The Last Seed

If the rains were to stop
Leaving in its wake a parched earth
I will plant a seed and cry over it
Sit on the hard dirt for many moons
Cry every sunrise, sing to the sunset
Never sleeping a wink
Waiting to see the first bloom.


Day of the riots (Sometime in the 1970s)

I stand on the edge of nowhere

A place where civilization and common sense part ways

I hear a baby cry and I wanted to go to her

But my legs refuse to move

A woman moans in pain next to me

But I don’t turn around for fear she might need me

Grown men on their hands and knees

Waiting for me to help yet still I don’t move

An old lady walks up to me

“Are you ok Sonny” she asks

My name is Andy I swim through the clouds and always come out on the other side

“Are you going to help them?”

My name is Andy I take care of the world

But I can’t help asking, who is going to take care of me.


POEMS Storyteller

War (1983)

Sweet confusion embrace me

For today I want to feel sorry for myself

I will cry until the fog clears

And I see the human race for what it is

What I find I will accept until the darkness takes over

For I am a reflection of everyone else

I feel every emotion that travels in their souls

Because life for me, is walking with the living dead.


POEMS Storyteller


This morning the sun cried raining teardrops of orange on the earth

This morning clouds were black cotton candy and children looked up with mouths open

This morning, the rooster crowed but no sound came out

This morning I walked on the beach and a dolphin washed ashore

This morning butterflies covered my yard and the flowers melted at their touch

This morning I went to church and the devil preached a sermon of love

This morning I woke up and the world was the same confusing place

POEMS Storyteller

Love Maybe

Suddenly this world is a more peaceful place

A place where love is predominant

And grown men cry for joy

This cold hard world becomes soft and gentle

And children play games until the sun sets

And my soul takes its place on my shoulder

Hoping the angel will nurture it

And the shadow next to me is replaced with your smile

And the deafening silence will be replaced with your breathing

And all my fantasies is replaced with your happiness

In one moment, one lifetime

I am at peace with myself

And my world, my cold hard world

Would be a forgotten memory

POEMS Storyteller

Comfort a Stranger

She is beautiful but confused, so confused  I feel sorry for her, I know, I should not 

She lay on my floor sobbing, her eyes puffy 
She questions herself, her life 
I was surprised by her outburst 
She seemed so strong until that moment 
I wanted to reach out and hold her  But we were not that close of friends as yet 
She looks at me as if seeking an answer 
I had none, not this suddenly 
I reached over and rubbed her back 
Her eyes pierced into mine searching 
I let her talk, let her free her soul of the pain she had bottled up 
Let the bitter, sweet fog kiss her aching heart 
She speaks, her lips shaking violently 
Tears rolled down her pale cheeks 
I sit and watched, waiting for her to compose herself 
Hoping that life does not destroy this gentle soul 
Hoping that wisdom will arrest this youthful spirit 
I will keep her company until she worries herself to sleep 

Until the darkness mercifully rescues her soul from the brightness of 
the day