POEMS Storyteller

The Evolution of Colour

Purple clouds across gray skies

Silver raindrops crashing off red volcanic soil

Green leaves crying crystal drops

Yellow beams turns into bridesmaid orange

powder blue botanical turns into funeral brown

Multicoloured polka dots

Devolve into mud tones

Plaid rainbow of earth tones

Gold turns into brown sparks

It all dissolves into midnight blue


Surface Earth

I was running with my eyes closed and when I opened them I was running on a cloud. With every step, lightening bolts lit up the ocean to its depths, and creatures not seen for million s of years stopped in shock when seeing the destruction that humans have inflected on the surface earth.


The Last Seed

If the rains were to stop
Leaving in its wake a parched earth
I will plant a seed and cry over it
Sit on the hard dirt for many moons
Cry every sunrise, sing to the sunset
Never sleeping a wink
Waiting to see the first bloom.

POEMS Storyteller

Left Behind

Tonight I had a dream I was standing in a field and the ground beneath me was moving, like an escalator but without the steps. I stood and watched grass then mud, then streets move under my feet, yet I stood still. It seems like the earth was in a hurry to get somewhere and wherever it was going I was being left behind.


41th Installment of La Diabless Sunday

41th Installment of La Diabless Sunday

Ian is frustrated, felling helpless as he waits for the ceremonies to begin. Still he is plotting, yes, he is plotting his escape, waiting for the right moment, waiting for the time when he can fight for his freedom.

POEMS Storyteller

Never Gone

Never Gone

Sometimes in the early Morning
I can hear you moving around in my kitchen
On a quiet Sunday afternoon
I can hear you singing your hymns
And when I think I may be doing something wrong
I hear you say “Anderson”
And in a moment of weakness
When I think I want to be a lady’s man
You let me know I should respect women
When I am walking in fear and my soul is lost
Somehow you let me know you are near
my protector, my teacher, my friend
So tonight I will look to the heavens
See your shadow in that bright light
As you look down on this tumultuous earth
To make sure your love ones are safe
You protected us in life, as you still do in afterlife
Mother of all mothers
Queen of all queens

Pics with verse Storyteller

When Time Falls

When Time Falls

When the leaves cover the sidewalk, and floats down onto the benches, and onto the hoods and roofs of cars, and everywhere the world is covered with brighter earth tones that shifts with the wind, the cool wind that tickle your skin as the air grows colder by the hour. And you tremble a little, and sniffs the cool air, you realize it is the beginning of the season when time falls.


Woke up to War(Octoiber 25th 1983)

This morning the sun cried raining teardrops of orange on the dying earth

This morning clouds were black cotton candy and children looked up with mouths open

This morning, the rooster crowed but no sound came out

This morning I walked on the beach and a dolphin washed ashore

This morning butterflies covered my yard and the flowers melted at their touch

This morning I went to church and the devil preached a sermon of love

This morning I woke up and the world was the same confusing place



Wild and Wonderful

There were stars shining down on West Virginia last night

Reflecting on the Ohio river as it slowly meander along

On the mountain tops, earth tones in the dark

Streams like silver cracks rushing trough the rolling hills

On the deer prancing across a winding road

The laughter that echoes across the valleys

The silhouette of the coal train at the top of a hill

Across from a house where you sit on a porch taking it all in.




POEMS Storyteller

Conflicts End (!983)

Shower me with delightful drops of uncertainty

Make my heart race with the anticipation of nothingness

No feeling, no questioning, guide me to that dull peace

Make me tingle with emotionless excitement

My heart beating its thumping so faint a doctor could not find it

Now I am there, lying on a black rain cloud

Riding on a shooting star whose light went out millions of years ago.

Looking down on an earth without its blue glow

Daydreaming about sunshine, bright colours and cotton candy

I must wake up, but I can’t, it’s too peaceful here

Too comforting to my soul