POEMS Storyteller

Sleeping butnot Alone

Sometimes your past plays out in your dreams
A demonic Daja Vu
A reminder that lives in your soul
And surfaces when you have the least control
Sometimes a mellow personality
Can be angry only in dreams
Jealous only in dreams
Hate only in dreams
For if this dream was reality
It would be devastating to others
That’s why I keep my dreams to myself
Its my therapeutic nother world
Where the past lives
So that the present can be protected.

POEMS Storyteller

Endless Summer

This is the beginning of forever summer

Forever laughter echoing through the lush valley

Day dreaming forever ideas

Hoping that forever dreams come true

Forever emotion fade into the soul

Forever wanting peace of mind

Because where there is forever, there is always hope

Because forever lasts longer than this endless summer.


Such is love

Walking in a torrential downpour of fire

Carried away by an arctic undertow

Walking on dry land with muddy feet

Falling asleep in your dreams

Sleeping to escape your nightmares

Leaping with faith crash landing on reality

Falling in love, but only fell into hate

Following the heart, but the heart took a wrong turn.

POEMS Storyteller

Leftover Life (1999)

Should I feel, should I let them drain me more

Do I want to be lost on this iceberg filled with useless souls?

I stroll down the straight and narrow in a dream state

Why should I care what happens to the world

Nobody else seem to care, unless the situation directly affects them

 We are like beings without a purpose

Mere decoration in Mother Nature’s print

If that’s why I am here then why am I still walking?

Why do I stride with the emotionless?

There is no heaven to go to, no hell to suffer in

I am already there, stuck in neutral

My life a mere image of the scene around me

Wake me up before this illusion destroys my reality

Make me human once more, let me feel

Someday, I will shut out the souls that linger in my dreams

Be gone you selfish egotistical spirits

From this day on I will not be drained

I have one life with many moments

Pics with verse Storyteller

Nature’s Ego

The night falls with a display never seen before, and never will be seen again. And when mother nature is done showing off, you lay down, close your eyes and succumb to the dreams, because somewhere in there a story needs to be told.

POEMS Storyteller

No Friend of Mine

Sleep does not want to be my friend tonight.

It hovers over me like a cloud

It tickles my skin like gentle raindrops

It haunts me like a silent prayer

And time slowly goes by in the dark

And dreams are left suspended

Like love before valentine’s day

Like death right before birth

Anticipation unsatisfied



POEMS Storyteller

War Outside Dark Inside (1983)

Fall into the blue and pray I don’t land
Where the emotional vampires live
For this is my life when they leave satisfied
I sit and watch the shadows dancing on my walls
Some times if my imagination controls me
The shadows reach out and touch my face
The feel of warm hands against my skin
Maybe if I am lucky I would feel a shadow kiss my lips
Or cuddle with me as I lay on the sofa
Maybe they can dream with me when I sleep
A faceless figure next to me, because humans are faceless anymore
Just like the shadows on my wall
Real but not really there
Ghosts that I can see, but run away when I try to touch them
And I will be alone again with my thoughts
With my empty soul and imageless dreams
I will be numb again, protected from my emotions
My emptiness an icepack on my heart


POEMS Storyteller

Shadows in the bed

Its just another night
When the shadows crawl into bed with us
Their screams torture our souls
Why do they torture us We did not take life for the sport of it
We did not take life to be God like
Hell it was revolution, war
So why do we feel so fucking guilty
Why do we not feel lucky to be alive
After the dreams we wash our hands over and over
But nothing can clean these blood stained hands
I know how God is punishing us
There is no companionship in our lives no intimacy
Our religion says that a man with companionship is a broken man
So this is our punishment we live alone with our shadows
Retribution is a bitch right
All night we hug our pillows
Sweat pouring down our bodies
The angel of death walks on a raincloud above our bed
He showers us with memories
We would soon rather forget
Its been so long but we just can’t seem to forgive ourselves
Maybe there is nothing to forgive, but I dont believe that
So we wake in the morning, pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off,
Start all over again.

POEMS Storyteller

The Simplest Things

So I sit here and try to write something fun 
Hmmm, cotton candy dreams caramel rivers 

Fireflies in the forest in the dead of night 
A sunny day, a grassy field 
Butterflies fluttering against the wind 
Plunging into the blue ocean 
Feel the cool liquid hug my skin 
Touch the bottom and lay on the sand 
See the world from a fish’s point of view 
A church at night lit with hundreds of candles 
The early morning tide rolling onto the beach 
The sound of school children getting off for the day 
Thunder crashing in the distance as rain pound on the rooftops 
Lightening cracking the sky, a blinking star 
The smell of dinner cooking in the late afternoon 
Fishermen singing as they haul in the days catch 
Peppered fried fish on a Sunday afternoon 
Grandma’s stories when the moon is full 
A first kiss ,cuddling on a cold night 
A tight hug, a simple caress, a cold drink on a hot Caribbean day 
Small talk with the one you love
Dreams you don’t want to wake up from
A physical and spiritual orgasm
The excitement of the moment
An intense adrenaline rush
Falling asleep when you are tired
Waking up when the sun comes up

Ahhhh, sometimes the simplest things make this life worth living.