon was out in all its glory and the night air was crisp with the Caribbean breeze, Jane fell asleep in she dorm room after studying and there I was in she dream wearing a white suit of clothes surrounded by darkness except for white flashes that swirled round me like angels, then I started to age me face pruning up real fast until I was a really old man,

“He did not believe!” The old man floated towards she he voice sometimes soft but suddenly turned into an ear-splitting scream, the white flashes that swirled round me were now black and slowly they ate away at the old man and he disappeared screaming as he evaporated.

Jane woke up but could not move she felt as if someone was sitting on she chest and she tried screaming but no sound came out, she struggled then suddenly she was sitting up, the shirt she was wearing was drenched with sweat. She got up and walked onto the corridor of the dorm the beach was real dark except for the light from a small bar a little ways down. She walked down the stairs and stepped onto the sand stopped and looked up and down the beach before walking away from the light, she walked until she came to the place where I kept the raft and on a whim she walked over to the bushes and looked in, the raft was sitting there and she stepped back a little stunned, then she turned and ran all the way to me house calling me name and laughing. When she got to me house she ran up the stairs to the bedroom calling me name as she went.

After bout five minutes of shouting she sat down on the bed she whole body shaking like crazy, then slowly she remembered the dream and got up and went to the window a shadow darted across the yard so she peered through the darkness and saw a flash of white in front of the bushes, I tell you what, she heart almost stopped beating as the form stood facing she daring she to come down. She turned and ran down the stairs into the yard and without thinking she ran over to the bushes but the person had disappeared. She stood, confused then she turned and ran back to the house and picked up the telephone, it was dead.

She ran back into the yard and stopped, looked at the bushes then slowly she walked up to it, hell; she was going to get to the bottom of this one way or the other. She parted the bushes and went in, the ocean crashed against the rocks like thunder on a stormy night, crickets and frogs chorused a haunting melody, dried tree branches popped and cracked as she stepped on them. She got to where the bushes were thickest when suddenly someone pushed she to the ground she head bounced off the dirt and the night turned florescent white, she rolled over onto she back just as a woman in a white dress jumped on top of she.

“Give up you Yanky whore. He is mine now”

“Who are you?” Jane asked she voice a mere whisper, the woman threw she head back and laughed

“Believe me you little bitch, you don’t want to know, now go back to your precious Appalachian mountains there is nothing you can do, right now ceremonies are being performed and when they are done he will be mine to play with.” The woman leaned down she long nose poking Jane’s cheek.

“Never!” Jane screamed. A dog started barking just beyond the bushes.

“Ahhhh, you are one hard headed little bitch, well I tried to talk some sense into you but nooooo, well have it your way.” The woman wrapped she fingers round Jane’s neck and began squeezing darkness descended on Jane flashes of red and yellow popped in the sky behind the woman like fireworks, the ocean, the frogs and the crickets became one buzzing sound Jane was giving up but right before she passed out images of she family popped in and out of she head and she grew angry and she felt round in the dirt trying to find something to defend sheself and finally she right had rested on a rock the size of a large grapefruit. She picked it up and swung, the rock hit the side of the woman’s head with a sickening thud, blood sprayed out of a large gash on she temple and she fell sideways. Jane scrambled to she feet the rock still in she hand the woman slowly get to she feet wiped some of the blood from she head and drew a cross on she face.

“You will pay for that you bitch” and she began to walk towards Jane but there was a deafening growl as the dog ran into the bushes and attacked the woman, she picked the animal up and swung it into the air, but the dog was determined and immediately got up and charged at she. She turned and ran into the bushes, not one leaf moving as she went. Jane stumbled out of the bushes all the way back to she dorm.

She Picked up she phone and called Ras Itran and frantically told him what had just happened to she and insisted that he took she to a witch doctor, he tried to convince she that going to an obeah man would not help but Jane was adamant willing to try anything. After bout ten minutes of pleading Ras Itran agreed to take she to a man he knew, he told she to meet him the next day on the beach and he would take she to the Obeahman’s village. Jane was real relieved that he agreed, I mean, she would do anything to find out what had happened to me.


43rd Installment of La Diablesse tomorrow

43rd Installment of La Diablesse tomorrow

Now Ian knows what happens when you don’t believe in the La Diablesse, but is this all they have planned for him, hmmmmmmmm. Tune in Tomorrow.

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42nd Installment of La Diablesse

I came back to reality when the chanting had stopped and I realized they were not standing round the Alter anymore, they had formed a circle round the leader, she stood in the middle with she hands raised as they all mumbled what seemed like a prey, I tell you what, I felt like I was at some anchaint Catholic ritual. Then to some unknown rythem they slowly danced out of the circle they movement graceful seductive they hips moving in small circles, they white dresses twirled round them as they moved like ghosts at a disco. The air smelled of Lilac, and jasmine and roses and for some reason the fragrance was more poignant, I mean, me nose started to burn like hell. I tried sitting up but them bloody shackles were back on. One of the La Diablesses started singing in the language of the slaves it was a mixture of African dialects, French and Spanish the melody was haunting yet beautiful as it echoed through the cave, then out of the darkness the little girl came, she was carrying a small bucket and she looked at me menacingly then lifted it and poured its contents on me. An explosion of scents filled the air causing me to choke me body tingling, me heart speeding up real fast, man, there was this voice in me head screaming control youself you fool, they could never have they way if you don’t become excited.

The forms of the La Diablesse became blurs as they moved they hips gyrating faster more sensuous, every muscle in me damn body was aroused I mean I felt like I was going to combust or something. Some of the La Diablesse was dancing with each other they bodies bumping, they white dresses a cotton like mist, then as if possessed by some spirit they came at me they hands groping me body, they finger nails digging into me flesh and I groaned as every touch felt as if they were holding me soul in they hands, man, I was breathing so fast me throat felt like I had swallowed a piece of burning firewood. I tried to roll over but they kept me on my back and then I felt the thin suit of clothes being ripped off me the material tugging at me skin as it was torn away, they faces twisted with sexual expression damn women looked like a pack of hungry wolves.

Suddenly they stepped back and the room was so quiet I could hear a crab scurrying cross the sandy floor. Someone was breathing right next to me so I cowered away but soon realized it was me breathing hard. I looked down at me body trying to access the damage it sparkled a little in the glow of the torches, I was surprised to see that there was no blood on me, I tried to sit up but the restraints kept me trapped to the Alter, then another of the La Diablesse came forward with a silver cup held me behind the head and tilted the cup to me lips. I tried not to swallow but the liquid got into me mouth and I had to swallow, man I tell you what, I was coughing so hard me head felt like it would explode, she made sure the cup was empty looked at me smiled a little turned and walked away. The second she walked away me body felt like I was laying at the top of Mount Everest struggling to breath and I was cold for so, the leader came towards me and removed the restraints I tried to sit up but me body was like a rock. The women were real silent holding hands as if in pray then suddenly they broke into dance, they hands moving in provocative gestures, they gyrating hips hypnotized me as they moved side to side up and down grinding they pelvis.

The dancing became more frantic as they bodies began to twist in unnatural yet seductive positions, they dresses became a blur of white highlighted by the yellow glow from the torches they were holding. I was totally aroused me heart pounding causing me whole body to pulsate, a dull humming sound filled the cave. They danced faster and faster man, I felt like I was lying on a cloud of fire. One of the young La Diablesse left the group and came towards me and leaned over me pressing she lips against me ear, she spoke slow and in a low voice she tongue touched me ear lobe I could not help meself, I reached up grabbed she head and pulled she to me and I kissed she a deep slow kiss. She pulled sheself away from me and with cat like agility she jumped onto the Alter and straggled me she eyes closed as she concentrated on what she was doing. I too closed me eyes trying to block out the fact that I was about be raped by a subhuman being. I still heard the echoes of the others voices, they moans, they feet hitting the sandy floor, I felt the vibrations from they voices, I mean, it was pounding like a base steel drum. The La Diablesse lifted she dress and grabbed me guiding me into she. I felt the course hair on she goat leg rubbing against me thigh as she began to move. Every touch, every movement seemed to grow more powerful as the oils they had poured on me saturated into me skin, she fingers slid down me body gripping into me flesh as she moaned and grunted, I closed me eyes and flashes of colour replaced the face of the La Diablesse. Before I knew it the damn woman was screaming, she hands slapping at me chest, she hair twirled round as she swung she head from side to side.

When she was finished she rolled off me, I mean, the bloody woman’s eyes were glazed and small sparks of crystal light popped round in them like exploding fireflies. They leader came forward with a bowl and wiped round me private area with a warm rag, the liquid that she used burned me skin feeling like someone had sprinkled tiny fireballs on me, man I tell you I was aroused for so

Another La Diablesse climbed on top of me this one was less than gentle as she trashed round gratifying sheself. When she was done another one had she way with me, I tried to struggle but it was useless as the potions they used rendered me incapable of resisting they advances, I mean, I could not feel a damn thing below me waist except the up and down movement as she grinded on me.

I was almost unconscious when the last of them had satisfied sheself, I lay there as they washed me, me lower body throbbing like crazy. The spot on me thigh where they goat leg had rubbed was raw and burning, sweat ran down me body and unto the sheet, the night sky lit up with stars that twinkled silver and there seemed to be more seagulls circling the cave damn birds, I hoped they enjoyed me humiliation. I heard the water trickling out of the holes on the walls of the cave for a second then singing echoed through the cave as the women performed some kind of ceremony just outside the entrance of the cave.

Just as I was beginning to relax a little they walked back in holding candles, I laid me head down I mean for god’s sake, did they not have enough. They stood at the foot of the Alter shifting from leg to leg humming, they shadows dancing on the walls as the candles flickered in the breeze. Then they formed a line and walked towards me as if in an Easter Sunday procession morning the loss of they virginity yet celebrating the beginning of they acceptance into another spiritual realm. They stood round the Alter mumbling and humming moving like seawater foaming as it rolled up on the beach, then the same heat I felt earlier surged through me like a wave of boiling water, burning yet relaxing at the same time. The candles went out and darkness overcame the cave, I screamed me voice bouncing off the walls of the cave, in the darkness I felt they hands rubbing more oil on me I felt a pinch as one of them bit into me arm, then as suddenly as the candles went out they stopped touching me and I heard them breathing next to me, slow rhythmic, at the top of the cave seagulls screeched, they wings flapping furiously. I heard the swish of a dress and felt one of them press down on top of me. She began to move this time with less urgency as if wanting to savor every frigging moment. As she moved I felt the hard joint of the goat leg digging into the raw spot on my thigh, at first I tried not to pay attention but as it scraped me skin it began to hurt, disgust welled up in me and I began to twist me body trying to change me position but that only excited she even more. In the dark I saw she white dress moving in unison with every movement of she body, I began to scream and for the first time all night me body tensed up and me muscles twitched and trembled. At first she was taken back, but she did not stop moving she just moved faster she fingers digging into me chest, then she too began to scream she voice echoing in the cave. The other La Diablesse began to sing, they voices blended with she screaming creating a macabre melody, then she fell forward she whole weight came down on me knocking all the wind out of me.

Suddenly she was gone and another La Diablesse jumped onto the alter and began moving. Me body went limp surrendering meself to them as they came one after another like a pack of hungry Hyenas.

I closed me eyes and began to lose consciousness, the stars at the opening of the cave were blinking they sparkle dulled as clouds partially covered them, then the rain came, big drops falling through the opening I felt them hit me face and I closed my eyes, the cold pellets bounced off me skin rolled down the side of me body soaking the sheet and the foam under me. The moon forced its way out from behind the dark clouds, a lone silver beam illuminated the Alter and the La Diablesse on top of me, she hair was soaked and it clung to she head cascading down she shoulder, the thin material of she dress stuck to she skin revealing the contours of she shapely body. I moved a little it was a reflex action that surprised both of us. She smiled and threw she head back and began to move faster and slowly she body began to fade as I sank into unconsciousness me body tingling and me heartbeat rolling into one dull hum. She was still screaming, at first it was loud but as I slipped deeper into unconsciousness it faded away leaving the sound of the rain falling on the Alter and on the ground round me. Then nothing, just complete darkness as me body shook violently and then bloody darkness sweet, bloody darkness.


43th Installment of La Diablesse Tomorrow

43th Installment of La Diablesse Tomorrow

Ahhhhhh so its about to get interesting, tune in tomorrow morning to see what will happen to Ian.


43th Installment of La Diablesse Sunday

43th Installment of La Diablesse Sunday

Looks like Ian’s time is near. They are preparing him for something. First the potion and then the ceremonies. Will this ladies satisfy Ezulie Freda, will they be set free from this life of limbo, come back Sunday to find out.